Time of Sighting: 5 PM PDT
Description: While looking at the ocean wife saw what appeared to be a school of fish disturbing otherwise calm water. The water suddenly calmed again and beams of light/energy emerged from water at a 50 degree angle. At the top of beams, separated by a small space was a ring. Outlines were seen with bright sea foam blue color and transparent in the middle of the ring. The marine layer/fog glowed tangerine orange around ring. Simultaneously the ring shot off to the north at incredible speed and beams retracted back into water. Just before seeing this she had been in the grocery store where they experienced a power brown out. There was also a brown out at our home. TV and internet went off, but lamps and overhead light could be turned on and off, but came on very dim. this lasted about an hour. My wife came home while the brown out was still happening and was very relieved to see it happening at home also. She experienced bad headaches and nausea and some other health problems for at least a week afterward. This happened in Monterey Bay in California where there are several military and government installations such as naval post graduate school, defense language institute, Monterey Institute of International Studies and the Panetta Center( which is owned by CIA director Leon Panetta). There is also a very deep ocean canyon that comes very close in. Right off shore the ocean is up to a mile deep. The ring was the size of two football fields. NOTE: The above image is real but from another sighting in Virginia.









I was out on my back porch again, and spotted the pulsating orb in the Eastern sky. It was 10:54pm. It’s movements were similar to the other two reports I’ve filed. The light pulsate, the object on zoom is clearly spinning. It hovers, makes sharp directional changes. It disappears for seconds, then reappears, sometimes in a different position. When you stare at it the object appears to be reflecting like a prism. Not separate colored lights but glinting the rainbow of colors. The green mist, aura, or shroud is visible when you fixate on it.

My brother in law also witnessed this sighting and kept saying he saw green, in front of the craft. I am convinced I’m seeing it in my minds eye, but that is how he described it to me. We watched it for almost 45 minutes and went inside. We were cold. I looked a short time later and it was gone. It was about 1215pm when I checked to see if it was still there, and it wasn’t. Side note: in one of the pictures I believe the first one….. when you zoom in on it it appears there is a domed top that is translucent, possibly a window.










A completely baffling case involving nine witnesses took place on April 22, 1966, in Beverly, Mass. This dramatic close encounter is regarded as being among the most persuasive arguments for the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and it is almost certainly the most solidly unidentifiable report from Massachusetts in the sixties.


The events of that evening began to unfold shortly after 9:00 p.m.. Nancy Modugno, age 11, was laying in bed when she noticed a bright light blinking through her window. She looked out and saw, only forty feet away, an amazing object about the size of an automobile, brightly lit with flashing blue, green, red and white lights.

The football-shaped craft made a whizzing, ricocheting sound as it moved over the neighborhood at a very low altitude, just clearing the tops of the houses. As she watched, the thing descended and could be seen behind trees, apparently landing in a large field behind Beverly High School.

Terrified, the astonished girl ran down the stairs and tried to tell her father about what she had seen. He tried to calm her down and went about adjusting the television set, which had mysteriously just lost its picture. Nancy’s mother, Claire, was visiting two friends, Barbara Smith and Brenda Maria, in an adjoining apartment at the time. Nancy’s father ordered her back to bed, but she became hysterical and refused to leave.

At this point, Barbara and Brenda walked in to order a pizza. Seeing Nancy in a fit, the two women attempted to ease her fears and calm her down. They could see the flashing lights in the field, and told Nancy that they would walk over there to prove that it was just a plane.

Barbara and Brenda picked up Claire Modugno and walked down a hill to the field. The three women looked up and saw something they could not have anticipated. There were three objects maneuvering in the sky, halting and circling as if they were playing tag. They were oval-shaped, with bright flashing lights.

Two were distant, but one was much closer, apparently right over the school.

The women crossed the field to get a better look. They could see flashing lights on the edge of the craft changing colors from red to green and blue. Brenda waved her arms at the object and it immediately stopped circling and moved across the field towards the women. They were horrified. In her statement, Barbara said:

“It started to come towards us… I started to run. Brenda called, ‘Look up! It is directly over us!’ I looked up and saw a round object… like the bottom of a plate. It was solid, grayish white… I felt this thing was going to come down on top of me. It was like a giant mushroom.”

Out of sheer terror, Barbara and Claire turned and ran up the hill. Brenda was all alone in the field, with the thing only 20 feet above her head. She stated:

“The object appeared larger and larger as it came closer. The lights appeared to be all around and turning. The colors were very bright. When overhead, all I could see was a blurry atmosphere and brightly lit-up lights flashing slowly around… I thought it might crash on my head!”

The others called to her, then she too turned and fled. One of the witnesses was so petrified by the encounter that she literally wet her pants. While the women ran back to the apartments, the object smoothly moved over the school building. They got on the telephone to alert their neighbors to the spectacle unfolding outside. One woman was already in her yard, watching the flying saucers. And one man, upon looking outside and seeing the discs, called the police.

The police arrived to find a small crowd of people standing outside watching the closest object moving up and down above the school. Jokingly, Officers Bossie and Mahan asked the group, “Where’s the airplane?” When the witnesses pointed to the thing, then at high altitude and looking like a star, the officers laughed.

Then, suddenly, the disc turned bright red and dropped to a position directly over the school building. At this point, the officers became visibly shaken. Mahan stated, “I observed what seem to be a large plate hovering over the school.

It had three lights – red, green, and blue – but no noise… This object hovered… The lights were flashing…” Bossie said, “It hovered and then began gliding. Some of the people got on the ground and were real scared!”

They jumped back into the cruiser and drove toward the object, down into the schoolyard. They could see clearly that it was not an airplane or helicopter and that it was shaped like a half dollar, with three lights, red, green & blue, in indentations at the rear of the disc – similar to back-up lights.

Just as the policemen got out of the cruiser, the disc made a couple of passes over the school and began to move slowly away. It picked up speed and was last seen as it disappeared behind buildings. By this time, the two other UFOs had also disappeared, though nobody had seen them leave. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









Date of Sighting: June 20, 1987
Time of Sighting: 12:15 PM Local Time
Date Reported: April 3, 2006
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Location of Sighting: Cedar Point, Ontario, Canada (Southern Ontario)
Latitude:  44.8 Degrees North
Longitude: 80.18  Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies.

Description (In Witness’s Own Words):  The sighting occurred near Cedar Point, Ontario, Canada. I was flying my Citabria airplane at 3500 ft. ASL. The dull silver saucer shaped UFO was first sited over Christian Island as I was banking my aircraft to the right on a level turn. I opened my left side window to watch as the UFO passed approximately 500 ft. underneath my plane. I then banked the plane to the left so that I would not lose sight of it. The UFO continued on a straight and level path, and although I was going 110 m.p,h. the UFO’s speed was such that there was no way I could catch up to it. If I had to approximate it’s speed, I would guess at 400-600 m.p.h. As for the size of the UFO, I can’t really say, since there was nothing that I could compare it to. If I had to guess, I would say about 30 to 50 feet in diameter. It happened so quickly, but I did get a very good look at it. There were no windows or any markings on the UFO. The color was a dull silver, almost a grey color. I usually always carry a camera in my side pouch, but this time, it was in a bag behind the rear passenger seat. If I had a passenger with me at that time, I would have been able to get a very good picture with my 35mm camera! Now when I go flying, I always make sure that I have at least two cameras with me at all times.

Addition Information About Airplane Pilot Was Flying: The aircraft was manufactured by Champion Aircraft CO. in the USA.  The model is a Citabria 7ECA.

Investigator’s Notes: This is an example of a credible witness reporting an incredible sighting.  The witness did not report this sighting previously because he was afraid of ridicule.  He got a good look at the craft as it approached close to his aircraft.  The sighting occurred near the middle of a bright sunny day.  Not much more to say: Unidentified!





THANKS TO UFO Reporting Center, Latest UFO Sightings & News. (ufosnw.com)





A report that contains some striking similarities to Mrs. Moreland’s story of more than eight years before was investigated by C. Reed Ricks, who sent NICAP the details. On the night of December 8, 1967, Marilyn Wilding, age 15, of Idaho Falls, went out on her front step to look for a friend coming by to pick her up.

It was about 7:40 p.m. The evening was dark and overcast, cold, with snow on the ground. Miss Wilding’s attention was attracted to a light source reflecting on the snow and glancing upward she saw a large light above, partially obscured by the roof of her house.

Stepping out into the yard, she saw a large, brightly lighted object hovering not far above the end of her home. It was so bright that she was unable to perceive any other color than white. The object was circular in shape, “about as big as a car.”

She told the NICAP investigator that it was close enough for some one to have thrown a rock at it and hit it. As she stood looking, the object tipped and rotated partly so that she was able to see that it had a domed top.

In the dome, which was transparent, she could make out the indistinct outlines of two figures, but she was unable to make out any details because of the glare.

She ran into her house and called for her younger sister to come and look, but the youngster was barefoot and did not come out. Miss Wilding then ran back outside in time to see the object begin to rotate, in a clockwise direction as seen from below.

