On the evening of 6th January 1977 at a convenience store in Yazoo City, the witness, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed a friend of hers suddenly burst in claiming they had just been pulled over by the police. However, when asked the reason, the friend claimed the patrolman had seen a UFO and wanted the motorist as a corroborative witness to the events.

Intrigued by the claims, the witness and her boyfriend would drive out to the location. However, when they arrived nothing out of the ordinary was taking place. They would instead drive to the lake and park by the waterside.

Not long after, however, the inside of the vehicle would suddenly light up. When the pair looked out of the back window, they could see two strange objects “each the size of 3 Cadillacs”. The witness would further describe them as “oval and dark” but with “amber lights around the base”. She would estimate they were approximately 30 feet above the ground.

The two objects remained in their positions for around 10 minutes before suddenly, but calmly, moving over their vehicle and into the distance. One of them “zipped off” out of sight in a matter of seconds. The other, however, appeared to land in a nearby field. When the pair went to investigate, though, there was nothing there.

A similar incident to the apparently discreet wave of sightings throughout Mississippi occurred several years earlier. However, its location and the details of the incident are indeed of interest to us here. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Former US Navy pilot David Fravor has revealed a previously undisclosed UFO incident from the 1990s. By now the story of the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO spotted by fighter pilots during training exercises off the coast of San Diego in 2004 is well known, with footage reportedly recorded during the incident being declared authentic by US Navy officials as recently as last month.

What isn’t so well documented however is another incident that happened a few years beforehand.

In a recent radio interview, former US Navy pilot Commander David Fravor described an encounter experienced by another pilot who was tasked with retrieving BQM aerial target drones and submarine telemetry torpedoes from the water.

The pilot reported a “kind of dark mass coming up from the depths” which quickly disappeared.

“As they hoist the BQM up, he’s looking at this thing going, ‘What the hell is that?'” said Fravor. “And then it just goes back down underwater. Once they pull the kid and the BQM out of the water, this object descends back into the depths.”

According to Fravor, another very similar incident happened a few months later.

“He’s out picking up a torpedo, they hook the diver up on the winch, and as they’re lowering him down, he sees this big mass,” said Fravor. “He goes, ‘It’s not a submarine’. He’s seen submarines before. Once you’ve seen a submarine you can’t confuse it with something else. “

“This big object, kind of circular, is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up, and the diver’s only a few feet from the water.”

“They reverse the winch and the diver’s thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater, and the object just descended back down into the depths.

Retired US Navy pilot commander David Fravor first came forward in a bombshell New York Times article in December 2017, describing how his squadron witnessed a 747-sized object just under the surface of the water during training exercises in the Pacific Ocean, 160km off the coast of San Diego.

Hovering just over the surface of the water above the submerged object was a 12-metre-long “Tic Tac-looking object” moving erratically “forward, back, left, right”. Cdr Fravor attempted to intercept the object, but it shot away at incredible speed.

On a subsequent flight, another member of his squadron managed to film one of the objects using the plane’s infra-red targeting camera after its radar systems were jammed — which Cdr Fravor noted was “technically an act of war”.

The now-famous footage was acquired by former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo and released along with two other videos by To The Stars Academy, a UFO research organisation founded by Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLonge.

The circumstances around the release of the footage has been the subject of intense controversy over the past two years, but the US Navy last month confirmed for the first time that it considered the “phenomena” depicted in the three videos “unidentified”.

Appearing on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Saturday in his first major interview since the Navy’s official acknowledgment of the videos, Cdr Fravor discussed his sighting and also revealed how other pilots had “come out of the woodwork” to tell him their own encounters.

“They don’t feel alone,” he said. “One of the guys was a Navy helicopter pilot. He was flying a CH-53, a big heavy-lifter the Marine Corps uses for certain things. Off the East Coast they do a lot of shooting, at the time it was off Puerto Rico.”

Cdr Fravor said the helicopter pilot’s job at the time of the incident in the “mid to late ’90s” included retrieving BQM aerial target drones, which deploy a parachute and fall into the ocean, as well as submarine telemetry torpedoes that collect data before blowing ballast and floating to the surface.

“The helo drops a swimmer in the water, he hooks the whole thing up and they fly back. The first time they were out and they were going to pick up a BQM, he’s sitting in the front — in the CH-53 you can see down by your feet — and as he’s looking down, they’re 50 feet (15 metres) above the water, he sees this kind of dark mass coming up from the depths,” he said.

“As they hoist the BQM up, he’s looking at this thing going, ‘What the hell is that?’ And then it just goes back down underwater. Once they pull the kid and the BQM out of the water, this object descends back into the depths.”

The pilot thought the incident was “pretty weird”, according to Cdr Fravor. Then a few months later, it happened again. “He’s out picking up a torpedo, they hook the diver up on the winch, and as they’re lowering him down, he sees this big mass,” he said.

“He goes, ‘It’s not a submarine’. He’s seen submarines before. Once you’ve seen a submarine you can’t confuse it with something else. This big object, kind of circular, is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up, and the diver’s only a few feet from the water.”

