Another claim of alien abduction in Texas, in the town of Vidor, just before midnight on the evening of 11th October 1994. Once more, according to the report, the witness believes the incident happened “directly in front” of their home. Similarly, the incident was also reported in 2007.

The report claims that the witness, a young boy at the time, was walking home when a “sudden bright light” appeared out of nowhere. It “hit” the witness and caused him to “freeze”.

Then, bizarrely, the next thing he realized he was running down the street as fast as he could. What’s more, he had a feeling of absolute terror running through him, although he wasn’t sure why. As he continued to run, he also realized he was suddenly quite a lot further away than he was when he had seen the strange light. As if it had transported him back to an earlier spot.

When he finally did arrive home, his extremely distressed mother informed him he was two hours late, with the time now just after 1 am. He would go to bed, confused. He would, though, keep the experience to himself.

When he was in the shower, however, he would discover three strange dots in a triangular formation under his arm. What’s more, he would begin to suffer strange and bizarre nightmares of laying a “bright, cold room” with strange figures of “tall and petite” sizes standing around him.

The incident remains unexplained. It isn’t known if this incident was a one-off event or part of a recurring abduction experience. NOTE: The above images are CGI.









Late one October evening in 1994, an unnamed woman would suddenly feel the need to leave her bed and walk over to her 6-month old son who was asleep in his crib by the window. Only when she looked down into his small bed, it was completely empty.

It was at that moment, with the sense of fear and panic regarding the location of her young son running through her, that she also realized she had no actual recollection of going to bed that evening. Before she could give it any more thought, the sound of her son crying would ring out. At the same time, a bright light announced itself from outside, seeping through the closed window blinds.

She would attempt to wake her husband who, despite the commotion of the situation, remained fast asleep throughout. This is an interesting detail and one that discreetly shows up in other accounts of alien abduction. That one person – the abductee – remains fully conscious and aware of the bizarre events, while anyone else in the room remains asleep, but unnaturally so. As if under some kind of advanced and unknown (to us) technology. This would, then, suggest the purposeful targeting of a specific person over others.

She would attempt to turn on the bedroom light but try as she might, the power would not come on and the room remained in darkness.

Then, another flash of light filled the room immediately followed by the cries of her baby son. When her eyes refocused from the sudden light, her son was there in front of her in his crib.

A Huge, Black, Triangular Craft Hovering Over The House!

She reached out to him immediately and scooped him from his bed doing her best to soothe his obviously distressed state.

After assuring herself that he was safe and unharmed, she reached for the blind at the window and pulled it open. As she peered outside, she could clearly see a triangular-shaped UFO hovering over the house. She would recall:

It was very low, and larger than the house. If I had been on the roof, I could have touched it! It was astonishing! I could not believe my eyes! (Also) It made no sound!

As she watched the bizarre scene play out, she quickly scanned the other houses on the street. She could clearly see that all of the lights were out. Unless anyone happened to be looking out of their window in the dark, it was most likely that she was the only person witnessing this most surreal event.

As the enormity of such a situation fully dawned on her, she let the blinds fall back into place and backed away from the bedroom window. A moment later, the light from outside went out. She remained where she was, stood in the middle of the room with her young son in her arms.

After an unknown amount of time, she slowly walked over to the window once again. She peered outside and was relieved to find the bizarre object was no longer there. Not wanting to have her son out of her sight, however, she returned to bed with the young baby in between herself and her husband. In what was a surprisingly short time, she fell asleep.

A Strange Delay In Recall!

Quite bizarrely, upon waking the following morning, although her son was safe and awake in between herself and her husband, she couldn’t recall why he was there. Nor could she recall any details of the night before. It would take several hours for her to fully recall what had taken place in the middle of the previous night.

Upon the recollection flooding back to her she immediately made her way to her son to check him for any wounds or markings. She wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. When she checked herself, however, she would discover a strange mark on her leg. What’s more, when she pressed her finger on the mark it felt as though there was something hard, like a pea or small pellet underneath the skin.