It maintained its tilted attitude while rotating, and therefore gave the appearance of wobbling. With this motion, it began moving away toward the north. As it receded into the distance, the light dimmed and turned orange in color.

The UFO’s departure was observed from inside the house by Miss Wilding’s younger brothers and sister, who had been alerted by the witness. (Mr. and Mrs. Wilding were not at home at the time of the incident occurred.) In her written report, Miss Wilding also gave the names of the Schuldt family, neighbors, as witnesses.

At its closest, the object was no more than 100 yards away, and from 50 to 100 feet above the ground. The incident lasted for approximately three minutes. Besides containing a number of details similar to those described by Mrs. Moreland, Miss Wilding’s sighting may also be compared with another incident that occurred at Ririe, Idaho, a little more than a month earlier.

The six preceding occupant reports have one thing in common: the reported beings in each case were seen in or on the associated UFO. Also, five of the six reports took place during the decade of the 1950s.

This is not to say that all occupant reports during that period described beings seen in or on the object; to the contrary, there are many reports on file in which the alleged occupants were reported outside of the UFO; and in some cases, strange non-human entities have been reported when no UFO could be immediately associated with their presence.

The following cases are examples of occupant reports in which the alleged beings were seen outside of the UFOs. All of them have occurred since 1964. Several of these cases contain features that are unique and bizarre: their reported high degree of strangeness places special demands upon our credulity.

However, they cannot be eliminated out of hand simply because they do not conform to what we would prefer to expect of “spacemen” reports. NOTE: The above image is CGI.










I am captain of foreign going vessels since 1970. In 1968 I was second officer on Panamax bulk carrier Swiss flag named GRICHUNA. We departed fully loaded with coal from Norfolk or Charleston, bound for Japan through Panama channel.

I was on the night watch from 0000 – 0400, and we were sailing south off the coast of Florida. The sea was calm and our speed was 15-16 knots. The weather was fine and the visibility very good.

I was on the command bridge outside on the port side and looking to the lights of Palm Beach, at a distance just abeam, and then I saw the lights under the surface some 30-40 meters away, just abeam in the depth of some 10-15 meters.

It looked like a big airplane without wings, tail with all the windows lit on it. There were some 10-15 windows, but I did not count them.

The object was moving with us but some 30 degrees crossing our course. The speed was about double of ours and it went under the bow of our ship and I could see just a gloom when it came on the other side in front of port bow. Our ship was 250 meters long and her draft was some 9 meters.

There was AB seaman with me on the bridge, but standing by on the wheel even if we were on automatic, and I did not call him outside earlier but asked him later if he could see something in the sea left of the port bow. He confirmed he see a gloom under water. Now what was it?

I excluded a submarine, as they have no windows – they would not risk to pass so close under our ship and finally some 30 knots was too great of speed for a submarine in 1968.

A sight seeing submarine has windows, but what would she be doing in plain night on open seas (10 NM off coast) and again risking collision and too big speed and even the size (about 40 meters) for her.

Is there someone who could explain this sighting? NOTE: The above image is CGI.










At 7:45 p.m., February 28, the three-man crew of an Eastern Air Lines ferry flight from St. Louis to Miami saw a string of unknown lights that caused the pilot “to take evasive action.”

Traveling at 18,000 feet, Captain Robert F. Reilman, Flight Officer A. J. Farmer and Safety Officer Rick Morrison first noticed “a red flashing light” at their altitude.

In his report to NICAP, the pilot said the light was at their 11:30 position about halfway between Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

“Who’s this at our 11:30 position?” Capt. Reilman asked a nearby control center.

The center replied that they had been in communication with a plane 15 miles away.

“Well, this guy isn’t 15 miles away,” the pilot replied. “He’s at 11:30, has one flashing red light and three – now four red lights strung out – one red light turned to green.”

At this point, Capt. Reilman “prepared to take evasive action.” The center radioed back that they had spotted no targets on their radar scope.

“Come on,” Reilman responded, “he’s going right by us at our 9:00 position.”

The center still replied that they had no targets and that no balloons were in the vicinity.

“I dropped the subject and proceeded to Miami,” the Captain concluded.

Pacings of ground vehicles have often badly frightened the witnesses, showing that official debunking and denials have not abated fears of UFOs. If anything, they have increased such fears, since many citizens believe the facts are kept from them. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









 The very first sighting of the Mothman was supposedly on the night of November 15, 1966, near the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Two married couples, Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette were driving past a closed down World War II ammunitions plant that was commonly called the “TNT AREA” by locals.

They were only about six miles north of the city proper, in an area set aside by the city as a wildlife preserve for birds, called the McClintic Wildlife Preserve. The area had many underground tunnels and caves; an easy hiding or nesting place.

The first thing that caught their attention was the glow of two large red eyes peering through the darkness. They could soon make out the shape of a creature six to seven foot tall, with the basic shape of a human with what appeared to be wings folded around his sides and back.

The glowing red eyes were consistent with the description of another mysterious creature, oddly enough, in Flatwoods, West Virginia. The being is commonly referred to as the Flatwoods monster. The Flatwoods event occurred in September of 1952.

A bright, burning UFO that was seen crashing to the ground heralded the subsequent sighting of two large red eyes about a foot apart which glowed in the night.

The initial assumption was that an airplane had crashed… that is until the reports began to come in of sightings of the monster. Eye witness testimony still exists, part of which I will quote from here:

Mothman Sighting Map-Location of two main sightings, Point Pleasant and Flatwoods, 125 miles apart by auto

Topping the hill, they (several school boys and a neighbor lady) could see a “glowing, hissing” object about 10 feet in diameter, about 100 yards away.

Now completely dark, the night was shattered by two lights, about a foot apart.

One of the boys had a flashlight, and when he turned it on the two distant lights of a creature ten foot tall appeared… a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds.”

Suddenly, the creature began to “float” toward them, sending the group running back down the hill to the May house, where they quickly called the Sheriff.

These two accounts, if put side by side will show some remarkable similarities. One could make a good case that the Mothman and the Flatwoods monster were the same species.

Both creatures had red glowing eyes. Both, allowing for some exaggeration by the youngsters, were 7 foot tall or more. The clothing, which hung in folds, could have been wings, and the “floating” could have been flying.

Monsters stories are somewhat like fish tales, and we must keep that in mind to get a reliable rendering of what the Mothman really was.

The four adults in Point Pleasant also made the statement that the eyes had a “hypnotizing” effect on them. As they stared in wonderment at the creature, it suddenly moved… then made a mad dash toward an open door in the plant.

Awe had turned into fear now, as the four sped away, racing toward Point Pleasant.

Only a few moments passed before they again saw the creature… or another like it. Standing in a field just off the lonely road, it spread open its massive wings. The witnesses said that the creature’s wings were similar to those of a bat.

The creature rose into the air, seemingly without effort, lifting its enormous body against the Earth’s gravity easily. The four sped on, but now this hideous winged fiend was following them!

The frantic four, now speeding at near 100 miles per hour, were astonished to see the creature pacing them. During this run for their lives, they could hear a sound even above the roar of the car engine. This was a sound like a “record played at high speeds.”

Obviously the high speed working of its wings accounted for the strange sound. Finally the foursome reached the town of Point Pleasant, where the creature abandoned its pursuit, opting for the loneliness of the outskirts rather than the sounds and lights of the city.

The witnesses noticed a dead dog near the city limits as they finally put distance between themselves and the monster. Later, when returning with policemen to the scene, they noticed that the body of the dog was gone.

“It was shaped like a man, but bigger. Maybe six and a half or seven feet tall. And it had big wings folded against its back, ” Roger Scarberry told reporters.

“But it was those eyes that got us. It had two big eyes like automobile reflectors,” added Linda Scarberry.

“They were hypnotic. For a minute, we could only stare at it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

The frightened four never stopped their car until they reached the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Millard Halstead was the first person the four frightened witnesses saw. They immediately began to tell their unusual story.

Halstead would later state: “I’ve known these kids all their lives. They’d never been in any trouble and they were really scared that night.”

The Deputy followed the four back to the area of the initial sighting. Arriving at the spot, Halstead turned his radio on to make reports if necessary.

His radio did something very odd. It made a loud screeching sound to the point that he turned it off. He was visibly shaken. He soon left the scene and immediately returned to headquarters to report his radio problems.

The harrowing experience of the two couples was not the only unusual occurrence that night in Point Pleasant. About 10:30 P.M. contractor Newell Partridge was sitting at home in front of the television. Suddenly, the picture on the screen disappeared.

It was replaced by a “herringbone pattern” and a “loud whining noise.” He could now hear the familiar sounds of his dog Bandit howling on the porch. Bandit was a big muscular German Shephard who was always on guard, alerting Partridge of any unusual happenings around the house.

He was a country dog, and used to defending himself and his family. Partridge quickly made his way to the porch to see what his loyal Bandit was making such a fuss about. The dog was heading to the family’s barn, located about one hundred and fifty yards away.