He continued, “They reverse the winch and the diver’s thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater, and the object just descended back down into the depths. They never recovered it.”

Cdr Fravor said the helicopter pilot was adamant the torpedo “didn’t sink” but “literally looked like it got sucked down”. He said the pilot spoke to The New York Times about the incident ahead of the 2017 story but “they wanted something newer”.

Cdr Fravor marvelled at the technology displayed by the objects, up to a dozen of which had been tracked by the USS Princeton’s radar systems in the week prior to his squadron’s sighting.

“They would come down from above 80,000 feet (24,380 metres), drop down to about 20,000 feet (6100 metres). They’d hang out then go straight back up after about three or four hours,” he said.

“Just think of the physics — 80,000 feet is where you can start to see the curvature of the Earth. It’s considered space, they’re coming from above that. (Elon Musk’s) SpaceX is really excited because they can launch a rocket, have a booster come back to Earth and actually land on a pad. It’s a very impressive engineering feat. Next to this technology, that’s like a Model T next to a Porsche.”

Cdr Fravor said he was speculating but suspected the objects were somehow “manipulating the gravity field and just moving through a void”. “You could in theory fly, go into the ocean, cruise around, pop back up, fly around, go to space. You remove the barriers of the normal propulsion we have today,” he said.

Last week, Mr Elizondo claimed that TTSA had obtained physical evidence that could be from UFOs. “Our company over the last year and a half has actually obtained quite a bit of material,” he told Fox News. “Some of that material — its providence is frankly hearsay, while other providence of some of this material has been substantiated.” NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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I spotted a UFO over I-95S as I was passing near Exit 2 for Trenton headed towards the Delaware River cross over to PA. I had a sighting that was very different in Australia in 2005 and have kept my eyes on the sky ever since. I was looking up at local plane traffic that was well above the cloud cover when I noticed something sitting still, hovering beneath the cloud cover, far lower than the plane traffic directly overhead. It looked the approximate size and shape of the tic-tac UFOs described by Commander Fravor on the Nimitz in 2004, 40 ft in length maybe, about 20ft high, all relative guesses. At first it appeared relatively solid, dark grey, non-shiny, rough metallic coloring. But it also didn’t appear at the same time completely solid to my view. Didn’t appear to have any wings or appendages. Then something interesting happened. The thin cloud cover it was hovering underneath broke slightly and light shined through (as it was midday) onto the craft. When the light first hit the upper left portion, it appeared to make the dark grey rough metallic exterior more defined and solid. But as the light quickly broke across the front of the craft, the craft seemed to distort the light and the craft almost looked translucent in the middle with a rough outline remaining. I also could see clearly at that point that it was definitely not a plane and definitely had no wings. Again, it was also still hovering still. Up to this point, I had taken my eyes off it several times over the course of a couple minutes to watch the highway/other cars, and I easily re-found the UFO with my sight when I would look back to the cloud cover it was under. After I saw the light change it’s shape and I knew it was something unusual, I reached for my phone to video it. My phone was on the shotgun seat instead of in my center console as usual so I had to take my eyes off the sky and look to grab it. In that instant, I looked back, and the UFO was gone. It either had sped away instantaneously or had become completely invisible. I proceeded to look toward the cloud cover it was near, above, below, etc. as I drove into PA on 95. I was with my daughter and we had planned to grab donuts from the Bakery by the river there and go to the boat lunch to sit in the sun and eat a treat and hang by the river. So, I was basically in the area beneath where I had spotted it for the next couple hours and still so no signs of the craft after. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Assistant State Director Ken Pfeifer.








One of the first encounters of April, and certainly one that was unnerving for all involved, would take place in the skies over Venezuela in a DC-3 commercial passenger plane on the evening of 2nd April 1950. In what was an “uneventful” flight, pilots John Power and Angel Delgado would suddenly feel their plane shaking violently. As they grabbed hold of the controls each of them witnessed a “huge machine” surge past their aircraft. Powers would recall later:

It was an enormous apparatus of aerodynamic form, similar to an immense turtle. And I have no doubt this machine was (intelligently) guided!

On the same evening, over Butler in Pennsylvania, several motorists driving along Highway 38 witnessed a strange light overhead. They would bring their vehicle to a stop so they could get a closer look at this strange aerial anomaly. As they did, they witnessed a fast-moving “silver football” which glistened in the late-afternoon sun.

The witnesses, calm and concise with their details, were insistent that they had not witnessed an airplane or any other type of conventional aircraft. They would describe the object as making no sound whatsoever and around 100 feet long. It was, they would insist, a “metallic-like football” that passed overhead at around 6,000 feet.

As the sightings not only continued but seemingly increased daily, so did the explanations from the authorities. Anything from birds, meteors, and reflections, to simply mass hysteria and outright hoaxes.

Perhaps around this time, the realization that had already hit many investigators who had stuck with such strange incidents in the aftermath of the Roswell incident. The authorities, it would seem, was not only more aware of such activities than they would let on publicly, but where possible, they were actively covering up such encounters.

“We Know Nothing About Flying Saucers!”