Although she would tell her mother of the discovery, she would keep the encounter from everyone else. And would wait for over a decade before reporting the incident via an online reporting platform.

The mark on her leg would remain, and at the time of the report (around 2007), it was still very visible. The item under the skin, however, has “either gone or (is) buried on the muscle now”.

What’s more, although she wouldn’t elaborate, the witness would claim that this “is just one of many strange experiences” she had encountered. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









The evening of 5th December 1980, according to the report, was a “bitterly cold” one. And for the anonymous 13-year-old witness, a disturbing and life-changing one. At around 6:30 pm he burst into his family home from the back yard. As he did he would claim that he had witnessed a UFO that was “bigger than a house”.

His mother and stepfather, although a little dubious perhaps for obvious reasons, found his story quite compelling. Not to mention the look of fear and display of agitation on his part. This was surely too fine a display for one so young.

The object had, he claimed, suddenly appeared “from nowhere” and hovered overhead. Then, a light beam emerged from the underside of the craft and seemingly struck him below. Almost immediately he found he couldn’t move while at the same time a strange “mumbling in his head” began. This would continue for around 10 minutes before he believed he lost consciousness.

Even stranger, when investigators spoke to him shortly after they discovered a “painless, sunburn-like redness” on his upper torso. The witness himself was unaware of the marking. Furthermore, he couldn’t remember any more of the events. Following losing consciousness, the next thing he remembered was walking from the garden toward the house.

However, his parents would suggest leaving a small tape recorder by his bed that night. They would claim that during times of stress he would often talk of the events in his sleep. It would prove to be a move that was crucial in attempting to understand just what took place outside their home that evening.

An Abduction From Afar And Paranormal Happenings!

Over the course of several nights, the parents and investigators would be able to, albeit partially, piece together the incidents of the night in question. According to these recordings, shortly after the beam of light hit him, he could hear a voice inside his head giving him instructions. Furthermore, the voice would state that they “wanted to examine him”. While also promising him that no harm would come to him.

While it isn’t clear if an abduction took place in the sense we might readily understand it – in that he was somehow physically transported to the ship above – or if the examination took place somehow via the beam of light that had temporarily ensnared him. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









“IT was a clear, dry night. It was really crisp and frosty — just beautiful. You could have read a book with the light off the night sky, but I wasn’t drawn by the light of the stars or the moon but by a bright, surgical, white light coming from the other end of the boreen.”

These are the words of County Limerick man Gerry Battles in the final moments leading up to what he is convinced was an alien abduction near his family home in Pallaskenry on December 26, 2001.

The 61-year-old retired carpenter told the Limerick Post this week that he had been returning home from The Seven Sisters Pubs in Kildimo around 8pm, after having two Christmas drinks with a friend. Advertisement

“I was only minutes away from my house but it was such a clear and beautiful night that I stopped to gaze at the stars,” he explains.

After being drawn by a bright, otherworldly, white light at the end of the laneway, the next thing he remembers is finding himself aboard a spacecraft with about 40 others — all in a subdued state, standing motionless like statues.

“They were all male, of different age groups, all standing shoulder to shoulder like mannequins. I remember one man next to me wearing a Columbo-style coat and hat. We were all in a state of paralysis, I could only move my eyes, so I couldn’t see much,” Gerry tells me.

“The next thing I remember floating into another bigger chamber with a 360 degree viewing deck. It was then I saw the extraterrestrial. I couldn’t tell how big he was or even if he had arms or legs, all I remember is his big cone head and his beautiful, ginormous eyes. They were jet black, almost like mirrors.

“He spoke to me through telepathy and said: “you are not terrified like the others”.

“No, I am not. Should I be?” Gerry asked.

The alien then quizzed the Limerick grandfather about what he would like to see.

“The North Pole”, came his instant reply.

“The next thing the extraterrestrial gave a command, and in an instant we were at the North Pole. I was in awe. I remember thinking of that line from ‘Star Trek’: “warp speed Mr Sulu”. It was like driving through a snowstorm at 500 miles an hour.”

Gerry admits that anyone he has revealed this fantastical story to thinks he is mad. He laughs when I ask if he has any history of mental illness.