Partridge aimed his flashlight in the direction of the barn, and was shocked to see “two circle-like eyes” glowing red through the night.

Partridge’s own words were: “I shined the [flash]light in that direction, and it picked up two red circles, or eyes, which looked like bicycle reflectors. I certainly know what animal eyes look like… these were much larger. It’s a good length of a football field to that hay barn, still those eyes showed up huge for that distance.”

Something wasn’t right, and Partridge ran inside to get his trusty gun, ready to defend himself from whatever or whoever was trespassing on his property. He spent the night with one eye open, and the gun at his side. When morning broke, he went to find Bandit, worried that he was hurt, or worse, dead.

There was no sign of Bandit, but Partridge did find a worrisome clue to his whereabouts. He found tracks in a circular pattern, telling him that Bandit had gone round and round probably barking at something in the air! Bandit was never seen again.

Could the body of the dog seen on the outskirts of town been that of Bandit? The news of this strange event quickly spread from police headquarters to the local news media.

The popularity of the Batman television series and comic books would influence a local reporter to tag the unknown creature as the “Mothman.” The Batman series had a character of that name. The legend was born.

The next morning a press conference was called by Sheriff George Johnson. At this meeting, all of the witnesses of the night before were interviewed. In this short period of time, the word had spread dramatically, reaching far beyond the state of West Virginia.

Present was journalist Mary Hyre, who covered the Point Pleasant area for the Athens, Ohio paper the “Messenger.” She would become a major player in the Mothman mystery. She would write a riveting account of the West Virginia enigma which was picked up by the Associated Press.

Mothman Depiction

“Everybody in Point Pleasant knew Mary,” recalled Roy Cross, her boss in the bureau.

“She ran that town.”

Hyre died February 15, 1970. Cross was one of her pallbearers, along with several West Virginia state troopers, the Mason County sheriff, and the Messenger’s publisher.

The Pittsburgh Press, now defunct, gave the United Press International version front-page coverage on its November 16 edition with the headline: “Red-Eyed 7-Footer: ‘Bird’ Flaps Scare Into W. Va. Couples.”

In time, there would be some one hundred witnesses who claimed to have seen the Mothman. Sightings were made through the rest of the year, and even into 1967.

Many descriptions of the Mothman were made, all of them similar, yet with some differences. The minor inconsistencies could easily be accounted for due to the experience of the individual witness, or the circumstances of the event, as to lighting, weather, and the venue.

“It stood taller and broader than a man, walked in sort of a halting shuffle on humanlike legs, and emitted a squeaking sound.”

“The red, glowing eyes, set into the shoulders, seem to have been more terrifying than either the size of the creature or span of its batlike wings.”

More than one witness mentioned hearing a mechanical humming as the creature flew above them. Witnesses reported feeling an uncontrollable, indescribable terror:

“I’ve never had that feeling before. A weird kind of fear. That fear gripped you and held you.”

One of the most discussed sightings of the creature would occur on the night of November 16, 1966. A terrifying creature would be encountered again in the sparsely populated TNT area at the home of Ralph Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley were visiting the Thomas family along with Mrs. Marcella Bennett and her young daughter. As the Wamsley group was walking through the yard to their car, they seemed to accidently step on top of something either resting or asleep on the ground.

They had encountered the Mothman.

Marcella Bennett would describe the experience in this manner:

“It rose up slowly from the ground. A big, gray thing. Bigger than a man, with terrible, glowing red eyes.”

Marcella was so terrified that she dropped her infant to the ground. The creature opened its massive wings, and as it did, Wamsley quickly grabbed the baby, and ran with the rest of the witnesses into the house.

The three children of the house opened the door for the group as they too had witnessed the winged ogre. Mothman followed behind them, coming up on the porch, and even peering through the window.

All of those in the house were totally terrified. Walmsley immediately phoned the police, but before they arrived, the Mothman was gone. The witnesses in the yard were probably spared injury or death because the creature was not fully awake.

Mrs. Bennet would require medical attention. She was in a state of shock after the event.

At the TNT area outside of town, each night would bring visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the Mothman. Many brought their families along, and camped out. They brought along food, blankets, books, and cameras.

Many hoped to get that one photograph of this mysterious being. No doubt a good photograph would bring a small fortune when the media was in the Mothman frenzy. It was common place for reporters and television crews to camp out at the old TNT plant, hoping for that one big story or picture that would launch the career of an up and coming reporter, or make a legend of an established one.

Unfortunately for them, the only legend launched would be that of the Mothman.

The sightings of the Mothman seemed to wind down by the end of 1967, but the legend would go out with a bang. On November 21, police received a frantic call from Richard West of Charlestown. He had spotted a tall winged creature on the roof of his neighbors house.

He described the being as having a wing span of six to eight feet. He also detected the red glowing eyes. He claimed that the Mothman rose straight up from the roof, just “like a helicopter.” Only four days later, on the 25th, Tom Vry was driving along Route 62 in the TNT area. As he scanned the landscape, he was taken aback by the sight of a Mothman standing in a field along the road.

He described the creature as tall and gray with wings. He said the being spread its wings, and lifted straight up into the air. Then the Mothman flew above his car. Vry sped away and saw him no more.

Two days later on the 27th, Connie Carpenter was driving home from church. Near the town of Mason, she spied a grayish figure standing on the golf course. The creature saw her, and flew directly toward her car. He got close enough for her to see his face. She described it as “horrible.”

Would this be the end of the Mothman? For a time maybe, but the legend will continue. Many UFOologists write the legend off as incredible fantasy, or a hoax. However, it must be said that the reports of the Mothman should be viewed on a case by case basis, just like UFO reports.

Certainly there were some reports of the Mothman that were hoaxes, as to be expected. Hoaxes are just part of human nature. Many try to sensationalize an ongoing event for the purpose of personal notoriety or financial gain, but any clear minded investigator must not discount ALL of the reports just because SOME of them are false.

The Mothman sightings invoked as many explanations as sightings. The strange phenomena that accompanied the first reports continued to the end. Many residents of the area of Point Pleasant were victims of electrical problems and even apparitions, leading some to believe that the whole phenomena was spiritual in nature.

It should be mentioned that animal and cattle mutilation reports skyrocketed during the Mothman period, though no direct evidence connected the Mothman to the reports.

Some of the theories put forth for the devilish bird were:

He was the result of some type of demonic or cult ritual.

He was formerly a crane who was subjected to a type of genetic altering due to secret chemicals used at the old TNT plant.

He was the manifestation of a 200 year old Shawnee Indian curse put on the area of Point Pleasant.

He was a type of secret government experiment, as reports of the infamous Men in Black visiting witnesses were reported.

Those who laughed at these theories claimed that the sightings were nothing more than misinformed reports of the sandhill crane, which did have reddish patches on its head, and did get quite large.

The area also had among its native wildlife other large species of birds, such as an extremely large vulture found by some young boys in July 1967 in New Haven. Also a local farmer shot and killed an Arctic snow owl with a wingspan of five feet.

The Silver Bridge

Mothman was even blamed for a natural disaster that occurred on December 15, 1967. The Silver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, collapsed during a heavy traffic period. Forty-six vehicles fell into the icy waters, and thirty-eight fatalities were reported.

Supposedly this marked the end of the Mothman sightings. Some have even surmised that the majority of the Mothman population lived under the bridge and were killed during the collapse. Only a couple of sightings were reported after the bridge disaster.

Everyone loves a mystery, and the Mothman is certainly one that will endure, just like other monster stories. It is human nature to perpetuate an exciting story, whether true or false.

We must not forget however that a good number of the sightings of the Mothman were made by reasonable, sane individuals who were genuinely frightened, and stood to gain nothing by reporting what they saw. There is no doubt in my mind that at least SOME of the sightings are real.

We are left with a puzzling question. Scientists will tell you that there is NO known species of animal that matches the eye witness accounts of the Mothman.

If the scientific community is correct, then every eyewitness was either lying, having a hallucination, or simply mistook a native animal or bird as a monster.

This is extremely difficult to believe. Sane, responsible people know better. Give them some credit. There is a huge difference between a crane, and a 7-8 foot tall winged creature with red eyes that flies right at you, or follows your automobile at 100 hundred miles per hour, or takes off vertically like a helicopter. There is no crane that can do these things, but the Mothman can. NOTE: The above image is CGI.










This case is unique in Ufology for several reasons. Although there have been a number of eyewitness accounts of UFOs shooting beams either to the ground or at someone (Travis Walton) the case from Roaring River, Missouri has eyewitness testimony of personal items being destroyed by a beam or some other weapon from a UFO.

The UFO, in this case, was seen and photographed.

On November 22, 1966, the events of Roaring River, Missouri. The exact location was near Cassville. During deer season, two hunters were trying their luck. As one of the men returned to their campsite, he became alarmed when he saw smoke rising from their camp.

He immediately ran to find out what had happened. He discovered the hunters’ 12″X18′ tent and other equipment totally destroyed. The tent was still smoldering.