On the morning of 4th April over the Air Force Intelligence headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, two UFOs would approach the base and perform a “fly-around” the perimeters. It was just after 5 am when two “brilliant points of light” appeared in the early morning sky. As they increased in size and glow, more and more people gathered outside the base to witness this most bizarre experience.

Within no time at all the two lights were over the base, “sweeping down” with alarming speed. After circling the base, they then shot back upwards at an equally fantastic rate. They would maintain this climb until they were out of sight of the witnesses.

Before daylight had fully claimed ownership of the skies over Dayton, the two lights appeared once more. This time, they would “dart about in all directions” over the city. Every now and then they would pause and hover momentarily.

Perhaps bizarrely, and once more a testament to the exercise in denial already underway, when authorities received calls from concerned members of the public, they would deny any knowledge of the strange lights and that they “know nothing about flying saucers”. This would prompt one Dayton resident to claim the air force must be “napping over there” if they really didn’t witness the bizarre events.

Whether there is a connection or not is uncertain, but later that afternoon over Denver, Colorado, two similar lights, apparently darting around the skies for several minutes, were witnessed by several residents.

Later that evening at around 9:30 pm over the skies of Delano in California, a “circular object” was witnessed by several residents of the city. According to their report, the object was “whirling on its axis” as it made its way over the city, barely 200 feet from the ground.

Multiple Sightings On The West Coast Blamed On Venus!

The following day brought more multiple sightings across the United States. For example, at around 7 pm on the evening of 5th April in San Jose, California, an anonymous female resident witnessed a “dull white disc” moving through the morning sky before vanishing behind a shock of trees. The object made no sound and left no vapor or smoke behind. Furthermore, although the witness could tell the craft was metallic, she couldn’t see any markings that you might expect to see on a conventional aircraft.

Later that day, reports of similar objects would surface in Colorado, Michigan, and Arizona. Whether a legitimate explanation or not, many of the sightings, particularly those in the western states of America, were blamed on the planet Venus, which was particularly low on the date in question.

On the same night, across the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Whitby in England, several people witnessed “two rings” moving overhead for around a minute before they disappeared from sight.

The Ardennes Incident, France

Perhaps one of the most bizarre encounters during the 1950 UFO wave took place in early May near Buzany in the Ardennes region of France. On this particular morning, at their usual time of 6:30 am, 14-year-old Madeleine Pierrad went with her father to the meadows to assist in rounding up their cows.

As they made their way to the fields, however, the young girl was surprised at what she at first thought was the unusual lowness of the sun. Then, a strange sound the young girl would describe as “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” rang out. As she and her father made efforts to process the bizarre scene in their heads, a “ball of fire” was now visible in front of them. The more they looked at this strange shape in front of them, the more it began to appear saucer-shaped behind the glare.

Then, when the flames cleared a little more, the pair could see through the glass-like exterior. Inside, was a humanoid occupant, wearing a suit that made him appear like the “Michelin Man”. Then, as she was watching this strange figure, she suddenly realized that it too was watching her. The realization shocked her somewhat.

The whole incident lasted approximately two minutes. Then, the object began to rise into the air, spinning slightly as it did. Within several moments, it had vanished from their sight. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








On the 8th February, multiple reports would come of a “flying cone” over the San Francisco Bay Area in California. On the same day in Tampa, Florida, the crew of a B-29 bomber would witness a rocket-shaped craft seemingly moving at close to 2,000 miles per hour. Three days later, back in California in Pacific Grove, a silver disc was observed hovering in the sky just before sunset.

On the 14th February in Waco, Texas, two local residents would observe “a pair of green UFOs” speeding through the sky above, similar to “two dimly glowing little moons”. Furthermore, the edges were much brighter than the middle, leading the witness to believe they were spinning or rotating.

The following day in Sandia, New Mexico, a similar object was spotted in the late afternoon at around 3:30 pm. They were visible for several minutes and had the appearance of a “marble” in the sky. The object, while glowing green would occasionally turn a reddish color. It would eventually disappear without making a sound.

Pilot, Richard Lemmon was flying toward Du Quoin in Illinois early on the morning of the 27th February along with his wife when, at around 7 am, he noticed a strange object in the air above them. He would climb to the object’s level, coming to within half a mile of it. He would later describe it as disc-shaped with a “high metallic shine”.

A Surge Of Activity In New Mexico, Late-February

Beginning on the afternoon of 24th February and lasting for several days, a surge of UFO activity appeared to take place over various bases and locations around New Mexico.

At just before 2 pm on the 24th February, Weather Observer, Luther McDonald was tracking a weather balloon in a field near Municipal Airport when he noticed round object similar to an “elongated egg” with a slight darkening on the top-left side. Unfortunately, McDonald would take his eye off the strange object for a second while he went to locate the weather balloon. When he returned his focus to where the object was only moments before, it had disappeared.

Later that same day, at around 7:30 pm in the evening, at Holloman Air Force Base, several Photographic Branch Project Staff, whose duty it was to track and photograph strange aerial phenomena, would witness and indeed capture a picture of a “circular luminous object” as it hovered overhead.