“No, not at all,” he assures me.

This quiet-natured gentleman is adamant that the message relayed to him by the creature he encountered is an important one for all mankind to hear. He feels those who laugh at his tale of alien abduction are “naïve and have small imaginations”, and urges them to open their minds.

The message relayed to Mr Battles on Stephen’s Night 2001 by his alien abductor warned of Planet Earth’s pending doom and predicted that mankind could go the same way as the dinosaurs.

“You have come a long way in such a short space of time but your time is running out,” Gerry was told.

“In 850 years from now, a giant asteroid the size of Munster is going to obliterate your planet. The asteroid will approach your planet from the 35th Quadrant.

We are four million light years more advanced than you are. We have been observing you for Millennia. In all that time you have only excelled at two things — global warfare and lying to your own species.

“You must use the force. Be one with the force. Harness the force,” the alien advised.

Surprisingly, the following part of the intergalactic message sounds more likely to have been relayed by anti-austerity campaigners than Jedi-powered Martians.

“He told me that every one of our governments have been lying to us from day one and not to trust them. He also warned not to trust the banks as they have been lying as well and have a hidden agenda.

“He also forewarned the impending global financial crisis and told me that if we do not change our ways we are going to end up like the dinosaurs.”

Mr Battles has no recollection of how long the abduction lasted and had no memory of it afterwards until the coat he was wearing that night turned up in a most unlikely location.

“A contractor working at the Regional Hospital found the coat up on the hospital roof a few weeks later. I have no idea how it got there. It was only after having the coat returned to me that the events of December 26, 2001, started to come back to me.”

He believes aliens use ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’, an invisible cloaking device, to keep their universe hidden from our own. He is hopeful his story will reach the world’s scientific community and prove useful in helping to finally uncover these distant galaxies.

“The truth is definitely out there,” he insists. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









One of the most intriguing encounters during the summer of 1950, took place in Dardennes in Var, France on 3rd August. 3-year-old “Lily F” would go missing while playing in a field right next to her parent’s home. However, she wouldn’t return home and her frantic parents began searching the area. They were doing so for over 2 hours and much to their despair they couldn’t find her.

However, she was soon discovered near a small ravine, unharmed and not at all scared. She would go on to tell her parents that she was looked after by a “beautiful lady” who had on a “brilliant white costume”. While some would put such a description down to an angel-type entity. However, such a description might also fit with an extraterrestrial occupant.

Incidentally, this case has all the hallmarks of the Missing 411 type of disappearance cases, some of which reappear in much the same circumstances as Lily F did. Was this a case of alien intervention? Or was it one of the missing person’s cases as recorded by David Paulides? Or might, in a bizarre way, it be partly both of those things? We will examine the Missing 411 mysteries in a future case study article.









Keith Rylance told us that he had gone to sleep in the caravan bedroom at about 9.30 pm. Petra retired to her bedroom in the caravan annex. Amy stayed on a couch watching TV in the caravan annex “lounge room”. Each of these locations were in close proximity, separated by a window and wall respectively from the lounge room.

Petra’s room had a door leading to the lounge room, which was left ajar. The door to the bedroom, where Keith was, apparently was open to the lounge room. Amy apparently fell asleep on the couch. A storm was in the area.

Around 11.15 pm, Petra was reportedly woken up and when she entered the adjacent lounge was confronted by an extraordinary sight, that allegedly quickly overwhelmed her. A rectangular beam of light was being projected through the open window of the caravan lounge room.

This light beam appeared to be truncated at the end. Inside the beam Petra claims to have seen Amy in a sleep prone position, being carried out head first through the window. Underneath her, also within the beam were the items that had been on the coffee table adjacent to the couch Amy had been on. Before apparently fainting in shock Petra saw that the beam was coming from a disc shaped UFO hovering just above the ground a short distance away, near a tree at the rear of the clear section, immediately behind the annex caravan house.