Also some shoes and records were still smoking. One of the aluminum poles that supported the tent was singed, but not burned. The aluminum cots inside their tent were melted.

Oddly, the hunters’ tent was set up under two trees, and being winter time, the leaves of the tree were dried; the leaves showed no damage at all, indicating that the destructive force was a narrow beam.

About 15 feet away was a dead tree with the top still burning. The witness then heard a low humming sound, and looking for the source, he saw an unusual object rising from the valley just beyond the burning tree. He was able to photograph the object only a few seconds after it left the ground, and managed a second photo a few seconds later. The entire sighting was no more than 20 seconds.

The humming sound coming from the UFO intensified as it picked up speed. His last look at the object put it about 40 degrees above the horizon.

It was gaining speed as it left. The UFO was of an aluminum color, reflecting the sunlight. Also, the witness saw what to him appeared to be a band around the the center of the object.

The UFO flew effortlessly as it moved into the skies. The witness walked the distance from his location to the area of the object, measuring approximately 300 feet. The object’s diameter was estimated at 25 feet, being about 8 feet thick.

The hunter had used a 620 format Argoflex camera with a coated varex 75mm, f/4.5 lens, shutter speed at 1/90 seconds, f/8 depth of field if focused at infinity was 41 feet to infinity. The two photographs were in the center of the roll with other camping exposures at beginning and end of roll.

There can be little doubt that the damage at the campsite was done by the UFO photographed by the hunter.










An important UFO close encounter of the second kind comes to us from Canada. This amazing account details the experiences of Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg. Michalak earned his living as a mechanic, but was an amateur geologist, and while enjoying a few days off, he decided to do some prospecting. He tried his luck in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

This area was by no means new to Michalak.

He had spent considerable time in the vicinity of the lake there.

Michalak had followed reports of quartz veins being found in the area around Falcon lake. There were also reports of silver being found, and Michalak was on the trail of the valuable metal on May 19, 1967. He had traveled by bus from his home town of Winnipeg to a motel on the Trans-Canada Highway the night before.

Stephen rose early that morning, heading into the vast beauty of the wilderness. Only a couple of hours had transpired before he found a quartz vein by a small brook. After breaking for a quiet lunch, he resumed his work. At about 12:15 P.M. his attention was drawn away from his labors by the sound of geese passing overhead.

Looking up to see them fly over, he was shocked to see two red, glowing, elongated objects descending from the skies. As they came ever closer, their shape was defined more as disc-shaped. As he stood mesmerized by the sight, one of the craft abruptly stopped and hovered in midair.

The other continued its downward flight until it landed on a big, smooth rock only about 150 feet from him. The hovering craft began to move away, and as it went, it changed colors from red to orange, and finally gray.

It disappeared into the clouds above him. The landed craft also began to change its color in the same pattern. Finally, the gray turned into what appeared to be “hot stainless steel,” with a golden glow.

Michalak had been wearing his protective welding glasses earlier, and now they protected his eyes from the brilliant purple lights shining through openings in the front of the craft. He could now smell something..like sulfur, and hear a type of hissing sound. Curiosity overcame him.

He knew he was looking at something he thought he would never see, a craft from another world.

The only emotion more powerful than his curiosity was the gripping fear that held him in his tracks. He did have the presence of mind to sketch the object, never moving a step.

After approximately 30 minutes, he was frightened to see a door open from the side of the object. He could now see inside the craft! The interior was brilliantly lighted.

Pulling all the courage together that he possessed, he moved ever closer to the other worldly craft.

As he reached a point about 60 feet from the mysterious flying machine, he could hear two voices conversing above other sounds coming from inside the object.

Being a multi-linguist, he tried several languages to communicate with whoever… or whatever was inside. All of his efforts failed to draw a response from inside.

Undaunted, he moved even closer. He reached the door, and stuck his head inside. He saw a large panel of different colored lights, and other light beams crossing in different directions.

Michalak would later describe the flashing lights as resembling lights on a computer.

He saw no one in the craft, and decided not to push his luck any farther. He moved back away from the door. Suddenly, three panels moved together, hiding the door. His attention was now on the exterior of the craft.

He later described the surface as “highly polished colored glass with no breaks or seams in its surface.”

He reached out his hand to touch the polished surface, and his glove was melted. Suddenly the object suddenly moved, and as it did, a vented opening was exposed, like a type of exhaust port. He estimated it’s size as about nine inches high by six inches wide.

Heat was vented through the opening, setting Michalak’s shirt and undershirt on fire. He was now in great pain. He quickly tore off his top garments, and turned to see the craft ascending back into the skies. He felt a rush of air as it made it’s departure. He could still smell the craft after it had disappeared.

Knowing that he needed medical attention, he quickly tried to mark the spot. Using rocks, pine cones, loose dirt, anything he could find, he made a landmark. A severe headache now was complicated by a sick stomach.

He broke into a cold sweat, and vomited.

On his way back to his motel, he had to stop several times to ease his stomach pain.

After being refused help from a passing police officer, he finally reached his motel. It was now 4:00 P.M. He entered the coffee shop, and asked someone to recommend a doctor.

The nearest doctor was in Kenora, 45 miles east of Falcon Lake. Because of the distance, he decided to return home instead of making the trip to Kenora.

The next bus would not arrive for about four hours, so he rested in his room, and phoned his wife.

He told her only that he was in an accident, but was OK. He instructed her to have their son meet him at the bus terminal in Winnipeg. He arrived there at 10:45 P.M. His son took him to the Misericordia Hospital immediately.

He was treated for his headache, nausea, and the grid-like burns on his chest. Theorists came out of the woodwork suggesting that his burns were from a barbecue pit, or some other common object.

Stephen Michalak made not a cent from his story. He paid all of his own medical expenses, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for additional treatment.

To defray these costs, he wrote a privately funded booklet on his experience, but it lost money.

Ultimately, Michalak was seen by more than a dozen doctors in the United States and Canada.

The site of the experience was investigated by the RCMP, RCAF, other government officials and civilian groups. America’s Condon Committee also joined the investigation.

Nothing conclusive was every offered to debunk the fantastic account of Stephen Michalak. His story is unique in many ways, and is accepted as genuine by many UFO groups and investigators. NOTE: The top image is CGI.










The Trans-en-Provence UFO event occurred on January 8, 1981 and was observed by a single witness. Due to the French privacy laws, the case was originally published with the witness name replaced with the pseudonym Renato Collini; however the witness name is by now well known to the UFO community as Renato Nicolai.

The account provided by the witness to the police authorities is as follows:

I have lived in Trans-en-Province at my current address for nearly 14 years. My wife and I live alone. She is the cleaning lady at the social security office in Draguignan. I have not worked since November 1979. I was previously an employee of the SCNI company.

This firm went out of business and I was laid off. I recieve a disability pension because I suffered from a heart problem since 1973.

Yesterday, January 8. 1981, I was busy around the house as I am practically every day. I was behind the house, which is built over a restanque (raised level). I was building a concrete shelter for a water pump. Behind my house on the same level is an expanse of flat ground.

It is reached through a path along the base of the house.

It was about 5 PM. The weather was turning colder. My attention was attracted by a slight noise, a sort of faint whistling. I turned around and saw a device in the air at the height of a big pine tree at the edge of the property.

This device, which was not spinning, was coming lower toward the ground. I was only hearing a slight whistling sound. I was not seeing any flames, either below or around this device.

While it was continuing to come down, I went closer by walking towards the stone cabin above my house. When I placed myself against the wall of the cabin, I could see very well over the roof, since this cabin too is built over a raised level. I was on the higher level, about 1.2 m from the roof.

From that position, I clearly saw the device resting on the ground. Right away it lifted off, still emitting a slight whistling sound. Reaching a point above the trees, it left at high speed toward the forest of Trans, that is, towards the northeast.

When the device lifted off, I saw four openings below, through which neither flame nor smoke were escaping. The device kicked off a little dust when it left the ground.

At that instant, I was about 30 m away from the landing site. Later I went to the spot and I noticed a circle about 2 m in in diameter. At certain places along the circumference of the circle were traces like abrasions…

The device had the shape of two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. It must have measured about 1.5 m in height. It was the color of lead. This device had a ridge all the way around its circumference. Under the machine I saw two kinds of pieces as it was lifting off. They could be reactors or feet.

There were also two other circles which looked like trapdoors. The two reactors, or feet, extended about 20 cm below the body of the machine.

I have not felt any disturbance of the sense of vision or hearing.[2]

Parts of the account obtained by a civilian investigator are also relevant:

There [the witness] discovers a sort of ovoid vehicle, with the general shape of two half spheres of unequal volume, clearly separated by a flat ledge, extending at least 15 cm and forming a ring around the metallic mass which has a… height of between 2 and 2.5 m/…

The machine lifts off, making a slight amount of dust and with a soft whistling. Then it seems to tilt, exposing its underside, and it takes off at lightning speed, passing exactly between the two tall trees, at the exact spot from which it had seemed to fall.