Several hours later, at 2:30 am in the early hours of the 25th February, a “white round object” appeared in the sky overhead and remained there for around 4 hours. It would finally move of its own accord and head toward nearby mountains, changing color from red to green as it did so.

Later that afternoon, at just before 4 pm at the Atomic Energy Security Service in Los Alamos, 12 different members of the group witnessed silver, flashing, cylindrical object overhead. It would “fly slow, then fast, flutter and oscillate, (and then) change course”.

on the evening of 18th February in Copenhagen, Denmark, at around 8:30 pm, farmer, Christian Sandersen, and his wife would see two “flying saucers” moving at great speed over their land. What’s more, while one of the bizarre futuristic crafts hovered over the farmland, the other would seemingly explode and “disintegrate into thousands of brightly glowing sparks”.

The following morning, at around 7:20 am on 19th February, 11 witnesses would see a “bullet-shaped object” near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A similar report would come from Durban in South Africa in the early hours of the 21st February. At just before 5 am three road users and several other witnesses in the vicinity, would report seeing a “dark, red torpedo-shaped object” moving overhead.

Perhaps one of the strangest reports during this time comes from Captain Arturo Prat Base in Antarctica on 23rd February. Not only was a strange aerial object observed overhead and hovering near the ice, but animals at the facility would become suddenly anxious at the object’s presence.

On the evening of the 25th February in Paso Hondo, Mexico, an anonymous male witness would report “several cone-shaped objects” overhead. Similar reports at roughly the same time would come from Spain, France, and Italy.

They would also continue much further afield. For example, several “flying discs” were reported in Ethiopia, while a single silver disc was witnessed over Morocco, and over Heliopolis in Egypt. Similar objects would be seen over Cyprus, Turkey, Brazil, and Chile. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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One of the first officially recorded sightings of the 1950 UFO wave occurred on the afternoon of 6th January at a little after 2 pm over the town of Howard in Kansas. Three United States Air Force crew were piloting a C-47 on their way to Offut Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska.

They would describe the object as between 30 and 60 feet long and “shaped like a football”. They would also note how it was a “bright silver color” which would shine in the afternoon sun. It was in their sights for around two minutes, moving between 300 to 500 miles per hour at an altitude of approximately 2,000 feet.

Whether there is a connection or not, later that day at 9:45 pm over Mundy Point in Virginia, two witnesses would report seeing a strange object moving through the sky, remaining visible for around 30 seconds.

Strange Sightings Over Air Bases Across America

The following evening, at around 10:15 pm at Holloman Air Force Base in Corona, New Mexico, another bizarre sighting occurred. This time, several strange balls of light were seen traveling through the sky, changing color as they did so from yellow-white to a distinct orange. Bizarrely, as it approached the mountain ranges in the area it would “level off” and change color once again to a blue-green color.

Of course, this last detail would dismiss the notion that the objects were merely “falling” and were in fact under some kind of control. The lights would return on the evening of the 12th January, once more changing direction before disappearing out of sight.

Less than 24 hours after the initial sighting over Holloman Air Force Base, on the morning of the 10th January at a little after 10 am in Las Vegas, two civilian pilots at the Las Vegas Air Force Base – a father and son – would observe two F-80 fighter jets approaching the base as they came in to land.

However, at an altitude of around 2,000 feet, each of the witnesses would also observe a strange round balloon-like object of “pure silver” and seemingly of solid metal. They would further estimate that the object was between 25 and 30 feet across and made no noise whatsoever. Furthermore, they could see no antennas or any other external fittings of any kind. It would move calmly through the skies, seemingly uninterested in the two fighter jets, and then began to accelerate somewhat before disappearing over a nearby mountain range.

On the evening of the 11th January at the Ohio Air National Guard at Norwood in Ohio, several members would happen to point their searchlight at a “space platform” in the night sky above the city.

The Gulf of Mexico Incident

On the evening of 12th January, at 11:25 pm, the crew of a B-29 aircraft would notice three strange objects on their onboard radar while flying over the Gulf of Mexico. As an example as to the speed with which these strange objects were moving, the radar screen onboard covered a 100-mile radius. The objects would clear the screen from one side to the other in no more than 20 seconds. The overall estimated speed of these bizarre, metallic and most definitely solid objects was between 2,500 and 3,000 miles per hour.

While two of the objects would eventually disappear from sight, the other would continue to follow the B-29. Even more concerning were the two near approaches from the craft before it halted and hovered only 20 miles away. It would then move back into a pursuing position.

The object would disappear after around half-an-hour. However, the plane’s radar systems would remain jammed for around ten minutes after.

Interestingly, despite the wealth of radar information, no visual sightings of the object were made by any of the crew. This, of course, leaves open the possibility, however, remote it might be, that the incident was down to radar malfunction. A chink that many skeptics will point out.

Sightings Spreading Out Into Urban Areas

Sightings would continue throughout the United States following the incident, however. For example, in Peoria in Illinois on the evening of the 14th January, an aerial object was witnessed overhead. And while it didn’t move in a manner that would suggest it wasn’t a normal aircraft, residents would report “electromagnetic effects” as it passed.