Petra reports she believes she was only in a faint for a very short period of time. Regaining consciousness, she began screaming. Keith reports that he was awoken by the commotion coming from Petra. As he came from the caravan bedroom and stepped down into the lounge room annex Keith claims he was confronted by the sight of a highly agitated Petra and the contents of the coffee table on the floor in front of the window.

He told us that he soon realised that the window screen was torn in both a vertical fashion and along the bottom of the window frame. Keith indicated that initially he couldn’t get any sense out of Petra who was crying and very agitated, so he rushed outside trying to locate Amy.

She was reportedly nowhere to be found. Keith states when he started to be less agitated himself he was eventually able to get from Petra an idea of what happened. Keith claims he initially refused to believe what Petra was telling him. He said he rushed outside again trying to find his wife.

Eventually as the situation became clearer, Keith indicates he decided to call the police.

Keith call the Tiaro police around 11.40 pm reporting that his wife had been abducted and imploring that the police should come out. The manning status at that time meant there were some delays in the police coming out, but about hour and a half after the initial call Senior Constable Robert Maragna from Tiaro and an officer from Maryborough arrived at the site.

Initially police thought they might have been walking into a situation involving foul play, even perhaps a murder scene, but then the bizarre circumstances of the alleged events came into focus.

The two people, Keith and Petra, at the Gundiah property were claiming that Amy Rylance had been abducted by a “spaceship”! The officers were struggling to keep an open mind.

They were joined later by Sgt. John Bosnjak, the officer in charge of the Tiaro police. He had been asleep when the police called him to assist in the investigation. The three officers continued their investigations at the site. They confirmed that Keith Rylance and Petra Heller appeared to be in an agitated state and that there was no sign of Amy Rylance. The torn screen was examined.

A flowering bush, commonly known as “yesterday, today, tomorrow” was located immediately outside the left side of window, had indications of possibly being affected by heat or another mechanism along its right side. Oddly another flowering bush, a hibiscus, located immediately on the right hand side of the window area was not affected in the same way. The police took samples for possible later testing.

UFO Depiction

While the police were at the property, a phone call came through, which was taken by Keith Rylance. A woman was calling from Mackay indicating that she had taken a somewhat distressed and apparently dehydrated young woman from a BP petrol service station on the northern outskirts of central Queensland city of Mackay, some 790 kilometres to the north of the Gundiah – Tiaro area.

The young woman turned out to be Amy Rylance, and the female caller was ringing to advise that Amy was apparently all right and was at the Mackay hospital, where she had been examined by a doctor. Keith handed the phone to Snr. Constable Marangna.

Given these extraordinary circumstances Mackay police were called in, making a total of three police stations involved in the investigation -Tiaro, on outskirts of central Qeensland, Maryborough on the coast and Mackay, some 790 kilometres to the north of the Gundiah – Tiaro area.

A statement was notarised by the Mackay police with a Justice Act acknowledgement, that required Amy to acknowledge that she had stated was true to the best of her knowledge and belief, and that if it is admitted as evidence, that she may be liable to prosecution if she had indicated anything in it that she knew was false.

This statement indicated that she last only recollected lying on the couch at the Gundiah property. She had no recollection of the events that Petra described, but claimed she then next remembered waking up lying on a bench in a strange rectangular room. llumination came from the walls and the ceiling. She was alone.

She indicated she called out and heard what seemed to be a male voice, asking her to be calm and that everything would be alright and that she would not be harmed. Soon an opening appeared in the wall and “a guy” about 6 feet tall walked into the room.

The man appeared to be slender in build but in perfect proportion, covered head to foot in a full body suit. He had what seemed to be a black covering mask on his face, with a hole for his eyes, nose and mouth. He repeated his calming assurances.

Amy felt she had been there a while.

The guy told her they were returning her to a place not far from where they took her from, because the lights were wrong at the property and it wasn’t safe. She then indicates she found herself lying on the bed and falling asleep.

The next thing she recollects is that she woke up on the ground with trees around her. She felt disorientated, could smell the ocean, and indicated she was not sure how long she tumbled through bushland, but seemingly it was for a long time, but she felt she wasn’t making much progress.