The witness has noted that the landing trajectory is not identical to the takeoff trajectory.[3]

GEPAN (a department of the French Space Agency responsible for the investigation of UFO reports) also reconstructed the trajectory and duration.

Trajectory The witness states he began to perceive the phenomenon in the sky above the trees at the back end of the large platform, more precisely between the two tall conifers that tower above the wood.

Mr. Nicolai states that the motion was fast and continuous, without sudden changes in speed, and that there was no stop until the time when contact was established with the ground… The departure path is described by the witness as similar to the path of arrival…

Sound … He compares it to a wind blowing fairly strongly. He does not say[4] whether or not the sound stopped during the landing. The shock at the impact point was recalled like that of a stone falling to the ground[5]…

The Takeoff Phase… the object was resting on the ground for several seconds[6] before it suddenly rose vertically over several meters, tilted… continued to rise in this position and disappeared in the sky.[7]

Note that this object is engaging in the behavior I have termed “drop-in”, where the object arrives on a steep trajectory and departs on a steep trajectory, with only a short period in the landing or near landing location.

Detailed Sequence Of Events

Of importance to determining the point or range of events in the sequence which might correspond to the creation of the trace, is a detailed and measured sequence of events, which, based on the reference, seems to be as follows:

Elapsed Time Event Comments

0-3 secs Witness first sees the object which appears to be above two tall conifers approx 35 m from the impact point. Distance estimate is based on map and statement that the cabin is 35 m away from impact point; comparison of that distance on the map[8] with the distance to the tree suggests an additional 35 m to the tree.

3 secs Object strikes the ground with a sound like a stone falling. The motion from the trees to the impact point is fast and continuous. Assuming the distance from the impact point to be 35m for the top of the tree, and assuming the altitude to be above the tree (stated to be “dozens of meters high”[9],[10]); because of the error in translation, resolved to 10 m, we take 10 m as the altitude of the object; the distance traversed between first sight and impact is therefore 14 m.

The following assume a constant deceleration:

The deceleration based on a 3 second time to cross this distance is -0.32G from a speed of 34 kph.

According to Velasco, an upper limit to the weight based on the ground trace is 700 kg. To accomplish the noted deceleration at that weight would require a thrust of 7,171 kg.

4-25 secs Object is on the ground and the witness is continuing to move to a new location. Assuming 8 secs to walk 10m (a reasonably brisk walk), walking 30 m takes 24 secs, of which it is assumed 1-2 secs are used while object is descending, since the report refers to “while it was continuing to come down, I went closer by walking”.

25-28 secs Witness observes the object on the ground. According to the statement: “several seconds”; also, “From that position I clearly saw the device resting on the ground.”

28-35 secs Object lifts from the ground, tilts, and departs. Altitude appears to be that of the tops of the trees, here estimated to be 10 m (“it lifted off… reaching a point above the trees, it left at high speed”[11]).

It took from 1-3 secs to accomplish this.

The following assume a constant acceleration / deceleration:

If it took 3 sec, then it accelerated at approximately 0.45 G for 1.5 sec to 5 m and then decelerated at -0.45G to 10 m; the thrust required in the acceleration phase is 10,204 kg assuming a 700 kg weight.

If it took 1 sec, it accelerated at approximately 4G for 0.5 sec to 5 m and then decelerated at -4G for 0.5 sec to 10 m; the thrust required in the acceleration phase is 91,840 kg, assuming a 700 kg weight.

The GEPAN account differs somewhat, claiming “it rose vertically over several meters, tilted above the platform, continued to rise in this position and disappeared in the sky.” Hopefully “several” is 10 or so.

Description Of The Trace

The trace was found by the witness immediately after the departure of the object. The trace was circular, 2.4 m in diameter, and had the form of a ring, 0.2 m in width (it is claimed that there is a “crown” to the trace which is only 0.1 m in width[12],[13]).

Note that the witness reported the object surrounded by a shelf approximately 0.15 m in width[14].

Photographs[15] show the trace as lighter in color than the surrounding dirt. Vegetation remains (leaves and sticks) from the edges of the path where the object landed are seen to cross the trace (as of the next day). There does not appear to be any preferential orientation for this material, nor does it appear affected by pressure or heating. In combination, this indicates the possibility that either a) the force which produced the trace had no outward and no inward components, or b) the material was swept back over the trace either at or after the object departure.

Note that the witness mentioned the object’s departure as having raised some dust.

The soil of the trace is lighter than neighboring soil, appears to be slightly raised or crusty, and bears radial striations. These striations are not perfectly radial, but are slightly curved in a clockwise direction, and are slightly irregular.

The trace ring shows these formations most prominently on the directly east and west sides of the ring. The north side of the trace shows a slightly lower degree of the same effect.

The width of the ring as photographed and diagrammed shows no notable deviation, nor does the circularity of the ring show any notable deviation.

Hypothesis Concerning The Time When The Trace Was Formed

The following hypotheses are possible with regard to when the trace was formed:

The trace was formed at the time the object decelerated.
The trace was formed when the object impacted the ground.
The trace was formed when the object was resting on the ground.
The trace was formed when the object rose from the ground.
The trace was formed when the object hovered before accelerating away.
For the purpose of these hypothesis it is presumed that the trace is a side effect of a force exerted by the object.


There are discriminators which can help select the most likely of the hypotheses:

Geometric discriminators relate to expectations of the geometry of the trace based on the dynamic behavior of the object.

Energetic discriminators relate to whether a given hypothesis can, from the present or required kinetic energy, generate the temperature change expected based on the trace analysis.

Important Facts

The trace is circular, in the form of a ring. No notable deviation from circularity appears to be present. No other traces are visible.

Most prominent trace effects are E, W, and slightly less to the N on the ring.

The trace shows the effects of heating to below 600 degrees C. This heating was thought to be due to friction or impact[16],[17].

The trace is a ring either 0.2 or 0.1 m in width. The outer diameter is 2.4 m. If the inner diameter is 2.2 m, the area of the ring is 41.4 sq m. If the inner diameter is 2.3 m, the area of the ring is 21.15 sq m.

The trace shows effects to a depth of 1 cm in the thickest area of the trace.

The volume of the trace is thus 0.04 cu m.


The object mass is 700 kg. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m / sec / sec, and the speed after falling 10 m is 14 m / sec or 50 kph. The kinetic energy of the 700 kg mass at the end of that fall is 6.86 x 10^11 ergs (6.86 x 10^6 joules).

The object engaged in forward motion during descent. It was first observed 35 m from the impact point. The forward speed is 34 kph, assuming a constant deceleration over 3 secs to a speed of 0. The forward kinetic energy is thus, at first appearance, 3.07 x 10^11 ergs (3.07 x 10^6 joules).

The total energy of the object (kinetic and potential) at its first appearance, is 9.93 x 10^11 ergs (9.93 x 10^6 joules).

This is, in essence, the energy budget of the object, which it is assumed must be dissipated prior to or at the time of intersection with the ground.

A force was emitted as a cylinder with a wall 0.1-0.2 m thick and that cylinder extended perpendicular from the rim of the object, and this force was the means by which the trace was formed.

This is supported by the correspondence between the width of the rim and the width of the circle.
The material of the object has a specific heat similar to magnesium (1.01 / g – degree C or 1001 / kg – degree C)[18]
The ground has a specific heat 1/5 that of water (838 joules / kg – degree C)[19].


1. The trace was formed at the time the object decelerated
This is not supported, since

Forward motion would smear the trace away from circularity, which is not observed.

Forward motion with the force cylinder pointed toward the trace would cause the force cylinder to have an oval intersection with the ground, which would approach circularity as the object approached the trace site. This is not observed.

There is no preferential effect on any part of the trace which is along the line of travel (WNW). Preferential effects do not show a correlation with the line of travel.

2. The trace was formed when the object impacted the ground
This is not supported, since:

If the object retained any forward motion, the objections raised to the previous hypothesis still hold.

If the object had dissipated all forward motion, the only remaining motion would be downward. If all of the vertical potential energy, now kinetic, were dissipated into the trace, a temperature increase of only 1.36 degrees C would be the result. This is insufficient to cause the observed effect. Addition of the forward motion only increases the temperature by 0.61 degrees C.

The imprint of an impact would show an the “feet” rather than the shape of the rim, unless the feet were not extended until departure. If the feet were not present, the imprint would take the form of the bottom of the object. In either case, the expected imprint is not observed.

3. The trace was formed when the object was resting on the ground
This is not supported, since:

The imprint of the object resting on the ground would show an imprint of the feet rather than the shape of the rim, unless the feet were not extended until departure. The expected imprint is not observed.

A weight of 700 kg undergoing gravitational acceleration cannot produce the levels of heat observed.

4. The trace was formed when the object rose from the ground. This is supported by the shape of the trace, which indicates that the force was applied in a nearly circular pattern; if released from the rim of the object, which is suggested by the dimensions of the trace, there are no apparent variations in geometry which might be attributed to wobble or to a sweep of the force cylinder to one side or the other.