Earlier the same day, just before 5 pm in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, several workers at the town’s nuclear facility witnessed a “fiery ball of light” hover for several moments over restricted military airspace.

Although further afield than the United States, the 15th January brought three more reports. A saucer-shaped object was witnessed hovering and rotating just off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. On the same afternoon at Sierra de Comechingones in Argentina, a silver cigar-shaped object emerged from nearby mountains and remained visible for several minutes.

Later that evening, back in the United States, multiple witnesses would report “several strange objects” hovering over Tacoma, Washington. The following evening in Portland, Oregon, a husband, and wife would watch a similar object for almost two hours.

During the early evening of 17th January, just off the coast of Kauai Island in Hawaii, another silver disc-shaped object was reported hovering over the water. Then, it would shoot “straight-up” and vanish into the early evening sky. The following evening, on the other side of the United States in Summit, New Jersey, several witnesses observed a “spherical UFO” glowing a “reddish-orange” color moving slowly over the region.

On the same evening six military pilots, including Lieutenant Webb, would witness a “round reddish-white” object moving slowly through the evening sky over Denver, Colorado.

The Kodiak, Alaska Incident

In the early hours of 23rd January 1950 at around 2:40 am, Navy Patrol pilot, Lt. Smith was guiding his plane near the Bering Sea at Kodiak, Alaska in what was a routine security flight. He would pick up an unidentified object on his radar on two separate occasions.

When he radioed the control tower at Kodiak to enquire if there were other aircraft in the area, he was informed by the operator not only wasn’t there any other craft, but the interference on the communication line was some of the worst he had witnessed.

Around 20 minutes later, on board the USS Tillamock slight to the south of Kodiak, came the first visual confirmations of the incident. One of the on-duty personnel on the deck of the vessel would report seeing a “very fast-moving red glow light”. What’s more, the object appeared to circle the Kodiak region. Another member of the crew then came to the deck and also witnessed the bizarre object for around 30 seconds. Bizarrely, no sound whatsoever came from the glowing craft.

At 4:40 am – two hours after first noticing the strange activity – Lt. Smith was still experiencing problems with his onboard systems. However, he would notice another read on the radar. One that moved so fast that it “left a trail on the screen”. When Smith notified his crew, they would witness the object visually.

It made some bizarre maneuvers in the sky and appeared to be moving somewhere in the region of 2,000 miles per hour. General descriptions of the craft were of “two orange lights rotating around a common center”.

After heading toward his plane following a sudden sharp turn, the object disappeared from sight. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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At 9:380 pm, we noticed a bulb like object with a tail and lights all around it coming in from above our apartment. We live on the 9th floor in a downtown Fort Lauderdale apt., close to Fort Lauderdale International Airport. We went outside to the balcony and noticed the object turned and started moving West. I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures, I was able to get 1 clear picture and 2 others of it moving, but they are blurry. We watched the object continue to move West for 5 minutes. It just continued up into the sky on its path until it just looked like a star. When the object was near us, it did seem like it was almost wobbling from side to side at times. The night before, 9/25, there were black helicopters near our apartment, which came in from above the way the object had arrived. This was the night before we actually saw the object though so I am not sure that they are related









I was on vacation in 2014 in Beach Haven NJ. I was sitting on the deck of our rental house on Ocean Blvd. There were a few of the regular things far out into the ocean ( Container Ships waiting for the ports, etc ) but they were miles out. It was a perfectly clear night with about a 1/4 moon. As I was looking south, I saw something(s) in the water.not far offshore, what seemed to be maybe less than a mile. It seemed to get closer and I could see some very dim lights. ( I was thinking, where the hell did that fishing boat come from, since my view of the beach goes on for miles ). Fairly soon, it began to get closer and I’m still thinking it was a fishing boat.. Next thing I know, I had to rub my eyes because it looked like the “Fishing Boat) was above the water. well, the object(s) kept getting closer (Traveling from the South east to the North and North East, and I could see that they were in “The Air” so now I’m thinking crazy para-gliders that we see all day are flying at night.. But soon enough I notice that whatever they are, are giant. I took out my phone because I could not believe my eyes and I tried to record. But I could see after a few seconds that the video would be very dark. I switched to the camera option and started to take pictures. ( Note, this was high tech at the time, but still a crappy I-Phone 4. Maybe I should have put on the flash, but I was too awestruck watching to figure it out. As the objects got closer, I could clearly see 2 distinct objects. One object went directly over our house in a NW heading while the 2nd Object headed almost directly North along the beach, still maybe a hundred yards off shore. I’m fairly good at judging size, and these things were probably as big as a commercial airplane each one had what looked to be 3 rows of lights running from front to back on the underside. and they were completely silent ! They proceeded to head NE and N until I could no longer see them over the house, at which time I ran down to Ocean Blvd where I could see them seemingly speed up until they were out of sight. The next day I bought all of the local newspapers hoping someone else had seen them. Nothing. But Like I said, It was probably 2-3 in the morning. At the time, I figured I would not act like a freeaking crazy person and alert the media because my only evidence was crap pictures from an I-Phone 4. I talked about it to my friends and family, as a a freaking crazy siting and mostly forgot about it except when stories of “LBI” as we call it come up. The reason I am contacting “You” is because I recently found that phone in my junk drawer and remembered the video was on that phone. I figured I could try to use “some Program” to enhance the video, but that is not my specialty. I would gladly send the phone to you with the unedited pictures and video and maybe you can do something with it. I would really like to know if what I was, are actual UFO’s or just some damn man made thing I never heard of. Note, I’m a bit of an air craft enthusiast and I have never seen anything like this.