She then came out onto a road that looked like a highway and saw a light from a petrol station. She walked into the station, where staff seeing her state, tried to offer some assistance.

She accepted some water, as she felt somewhat dehydrated. Initially she was not able to answer identifying questions, and didn’t know where she was.

She was also asked if she had been drinking or was on drugs, to which she said no. Amy indicated she felt tired, sore, drained and lethargic. She asked a woman at the service station to take her to the hospital, as she didn’t know of where else to go. The woman and her friend took Amy to the hospital.

Later Amy spoke with two police officers and also spoke with her husband Keith from the hospital. She then went to Mackay police station where she gave the statement of events. Amy also indicated that this sort of thing had never happened to her before, but when she was in 5th year school she had seen a large UFO surrounded by smaller objects.

The police arranged to put Amy in a motel pending the arrival of her husband. He and Petra arrived during the day and indicated they spent considerable time with Amy discussing what happen. Extensive notes were apparently made and photographs were taken of a triangular arrangement of marks on her inner right thigh, marks on each heel and the growing out of her hair which she had dyed earlier in the week.

Her hair had apparently started to show her former colour, suggestive that some considerable time had passed for her, apparently indicative of rather more than a few hours. Body hair had allegedly also become somewhat more pronounced that would otherwise would be apparent for the short time involved.

Via an Newsagent’s a copy of the Australian Ufologist magazine was purchased, Keith, Petra and Amy started to learn more about UFOs. Keith Rylance contacted the Australian UFO Research Network office number mentioned in the magazine. Diane Harrison took the call Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:20 p.m and for the next hour or so listened to the story that Keith and Amy told. Petra was apparently sleeping at the time.

Given the nature of the story, its complexity and the fact it apparently featured the alleged use of “solid light”, Diane decide to bring Bill Chalker into the investigation, making contact with him during the evening of Friday, October 5th.

Paradoxically Bill was scheduled to talk at a Brisbane UFO conference on October 13th, and his topics included “solid light” cases and the application of science to alien abduction cases. Bill put a call through to them at the motel, securing permission to record the conversation.

Once again Petra was not available to talk about her part in the alleged events. Keith Rylance went into considerable detail about the events, referring often to the notes they had apparently been compiling during the day. The details described covered the events Petra had witnessed, what Keith had experienced, and what Amy told them had happened to her during her experience.

Finally Bill spoke with Amy, focusing mainly on the events before and after the claimed onboard experiences, because Keith had already gone into considerable detail about the latter.

Bill discussed with Amy her general responses and her physical state and her current state of thought on her experiences. Keith Rylance seemed to want to control how both media and investigators would get involved. His desire to contact the media promptly drew from both Diane and Bill the suggestion that he should think very carefully about the possible ramifications of doing so. Keith seemed to feel that it was important to get the story out, as it would come out anyway and this way he could control the way it did.

He was also trying to restrict the way the investigators could or should look into their experience. He claimed they didn’t need to proof the experience. While he didn’t directly witness the experiences he believed both Amy and Petra.

Given the possible nature of the event, and that irrespective of the ultimate resolution of the affair, it seemed destined to be a big story, Diane and Bill decided to undertake an investigation. They had been given an indication from Keith Rylance that the three would wait for the investigators to come to Mackay.

The claimants were in no apparent hurry to return to Gundiah. They gave permission for Bill and Diane to visit the property on the way. Bill arrived in the Brisbane area on Tuesday afternoon, October 9th.

Diane and Bill then travelled to Gundiah, arriving at the Whispering Winds winery property, just after 10 pm. Because of the lateness of the hour, we got the witnesses permission to stay there overnight and to conduct whatever investigation we needed to do.

Keith had arranged for a neighbour to regularly check on the two pets left behind, namely a parrot and a kelpie dog. He indicated to us that it would be okay to let the dog off for a run, but warned us it was very friendly but inclined to jump all over people. We let the dog off at some point and observed its behaviour. At one point it did jump up on the window where the damaged screen was located. This gave some support to the possibility that at least some, if not all of the damage, could have been caused by the dog.