There are several possibilities as to how the trace might have been formed at this time:

The full force of the thrust was expressed as pressure on the ground within the area of the ring. If this is the only contributor to trace formation, this pressure must be sufficient to heat the ground to some affective temperature below 600 degrees C.

The thrust was expressed in the kinetic energy of particles which dissipated their energy as heat upon impact with the ground. These particles might be molecular, atomic or subatomic (i.e. electrons, protons, etc.)

Electromagnetic radiation was dissipated as heat within the area of the trace. This radiation might be a side effect of the thrust.

Subhypothesis 1 is not supported, since the maximum suggested thrust (91,840 kg in the 0.5 sec to 5 m scenario) creates a pressure of only 2 atm, or 23,000 kg / sq m. This is not sufficient to produce the indicated heating.

Assuming the kinetic energy of the particles of subhypothesis 2 to be the same as the kinetic energy of the object at the end of the acceleration phase, the highest degree of heating produced would be near 3 degrees C. Thus, subhypothesis 2 is not supported.

Insufficient information is available to assess subhypothesis 3. Since we do not know much about the spectrum of possible radiation, it is difficult to make any estimates as to how much energy might be needed to created the observed heating.

All of these hypotheses and figures should be examined, keeping in mind that the weight estimate is based on the weight effects on the trace, and if the weight of the object did not cause the trace, the trace forces may simply reflect the weight of the object combined with the force of the thrust.

Under these circumstances, thrust, energy and weight estimates used above would be much less meaningful, except insofar as they provide upper limits to the actual values.

5. The trace was formed when the object hovered before accelerating away
Given that the thrusts and energies of hypothesis 4 (except for subhypothesis 3) are insufficient to produce the trace, the forces in a hover at a higher altitude would also be insufficient.

Further evidence that this is the case comes from a geometric analysis, which shows that the subsequent tilt of the object would have produced an elongation of the trace, or a variety of parabolic or hyperbolic secondary traces, none of which were observed.


Geometric evidence indicates that the trace was not formed on approach, impact or during the tilt to final departure phase.

Kinetic energy to heat conversion evidence indicates that the trace was not formed on impact or by the object resting on the ground, or by the thrust of the object on departure expressed either as pressure or as the kinetic energy of particles ejected from the rim of the object.

These findings support the idea that the Trans-en-Provence trace represents an unconventional event.

These findings also place certain limiting conditions on the forces used by the Trans-en-Provence object. For instance, it seems that the object did not generate trace-producing force on the ground during the approach phase, despite the need to dissipate apparently considerable kinetic energy in the downward and forward direction.

Furthermore, it apparently did not generate trace-producing force on the ground during the tilt to depart phase. In both of these phases, the altitude appears to have been approximately 10 m.

This indicates an extremely localized force. A similarly sized helicopter, for instance, hovering at 10 m would create a large disturbance on the ground due to the downward flow of air from the rotors.

Suggestions For Future Trace Investigations

Weight measurements are critical. Even an upper or lower bound weight can be helpful in dynamic simulations. But no information about the weight of the object can be inferred without measurements of the resistance of the soil to penetration.

Depth of the trace or pressure resistance of the trace is meaningless without control measurements outside and at some distance from the trace.

Dimensional measurements need to be precise. The area around a trace must be checked for subsidiary traces. These geometric characteristics need to be able to be checked for the slightest irregularity or deformation.

If possible, core samples should be obtained across the trace and in control areas outside the trace.

Sample depths of up to 1 foot are preferred. These allow analysts to infer more about the nature of the cause of the trace, and also preserve information which can otherwise quickly decay.

If evidence of heating can be found, it can assist in dynamic modeling.


The Trans-en-Provence UFO observation lasted under a minute. However, in that minute, information was gained by an alert witness and extracted by focused and experienced investigators which allow an analyst to form and validate hypotheses about the nature of the object.

The Trans-en-Provence UFO was able to dissipate considerable kinetic energy without affecting the ground beneath it. This may have resulted in the observed “whistling” sound, which indicates a motion of air away from the object.

The object was then able to create close to 600 degrees C of ground heating on departure, despite the apparent insufficiency of mere thrust pressure to produce those temperatures. It then departed after tilting, and did not produce any further effects on the environment at that time.

Many previous observations have indicated that the UFO rim is a source of energetic phenomena. The Trans-en-Provence case continues to support that pattern. NOTE: The above mage is CGI.










Early on the morning of July 30, 1968, a couple (names on file at NICAP) finished working on their new house in the Robert’s Hill district of Claremont, New Hampshire and were preparing to retire.

Some lights in the field back of the house, apparently about 200 feet away, attracted their attention and they went to the window to see what was going on.

To their astonishment, they saw a dome-shaped object hovering about 10 feet off the ground. The underside of the object was illuminated, and the light covered an area about 20 feet in diameter on the ground.

Since they were in a fairly isolated area with no telephone (they had just moved into the house), the couple became frightened. They could hear a buzzing sound, like a transformer, coming from the object. The time was about 2:30 a.m.

Mr. and Mrs. John Meloney of the New Hampshire NICAP Subcommittee investigated the report in close cooperation with the Claremont police. In their interview with the couple, they learned that the UFO had remained over the field until about 4:30 a.m.

Then the humming became very loud, the light grew to high intensity and the UFO moved away at a low angle upward to the west and disappeared.

In the garage, the family dog whined loudly as the UFO departed.

Two separate groups of witnesses have been located by the Subcommittee. The reports seem to indicate beyond a reasonable doubt that something unexplained was in the area. NOTE: The above image is CGI.










We were traveling south on mission road going toward home (Green valley) from Tucson. On the road below us was Bomber factory, Hughes aircraft factory and Tucson airport as well as Davis Montham air Base. The mountain, called A mountain was to the west of us. I saw several —3—bright lights to my right. They were over a small ridge of A mountain. and flew around it. They seemed to be banking to the west. My husband went just past the mountain the orbs reappeared. They seemed to be in a line in front of our vision west and aprox 20 degrees degree above the horizon. They did not flash only glowed and hovered there. Two young people pulled off behind us. The young man kept yelling “tell me you see that, tell me you see that’ and called his grandfather who lives on reservation land to go outside and look up. The girl stayed in the car. She was terrified and just wanted to leave. A very large object appeared from the south west that while opening up, looked very much like a air hanger in the sky. There were a series of lights that appeared to be hanging from a roof of some kind and your could see metal gurters. The lights hovering went into the structure one at a time and the “bay doors” closed. There was NO SOUND. Suddenly two jets came from the SE and flew directly over head. They went round the mountain and back heading back the way they came. They must have passed within a quarter mile of the dark object in the sky and never saw it. As soon as the jets left so did the object. It went south west. We followed it down Mission until we hit Duvaull mine road and returned home. Once that object left we heard crickets and cows and a dog barking again. But not while it was there. We said little to each other on the way home. I will admit it, I was shaken and excited at the same time. It was spooky. NOYE: The above image is CGI.









JULY 8, 1968 …………………..WARREN OHIO

On July 8, the pilot and passengers of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk were approached by a UFO over Warren, Ohio about 10:20 p.m.

Two brothers, Richard and Ken Montgomery, with Elizabeth Soverns and Rosalind Rians as passengers, were flying at about 4,000 feet over Warren; Richard Montgomery was at the controls.

“I noticed an object coming toward us from the direction of Youngstown to the southeast,” he related. “I swung over… to get a closer look when the object headed directly toward our airplane.

It stopped and hung motionless in the air… momentarily, and as our aircraft came closer, it moved swiftly upward and came back at us from another angle.”

Montgomery said the UFO appeared metallic and had a light beaming from its underside. He estimated it was from six to ten feet in diameter and from 16 to 20 feet tall.

The pilot maneuvered the plane several times, but the object kept following at a distance of from 150 to 200 yards. Then the UFO “suddenly sped in an easterly direction at amazing speed and was quickly out of sight.”

During this encounter, control tower operators at Youngstown Municipal Airport received calls from area residents concerning “a dogfight between two aircraft in the skies over Warren.” NOTE: The above image is CGI.










7th August 1968-Only seven years after the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, the New England states would again host an alien abduction. Buff Ledge Camp in Vermont would be the site of a visitation by four UFOs which would appear, make revolutionary aerial maneuvers, and alter the lives of at least two young people.

Buff Ledge was a girls camp located north of Burlington on Lake Champlain. During their tenure as summer camp employees, Michael Lapp, a sixteen year old maintenance man, and 19 year old water ski instructor Janet Cornell were relaxing at a boat dock on a slack day.

On this particular August afternoon, the swim team had a made a trip to Burlington to compete in a meet, and the camp was virtually deserted. Late in the afternoon, the two friends were enjoying the view of the sun setting over the water, when a bright light appeared in the darkening sky.

At first, Michael thought they were being treated to a beautiful, close up view of the planet Venus. All of a sudden, the glowing light began to move downward, and ever closer to Michael and Janet. The object, at first a round glow, now began to flatten out as it came even closer.

Michael shouted, “Wow! Venus is falling.”