This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer Assistant State Director.









On Tuesday, April 25, 2001, a very strange object is reported by civilians and law enforcement officers in the evening skies near Waynesville, Ohio in Warren County.

From their residence near the 4600 Block of Wilkerson Road, a husband and wife are the first to report a circular lighted object hovering silently in the sky to the south of their location.

The big light of the UFO, pulsating or changing in both color and brightness, was said to be encased within a structure that resembled gridwork or cabling.

The couple advised the Lebanon City Police Department of the object around 10:15 p.m. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a Waynesville police officer to the location.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Waynesville officer confirmed the unidentifiable nature of the object and also reported that a second UFO was also in the area.


Unit #2W30: I have NO IDEA, and you wouldn’t believe it if you came out and saw it! There’s two of them, just sitting stationary and blinking, I mean about five different colors, right here on Wilkerson, just off of South Main Street…

FEMALE OFFICER: This is 480-16

Unit #2W30: I’m not kidding! Go ahead.

FEMALE OFFICER: Okay, we’re on the backside of that, here in the lot because I couldn’t stand it no more. Where is it at, is it in the air?

Unit #2W30: In the air! Okay? He’s got the owner of the house has some binoculars and we’re looking at these things and uh, it’s just I don’t know what they are!

They’re high up, they look like uh, they’re up there but with our binoculars though, the ones he’s got here, you can see them pretty clearly. There’s probably five different colors, there’s two of them and they’ve stayed in the exact same spot the whole time.

They’re not stars, I can tell you that.

As other officers respond to the location and continue to view the abnormalities, dispatchers at the Warren County Communications Center telephone a base operator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Fairborne, Ohio and also places a call to Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in Clinton County, Ohio.

Both flight control facilities deny any knowledge of or responsibility for air traffic in the Waynesville, Ohio vicinity during the incident.

While the Waynesville police officers view the object from Wilkerson Road looking south, a police dispatcher also observes the same object from her position at the Warren County Communications Center in Lebanon, Ohio, looking north toward Waynesville. From review of the police tapes, it can be estimated that the primary object may have been in a general location between Waynesville and Lebanon near the intersections of Pekin Road and Route 42.

An officer with the Caesar’s Creek State Police also notes the UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO is sighted in the area during the event, and the police witnesses repeatedly affirm a cogent distinction between the suspected UFOs and routine stars and airplanes. The objects move off by receding further into the distance as other officers from the Ohio State Patrol arrive on the scene.

Dispatchers at the Ohio State Patrol and the Warren County Communications Center express frustration at having to handle this situation and their inability to address the reports and eyewitness confirmation from their officers.

The next evening, Wednesday, April 25, UFOs are again reported in the same area at 9:48 p.m., viewed from Wilkerson Road and also by officers observing from a location near the Waynesville Airport. Disturbingly, another unusual object is seen in the area seven hours later and reportedly pursues a motorist near Genntown, Ohio (about 5-miles from Waynesville).

A female complainant advises the Ohio State Patrol of her ‘extreme concern’ regarding a triangular object with “super bright lights” that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122 at 5:00 a.m., April 26.

These and other details were acquired from eyewitness interviews, analysis of various police reports and evaluation of police tapes acquired through the Warren County Director of Emergency Services. Additional data was gathered through field investigation conducted on April 27th and April 28th.

Consideration has been given to the possibility that this situation was engendered by a misperception of routine stars and planets by both civilians and police officers on both evenings. This theory was first advanced by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center, who was advised of the incident by the Ohio State Patrol while the sighting was in progress.

The star ‘Sirius’ was identified by Davenport as a likely candidate for misperception, but after sober review of the police tapes acquired from the Warren County Department of Emergency Services, this attempt at explanation is not looked upon favorably. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








On the 31st of December 1978 a film team went on board of an Argossy airplane for an interview with the crew. On the 20th and 21st of December another aircraft had reported several UFO and this was the reason for the interview by Mr. Fogarty and his crew.

The pilot – and co-pilot were not the ones that had reported the event. Only ten minutes into the flight their was a first UFO encounter. The cameraman quickly changed the lens of his camera to a 100 mm / 240 mm zoom lens and after midnight on the 1st of January 1979 he filmed several UFO that during the entire flight followed and approached the plane. He recorded the UFO from the windows of the cockpit and the presence of these unidentified flying objects were also confirmed by Wellington Radar and Air traffic Control.

This event is commonly known as the Kaikoura UFO Mystery and the journalist, Mr. Quentin Gogarty, wrote a beautiful book about it titled: Let’s Hope They Are Friendly. Interesting fact: Mr. Fogarty saw something with his eyes that the old video does not not show you. He mentioned in the video that the UFO appeared to be “rolling and turning”. So was he right?