Some of the damage on closer inspection seemed suggestive of possible dog damage. Our inspection of the plant damage also suggested possible prosaic causes, such as heat stress. A plant at the front of the house had similar damage and a healthy flowering bush of the same species that was at the window, was examined by us at Mount Basset lawn cemetery has similar damaged.

A gardener there we spoke to indicated that the species often had random or more extensive damage of a heat stress nature from hot sunlight. The prosaic possibilities for both the screen and the plant damage are only suggestive at this point and further investigation is required. We undertook extensive investigations at the property and the area. Police were very helpful.

Our investigation generated many issues and questions, which we feel need resolution, in order to assist interpretations of these events. Further extensive investigations were undertaken in Mackay, focusing in particular at the area where Amy Rylance returned.

These included attempts to reconstruct the circumstances of Amy’s return, through onsite research. The BP petrol service station staff were spoken with and a surveillance video tape that may contain Amy’s visit there was provided to us by the station owner.

This part of our investigation also generated many issues and questions that need resolution if we are to approach any measure of certainty about the real nature of the events alleged.

UFO Depiction

Keith Rylance indicated to us he would be available to us when we got to Mackay, but it was made clear to us early on the first day of our investigations there that this wasn’t probably going to be the case.

When we contacted the motel where they had been the night before, their third motel in Mackay, we learned they had apparently already checked out that morning.

We left messages on their phone but didn’t hear from Keith until early on the afternoon of our second day, as we were leaving Mackay. In his mobile call, Keith apologised for not being available, but was indicating they had relocated to an unspecified location after having fled the area.

The primary reason for this Keith indicated was that they claimed they had a kind of “men-in-black” experience. In this case Keith was reporting a pursuit of their vehicle by a high powered dark brown 4 wheel truck. The nature of this event apparently frightened Keith, Amy and Petra, prompting Keith to attempt to loose the vehicle and eventually leave the area.

Before the completion of this preliminary report (14th October) we have heard from Keith again. We remain hopeful that they will get into more direct contact with us.

This affair is both extraordinary and controversial. Many have rushed to judgement, but given it’s complex and evolving dynamics, caution and patience is necessary. We have many issues and questions we would like to try to resolve.

Further contact with the Rylances and Petra Heller may help this process.

The case is far from closed and requires an objective, open-minded investigation. Only time will give us the possibility of resolution and certainty about this intriguing but controversial affair.

Regards, Diane Harrison National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian Skywatch Director NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Summary: A VERY large, Boomerang-shaped object tracked across the sky in a NE direction just after full dark.


I wish I had not waited months to reports this, but until recently did not know who to report it to. I saw a television program that described your field researchers and I liked that your set scientific and observational standards. I do not like wild speculation and absurd conjectures as I often see in deranged programs like UFO Hunters or whatever it is called. I like mysteries to be approached rationally. This brings me back to the night of August 11, 2010. I have long wondered if anyone else had reported anything for that night. Soon after the event, I posted an oblique statement on my Facebook page “Did anyone else see that?” simply so I would not forget the date and time. I do not jump to conclusions, but I have also failed to find a prosaic explanation for the event.   There were two other people with me who saw the strange object. I will leave their names off of here for the time being. [They live nearby, but I have not asked their permission to include them in this report.] We were standing in my driveway just after full dark. It was likely between 8 and 9pm. Checking the time for full darkness at the time of the year should some up with a very close approximate time. There was a bright moon shinning in the in the southeast quadrant of the sky. I think if it were not for that, we would have seen nothing.   I was facing north toward my companions as we stood there talking. The evening was pleasant and it had grown dark. It was not unusual for us to stand outside and talk although we were about to say goodnight. One of my companions was looking behind me and saw it first. She made a gasping noise or other sound while looking into the sky behind me. I turned to see what she was looking at. We live about 20 miles from Philadelphia International Airport in the town of Richwood, NJ and frequently have large numbers of commercial airliners circling overhead. I expected something of this sort. What I saw was very different.  I turned to look south and saw it almost immediately or at least the impression of it. I also said a rather surprising swear word which I would not normally use in this company. The object was moving quickly in a east-north-east direction [toward the Delaware River and Chester, PA] and at first it was just a suggestion of movement because it was black against black. It was simply a different shape of black flying with no lights at all. The moonlight caught on the shape and revealed it as the sharp-angled boomerang without further detail to the surface.  It annoys me to report it as an angular boomerang shape because I know there have been many other reports like that. It was very large in the sky. Much larger than the commercial airliners we see daily on their approach to Philadelphia. I do not know what altitude the circling airliners are at this point in their approach, but that is probably not too difficult to find out. Their windows are easily visible. This was far larger than those. There were no airplanes in sight at the time of the event.