As the two steadfastly watched the light, three smaller lights seemed to drop from the larger one, which quickly moved up and disappeared from sight. The three smaller objects began to move over the lake.

They were obviously under intelligent control. The objects put on a show for Michael and Janet, doing zigzag maneuvers, loops, and then descended like falling leaves. The three objects now moved even closer to the two baffled teenagers. After forming a triangle, two of the objects pulled back. Michael would later recall a sound “like a thousand tuning forks” when the two left the third craft alone.

Depiction of UFO Sighting, credit Ronald Story

The one remaining UFO passed over Michael and Janet, then shot upward and momentarily disappeared. It very soon reappeared, tilted to one side, and dropped into the lake. A couple of minutes seemed to pass before the object reemerged from the water, and began gliding straight toward them!

The object was now close enough to see a transparent dome occupied by two childlike creatures. Michael would describe the beings as having elongated necks, big heads, and no hair.

Their eyes were also large, and extended around the side of their heads. Michael began to sense a kind of mental communication with the two beings. Watching them intently, Michael slapped his knee, and to his surprise, one of the occupants mimicked his movement.

The craft now moved directly overhead, and shot a beam at Michael and Janet. Grabbing Janet’s shoulder, Michael pulled both of them on their backs on the dock. Suddenly, Michael was overcome with the fear of being kidnapped.

He remembers screaming, “We don’t want to go!” The light from the beam was so bright that Michael recalls being able to see the bones in his hand, like an X-ray. The two teenagers both later related that the beam had a “liquid” feeling to it, and gave them the sense of free floating.

Their next conscious thoughts would be that of staring at the object again from the dock. The sky was now totally black, and Michael wondered how long he had been in this one spot. Looking at Janet, he could see that she was in a trancelike state; drowsy and disoriented.

They now heard the welcome sounds of the swim team returning from their meet in Burlington. The UFO now moved upward into the black sky, flashed its light beam repeatedly, and then vanished from sight.

Strangely, Michael and Janet did not discuss what had happened to them, not now, and not for the next couple of weeks, when camp season ended. Maybe the strange things they had seen over the lake this evening were just optical illusions. Maybe they weren’t.

After their summer camp jobs were over, Michael and Janet went their separate ways. During the next five years, Michael rarely thought about that night. But in time, he began to have disturbing dreams…dreams about being kidnapped; abducted…against his will. The dreams would come… like they did… then the dreams would vanish…like they did.

It would be ten years after his harrowing experience that Michael made a decision to contact the Center for UFO Studies, and search for answers. Investigator Walter Webb was assigned to the case, and after hearing Michael’s story, suggested regressive hypnosis to help rid him of his emotional strife and the frightening dreams.

Depiction of UFO Sighting, credit Ronald Story

During Michael’s hypnosis, he vividly recalled his experiences on that night in August 1968. He remembered how the beam of light lifted him into the crafts interior; how he entered a bigger craft, and how he saw Janet lying on a table being examined.

The small beings shined a light into her eyes, scraped her skin, and took fluids from her body. “The aliens all looked alike, Michael recalled, and had those large eyes, a mouth without lips, no ears, and two small openings for a nose.”

Michael also described the beings as having three pointed, web-like digits for fingers, and their bodies felt “damp and clammy.” The aliens related to Michael that their mission was to “make life like ours… other places.”

Janet also underwent the regression, and her descriptions only went to verify Michael’s. She recalled feeling “cold” on the examining table, with something “pulling her hair and pinching her neck.” The abduction of Michael Lapp and Janet Cornell certainly falls within the general pattern of abductions reported by many others.

To confirm the facts of their fantastic story, Webb located several other members of the camp who had witnessed the strange lights over Lake Champlain the very night of the abduction! Two other employees reported a similar experience which had occurred earlier that same summer, when they observed unidentified flying objects hovering over the lake for about twenty minutes.

Although Michael and Janet’s experience was not reported for ten years after the fact, it is still a well documented case of alien abduction. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









by Dr Valery Uvarov c. 2004
Department N13
National Security Academy
St Petersburg, Russia


Stopped at night on the side of the road, two Russian truck drivers were astounded by the sight of a spaceship before them and amazed when one of the drivers was welcomed aboard.

On the night of 2nd November, 1989 the air temperature dropped very suddenly to below freezing.

Two professional Russian truck drivers, Oleg Kirzhakov and his companion Nikolai Baranchikov were driving their truck from near the area of Arkhangelsk to Moscow.

They were hurrying home to finish all the formalities related to their business trip before the holidays.

In the vicinity of Emtza railway station, the road was blocked by heaps of sand and gravel.

The road in front of them was under repair and Oleg had to turn onto a dirt road to detour. On one bend in the road, the truck’s headlights fell upon a huge structure, which was standing off to the right of the road.

“I thought it was some kind of construction equipment,” said Oleg. “There were many machines there because the road was under construction.

However, when I drove closer, I saw a big object, that in the headlights had a metallic sheen to it. When we got to within 80–90 feet of the object, our motor stalled, and our truck coasted several feet further and stopped.

The headlights that were connected to the back-up power source were still on. My partner and I couldn’t understand what had happened.

The road at this point had a bend in it and trees on the right side of the road blocked our view of the object.

We understood that we were seeing something very unusual in front of us, and were afraid that something unavoidable would happen.

Hence, I asked Nikolai to remain in the truck and observe events while I approached the object.

I left the cab and decided to approach the object to examine it more closely.

After I had passed the hood of the truck, I began to feel, with each step I took, an increased resistance from the air.

My body seemed to melt—it became difficult to move, and I knew that if I got any closer to the object, I would not be able to move at all.”

Oleg turned back toward the truck and tried to approach the object from another direction. He moved carefully, stopping after each step.

He felt the same, constantly-increasing resistance from the air.

He succeeded in coming to within about 30–36 feet of the object. He stopped on the shoulder of the road and began to examine it very carefully. Very quickly, he came to the conclusion that this object was not of Earthly origin.

Truly, it was something very unusual. In front of Oleg, there stood a huge disc-shaped object, approximately 120–140 feet in diameter, with a dome-shaped top, on which no other structures were visible.

Along the perimeter of the disc, there were some dark holes evident, which Oleg at first thought were portholes. Extending from the lower part of the object, there were two structures visible, which seemed to support the ship.

The far edge of the disc was slightly elevated, and was resting on some birch trees, two of which were broken.

The object looked dark and uninhabited and there were no traces visible of windows, doors or hatches.

A fiery request

Why is this object here, in the middle of the forest, at night? What is its purpose? Maybe something has gone wrong and it needs assistance?

All these questions flooded Oleg’s mind and at that very moment, in front of him, at a distance of an outstretched hand, right in the air, appeared a glimmering red, dotted line.

This line formed a transparent, square-shaped screen, 150 mm x 150 mm in size, with rounded corners.

Several words, written in red letters, appeared on the screen. Oleg did not remember the exact phrase, but the essence of the phrase was a request for “burning fire”.

Oleg continued, “I realized that the screen was illuminated on the body of the object. I mechanically turned to look back at Nikolai, who was still sitting in the cab of the truck. Once again, I observed the screen, but this time it appeared to be in front of the truck.

I attempted to look from one side to the other, but no matter where I turned my eyes, the screen remained in front of them. The distance to the screen remained constant and I reached out my hand to try to touch it.

My friend, Nikolai, who was watching these antics from the cab of the truck, later asked me why I moved my hands.

The screen remained in front of me for the duration of the contact.

However, the inscriptions which appeared on the screen remained only as long as was necessary for me to understand each one and only then was the last inscription replaced by a new one.”

Only after Oleg understood what was being demanded of him, he carefully backed away from the object, constantly looking back toward the truck, and still sensing the same resistance.

He returned to the truck and tried to open the right door of the cab, in order to obtain some kitchen matches.

Despite the combined efforts of both men, they were not able to open the door for a considerable length of time.

Suddenly, the door was able to be opened quite easily. Oleg removed the box of matches from the truck’s cabin, together with a bottle of laboratory alcohol, which was used as an anti-freeze in the braking system.

Again asking Nikolai not to leave the truck, Oleg returned to the same place on the shoulder of the road where he had stood before.

However, this time he was able to move easily and he experienced none of the resistance he had encountered previously. He gathered some dry leaves into a pile, poured on some alcohol and ignited them.

Upon lifting his head, he observed that a passage appeared on the surface of the object, which extended into the interior, forming a corridor. At the distant end of this corridor, he could see a glimmering, bluish light.

“At first, I had the impression that a shadow was moving inside the corridor, but then I realized that something was moving in the corridor toward the opening.

When I finally realized what was occurring, I began stepping backward and fell into the ditch along the side of the road. I jumped back onto my feet and continued to observe what was happening.

Something approached the opening and I saw that it was a dark “mass,” which reminded me of a bag or sack.

As the “mass” moved, it swayed and bent from side to side, and its periphery was vague in appearance. At this moment, a shaft extended from the object, bent and descended to the surface of the ground.