No one knew that the original 16 mm film still existed. Fogarty’s crew had some very bad (personal) experiences after their film had been shown in the media. They have been ridiculed and called fantasists. As most of the reactions about their eye-witness report were negative, in some cases hostile, despite its importance this film was never supposed to be published!

Flux, one of our team members, who lives in New-Zealand performed his own in-depth research into the Kaikoura UFO and his good nose led him in 2015 to the original 16 mm film.

Long story short: The 16 mm had been digitized by a top notch film laboratory and our team received 4 High Definition videos of Blue-Ray quality. We almost fainted as they arrived as for the first time we had UFO material of the best possible quality.

After you have watched the presentation you will agree that the bright object can no longer be dismissed with a simple explanation and you will understand why this UFO encounter frightened them and afterwards had such an enormous impact on their lives.

For the passed 40 years these UFO only lived in their memory but they never knew what they really looked like in full close up… until today! Without Flux’s curiosity the world never would have seen what you are about to see.

We dedicate this presentation to all who were present that night and witnessed a UFO encounter. This presentation does not provide any answer to the question what these UFO are!

We only provide undeniable visual evidence that they exist.





THANKS TO ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com




Incredible images depict the landing of an unidentified flying object in southern Chile. A research organization is conducting detailed analysis. (TERRA.cl)

Incredible images of an alleged UFO landing in the vicinity of Ultima Esperanza in Chile’s 12th region were made known only a few days ago by the Agrupación de Investigaciones Ovniológicas de Chile (AION).

This sequence of clips form part of an exclusive video taken in one of the world’s southernmost locations and which show the vast amount of UFO manifestations in that territory, which is considered a UFO ‘hotspot” by domestic ufologists.

This video was taken on March 17, 2004 and has been in safekeeping to date by virtue of being considered one of the most interesting items of evidence in recent years in Chile. .

AION’s director, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, will present a series of new documents on UFOs in Chile and the world on July 2, at 1700 hours at the Alameda Art Thater. The most significant events have been recorded in Brazil, Chile and the United States.

Evidence collected in Chile has also had considerable impact, ranging from the UFO photographed over Termas del Flaco to videos collected in the country’s 12th region which are being subjected to analysis. “We are analyzing some interesting UFO video material taken in area which, to our understanding, has the greatest concentration of UFO incidents,” notes Fuenzalida.







Alison noticed an illuminated object over the water, hovering low on the horizon. The object had 8 square lights right around, it was football shaped with a white/gold glow and the well defined square lights were brighter than the rest of the object. The proximity estimated was quite close, approx 200-300 mtrs and elevation about a tree and a half above the water. The object was not as big as the Goodyear blimp which was not flying in that area and in fact not even in the air at that time on that day. The illumination made no noise, had no navigation lights, appeared as a “solid” light.
The illumination was larger than thumb and forefinger at full stretch at arms length, very large or very close, the witness felt the latter was the case. It was later briefly seen as the witness dropped her parents off to Umina as an illumination in the clouds, there was no beam under the cloud and the moon was visible to the R/H/S of the object although the night was somewhat cloudy. The duration of the main sighting was approx 10-15 mins and was reported to the witness by a local real estate agent as they were in casual conversation in a shop the next morning, who witnessed the same object at the same time.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



So it was Saturday the 19th Nov 2016. Around 8pm at East Center St. Rutland, VT.  Was getting ready to leave a friend’s driveway. Was looking up because the night sky was so clear. Wished to my self that a UFO would show up so I could share it with my friends. Then I saw flashing lights, a possible plane, pretty far up, then it was stationary. With that I ran to my friends door and them come out (2 people) and pointed this out to them. almost due east.  What’s nice was there was a normal plane up there too, so we could see how there was a difference. It ended up seeming very long, there were 2 lights separated by at least a few hundred feet. One red light, one white light. Could not see the shape of object.  We see another plane (both times, engines could be heard) but then new red and whites lights with all kinds of sparkling lights within a triangle shape. This was looking northeast and almost right above us at seemingly the same altitude again. Again a great way to show how different from the plane that was maybe a mile away from  the sparkling triangle. The one female friend said she was getting scared of this one, the male of the party then went inside.  Then I see a white lighted object moving across from my west headed to my north. Multiple red flashing lights turned on below it as it became stationary. Again it looked to be same altitude as the jets traveling but I have seen this one twice before in as many years.  I have never reported this because I felt they weren’t strong enough contacts, but with this 3rd sighting of it, I think it cements it enough to call it a sighting.   NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Summary: A VERY large, Boomerang-shaped object tracked across the sky in a NE direction just after full dark.