The trouble is that for it to be that size it would have to have been either unusually low and close to us or farther away and unbelievably vast in size. The object cruised quickly by without the slightest sound or change in speed or altitude. I hoped it would pass in front of the moon, but unfortunately it moved “beneath” where the moon was and was quickly lost to view in the dark. It was moving fast but without knowing the distance I would not guess at its speed. It was gone before there was much chance of further reaction. I turned to my companions and we were all equally dumbfounded. There was nothing more to do except head inside. I typed the note on Facebook so I would not forget, but I also had hoped someone else might say something. It was a long shot. No one else reported anything.


I have seen stealth bombers flying in the desert and they are huge. This object was at LEAST that large, but I felt it was larger still. The stealth was my best suspect as I racked my brain, but it does not make sense. For a stealth to be that large, it would have to be too close. Why would a bomber be flying so low in a densely populated area? A stealth can easily fly above local air traffic. Flying without lights would be extremely dangerous around this crowded airspace even if you were training the crew in radar evasion.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







I have seen flying saucers since august 18, 1980.  This was my 8th UFO experience, but I have never seen orbs, only spaceships.  These were orbs, I think, not what I usually experience.  I first noticed the object before dinner, but I just blew it off.  We had dinner on the beach, overlooking the water.  My wife noticed it after dinner, when we went to leave.  I immediately saw a large bright light again, much brighter than the first time, approximately 45 earlier. I knew immediately what it was, a UFO.  We just purchased a camera a few days before, and we went to the waters edge, and started filming.  My wife did.  The object, there were 4-5 of them, were extremely bright, varying in size from a pin head to a quarter. I estimate about half a mile to a mile away from shoreline.  They moved independently, and went from bright small in size, to immensely bright and huge, maybe the size of a quarter.  They moved up and down, remained stationary, and one of them went over land when big, over I would assume sandy hook area, 10-15 miles north of where we were. 

 There were 6-7 people on the beach watching and filming as well.  It was amazing to see.  My feelings…very excited, very controlled.   I wanted to attract them, and stood in the light than ran across the water and did jumping jacks to attract it.   It did not respond.   The objects got extremely big and bright maybe 3-4 times.  These actions unfortunately were not captured on video of photos.  I told my wife to take video, to make sure we had it on video.  I spoke to my cousin on the cell phone throughout part of the experience, because he knows of all the things I have experienced, and I was describing the scene to him as it happened.  I am very lucky to have experienced what I have throughout my life. We never lost sight of the objects.  We left after about an hour or so.  We saw amazing detail of 2 orbs around a tremendous bright round light, sometimes two bright circles of light.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to submit this to you right now, but will have my wife do so in the next few days to a week.  You will be amazed, or maybe not, since this is probably common but it is amazing, and I would like an explanation as to what this is.  I believe it is extra terrestrial.  My wife thinks it was secret military craft, but she also said she did not know what it was. She does not believe in UFO’S, since she has never seen one, but then, she could not explain what we saw.   NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


KEN’S NOTE:  This area has been very active with sightings over the years.  Ft Monmouth is nearby and has a two mile dock that protrudes out into the bay.  Military ships can be seen there often.  The bay leads to the Varrazano Bridge and eventually Manhattan.  Check it-out on Google Earth.      


This case is under investigation by Bob Spearing of MUFON New Jersey. 

Special thanks to case file.