I wish I had not waited months to reports this, but until recently did not know who to report it to. I saw a television program that described your field researchers and I liked that your set scientific and observational standards. I do not like wild speculation and absurd conjectures as I often see in deranged programs like UFO Hunters or whatever it is called. I like mysteries to be approached rationally. This brings me back to the night of August 11, 2010. I have long wondered if anyone else had reported anything for that night. Soon after the event, I posted an oblique statement on my Facebook page “Did anyone else see that?” simply so I would not forget the date and time. I do not jump to conclusions, but I have also failed to find a prosaic explanation for the event.   There were two other people with me who saw the strange object. I will leave their names off of here for the time being. [They live nearby, but I have not asked their permission to include them in this report.] We were standing in my driveway just after full dark. It was likely between 8 and 9pm. Checking the time for full darkness at the time of the year should some up with a very close approximate time. There was a bright moon shinning in the in the southeast quadrant of the sky. I think if it were not for that, we would have seen nothing.   I was facing north toward my companions as we stood there talking. The evening was pleasant and it had grown dark. It was not unusual for us to stand outside and talk although we were about to say goodnight. One of my companions was looking behind me and saw it first. She made a gasping noise or other sound while looking into the sky behind me. I turned to see what she was looking at. We live about 20 miles from Philadelphia International Airport in the town of Richwood, NJ and frequently have large numbers of commercial airliners circling overhead. I expected something of this sort. What I saw was very different.  I turned to look south and saw it almost immediately or at least the impression of it. I also said a rather surprising swear word which I would not normally use in this company. The object was moving quickly in a east-north-east direction [toward the Delaware River and Chester, PA] and at first it was just a suggestion of movement because it was black against black. It was simply a different shape of black flying with no lights at all. The moonlight caught on the shape and revealed it as the sharp-angled boomerang without further detail to the surface.  It annoys me to report it as an angular boomerang shape because I know there have been many other reports like that. It was very large in the sky. Much larger than the commercial airliners we see daily on their approach to Philadelphia. I do not know what altitude the circling airliners are at this point in their approach, but that is probably not too difficult to find out. Their windows are easily visible. This was far larger than those. There were no airplanes in sight at the time of the event.


The trouble is that for it to be that size it would have to have been either unusually low and close to us or farther away and unbelievably vast in size. The object cruised quickly by without the slightest sound or change in speed or altitude. I hoped it would pass in front of the moon, but unfortunately it moved “beneath” where the moon was and was quickly lost to view in the dark. It was moving fast but without knowing the distance I would not guess at its speed. It was gone before there was much chance of further reaction. I turned to my companions and we were all equally dumbfounded. There was nothing more to do except head inside. I typed the note on Facebook so I would not forget, but I also had hoped someone else might say something. It was a long shot. No one else reported anything.


I have seen stealth bombers flying in the desert and they are huge. This object was at LEAST that large, but I felt it was larger still. The stealth was my best suspect as I racked my brain, but it does not make sense. For a stealth to be that large, it would have to be too close. Why would a bomber be flying so low in a densely populated area? A stealth can easily fly above local air traffic. Flying without lights would be extremely dangerous around this crowded airspace even if you were training the crew in radar evasion.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







I have seen flying saucers since august 18, 1980.  This was my 8th UFO experience, but I have never seen orbs, only spaceships.  These were orbs, I think, not what I usually experience.  I first noticed the object before dinner, but I just blew it off.  We had dinner on the beach, overlooking the water.  My wife noticed it after dinner, when we went to leave.  I immediately saw a large bright light again, much brighter than the first time, approximately 45 earlier. I knew immediately what it was, a UFO.  We just purchased a camera a few days before, and we went to the waters edge, and started filming.  My wife did.  The object, there were 4-5 of them, were extremely bright, varying in size from a pin head to a quarter. I estimate about half a mile to a mile away from shoreline.  They moved independently, and went from bright small in size, to immensely bright and huge, maybe the size of a quarter.  They moved up and down, remained stationary, and one of them went over land when big, over I would assume sandy hook area, 10-15 miles north of where we were. 

 There were 6-7 people on the beach watching and filming as well.  It was amazing to see.  My feelings…very excited, very controlled.   I wanted to attract them, and stood in the light than ran across the water and did jumping jacks to attract it.   It did not respond.   The objects got extremely big and bright maybe 3-4 times.  These actions unfortunately were not captured on video of photos.  I told my wife to take video, to make sure we had it on video.  I spoke to my cousin on the cell phone throughout part of the experience, because he knows of all the things I have experienced, and I was describing the scene to him as it happened.  I am very lucky to have experienced what I have throughout my life. We never lost sight of the objects.  We left after about an hour or so.  We saw amazing detail of 2 orbs around a tremendous bright round light, sometimes two bright circles of light.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to submit this to you right now, but will have my wife do so in the next few days to a week.  You will be amazed, or maybe not, since this is probably common but it is amazing, and I would like an explanation as to what this is.  I believe it is extra terrestrial.  My wife thinks it was secret military craft, but she also said she did not know what it was. She does not believe in UFO’S, since she has never seen one, but then, she could not explain what we saw.   NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


KEN’S NOTE:  This area has been very active with sightings over the years.  Ft Monmouth is nearby and has a two mile dock that protrudes out into the bay.  Military ships can be seen there often.  The bay leads to the Varrazano Bridge and eventually Manhattan.  Check it-out on Google Earth.      


This case is under investigation by Bob Spearing of MUFON New Jersey. 

Special thanks to www.mufon.com case file.