The “mass” slid down the shaft, and while increasing in size, approached the fire of burning leaves. I was paralyzed by fear!

The “mass” stood by the fire for a moment and then began to return to the object, taking with it the box of matches. Returning along the same path, the “mass” disappeared in the corridor, together with the box of matches!

Only then did I finally succeed in extracting myself from the ditch. I returned to the road and glanced back at my truck again. The truck’s headlights blinded me, but I nevertheless could see the frightened face of Nikolai, which was pressed forward tightly against the windshield.”

An invitation to enter

For a long time, Oleg remained standing on the road, and was unable to recover his senses.

Realizing that he was witnessing an event that he might never again experience, he decided to wait and observe what would happen next.

He had a sudden wish to observe the ship more closely and immediately an invitation to enter the ship appeared on the screen, which remained visible in front of him. After a short pause, Oleg decided to approach the object.

The first thing that caught his attention was several round openings, approximately 300 mm in diameter, which at first he interpreted to be portholes.

Inside these openings, at a depth of 300–350 mm, a “grid” of intersecting lines, light grey in color, was visible. The central axis of the openings was displaced approximately 30 degrees from the plane formed by the surface of the object.

Oleg was also able to examine one of the support legs that the object rested on. The leg consisted of two parts, which were connected at an articulating joint.

The cross-section of each of the two parts of the leg was in the profile of a three-sided channel beam, with the lower part being smaller in diameter, such that it could be folded inside the upper portion.

On the bottom of the ship, recessed areas were clearly visible into which the legs could be retracted. However, because of poor illumination in the area where the leg was located, Oleg was not able to examine in detail the actual construction of the leg.

The far side of the object was resting on trees and was slanted toward Oleg, such that the lower portion of the opening was just above the level of his head. In order to establish the material that the object was made of, Oleg wanted to touch it with his hand.

A shaft came out of the portion of the object that was nearest to him. It appeared to be a round, smooth tube, with a diameter of approximately 50 mm.

The tube was cold and felt metallic. Then, events developed in the following manner:

“I had a desire to look inside, but since the door was above my head, I decided to grab hold of the tube and jump. The instant I grabbed the tube, I found myself standing just inside the opening. There was nothing there in the form of either steps or an elevator.

I did not feel any kind of external influence, but rather everything seemed to happen naturally, or by itself. I thought of the possibility of danger to me and decided to be as careful as possible.

At that instant, I received a message on the screen that I had nothing to be afraid of, and that I could enter.

Upon entering the corridor, I looked at the walls and noticed the absence of doors.

The corridor was significantly wider than the opening, the floor was flat, and the walls and ceiling formed an oval shape.

“I went along the corridor toward the shimmering light and felt that I was walking on a flat, metallic floor.

Somehow, I got the feeling that the surrounding walls did not have simply a decorative covering, but rather they were structural, and something was connected to them from the back side.

There clearly was some sort of strengthening device attached to them. I did not want to touch the walls, so I am unable to say exactly what it was that served to strengthen them.”

Masses of Lights

Oleg had to proceed along the corridor for approximately 20–25 feet. At the end of the corridor, he saw that it entered into a large hall with a diameter of approximately 60 feet.

On the periphery of the hall, there were five other entrances, similar in appearance to the one through which he had just entered. The ceiling in the hall was domed and it was emitting a soft, diffuse, blue light.

Between the other entrances and along the walls, there were panels of flashing lights. Each panel appeared to consist of five or six vertical elements.

To the left of the entrance through which Oleg had entered, two walls had no panels. In place of the panels, there were horizontal recesses in the walls, which were dark in color.

Also to the left, he observed two dark, vague spots that looked like bags, which at first were motionless, but then began to move toward him. The bags were identical to the “mass” which he had seen near the fire.

Oleg stopped, and stood motionless at the entrance to the hall.

“As soon as I looked around the hall, certain questions came to me, answers to which appeared immediately on the screen. But then I noticed that answers appeared in my head before I was able to read them on the screen.

Several answers were accompanied by demonstrations of the operation of those structures that interested me.

In such a manner, my question of the significance of the dark, horizontal recess in the wall off to my left was demonstrated to me.

The recess was a three- dimensional information screen, on which I was shown the interior of another sister ship, with the same moving ‘masses’ (during the demonstration, the two ‘masses’ in our ship were motionless).

Then, they showed a ship in space, among the stars, and at the end of the demonstration, they showed the presenter of a Soviet television program called Vremya.

“Off to my right side, there was an oval control panel, or desk, located about five feet from the wall, on which there were many switches and lights.

All of the illuminated buttons had a flat, square shape.

Some of them were elevated above the level of the control panel, and others were flush with the top of the panel. On the upper surface of the lamps, there were some symbols in the form of geometric figures, e.g. circles, triangles, quadrilateral figures, lines, etc., and combinations of the above.

The black switches on the panel were similar in appearance to toggle switches. There were no meters or scales on the control panel at all.”

In addition, Oleg described a long, straight divan, which stood next to the control panel, and a circular crack in the floor, which surrounded the central part of the hall.

The crack gave him reason to believe that the central part of the floor was able to rotate, allowing the control panel to be positioned in front of any of the vertical panels situated along the walls.

On the vertical panels, Oleg noticed the same types of lights that were on the control panel. Many of these lights were flashing. The entire interior of the hall was white in color, including the floor, and only from the ceiling shone soft, blue light.

Looking upward, Oleg tried to locate the source of the light, while simultaneously asking about the nature of the light. No answer to his question appeared on the screen.

Then, in response to his question, “Who are you?” and “Where are you from?” the dome in the hall slowly started to dim, and like in a planetarium, a star map appeared on the ceiling.

While Oleg was trying to find some familiar star system, one of the stars suddenly began to pulsate and descend slowly.

The dark, almost black starlit sky, combined with the pulsating star suspended over Oleg’s head, as well as with the flashing lights of the control and vertical panels, emitted enough light to permit him to see all elements in the entire interior of the spacecraft.

In a minute, the pulsating star slowly rose and the dome illuminated with the diffuse blue light.

Oleg was unable to carefully study and remember the star map shown to him. He asked where this pulsating star was located. They answered, “This is in your galaxy”.

“I asked question after question. The answers I received were heard in my head before I saw them on the screen.

I asked, ‘What kind of ship am I on now? What kind of propulsion system do you use to make it fly?’

In response I was told that this spacecraft was a scout ship and used electromagnetic fields to fly.

I was also told that they were studying our planet, which they need as a springboard to the future.

In response to my question ‘Do you have any connection with Bigfoot?’, they said, ‘Yes’ and added that they watch Bigfoot continuously.

As I was asking question after question, I suddenly noticed that a third ‘mass’ had appeared in the hall and then a fourth.

I watched a conversation take place between them and came to the understanding that the time for me to leave had arrived. My next thought was to leave something with them for a memory.

I took off my watch, and wanted to put it on the floor, but at that moment, I was told that they had a complete knowledge of the Earth and needed nothing.

For the first time during this visit, they asked me, ‘Why do I use a watch made in another country?’

“Then I asked, ‘Is it possible to see you once again?’ They said, ‘If you are in danger we will find you within 15 seconds’.

“Backing out a few steps from the hall, I turned and went along the corridor towards the opening.

As I came up to the opening of the spacecraft, I took hold of the tube by my right hand and I immediately found myself standing on the ground.

Not looking back, I went to the ditch and crossed over to the road, to the same place where I had stood a few minutes before.

When I looked back, I noticed that the tube and the opening had disappeared.

After a few seconds, I saw the outer rim begin to move in a clockwise direction.

The dome began to move approximately 30 seconds later in a counterclockwise direction and a luminescence surrounded the spacecraft.

As the revolutions became faster, the luminescence enveloped the spacecraft and it became a ball of light.”

Oleg noticed that the rotation of all parts of the craft and the luminescence was happening in absolute silence.

At this moment he saw on the road two more cars with their headlights on. For a few seconds this distracted his attention from the spacecraft.

The sound of the trees cracking made him turn and look at the spacecraft.

The ball of light slightly shifted position and slowly began to rise. Abruptly accelerating, the craft shot out of sight towards the north east.

His friend Nikolai got out of the truck and together with the occupants from the other vehicles, came up to Oleg. They asked him a lot of questions. Oleg was impressed by the experience but at the same time, was too moved to speak or fully realize all that had just happened.

His hands and legs were trembling.

When he got into his truck, he was unable to use the accelerator or to shift gears. He had to let his partner drive.

Oleg leaned back on the truck seat and looked at his watch, which he still had in his hand.

From the moment the truck had stopped, 20 minutes had passed. They still had a day and a half to get to Moscow, their destination. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









MINOT AIR FORCE BASE – Project Blue Book case dated October 24, 1968, when missile crews, control personnel and maintenance personnel observed a UFO in the vicinity of the base. The following is the tape between the air controllers and the B-52 crew with call sign JAG Three one.

At 0330 hours: The controllers received the information that there was a UFO 24 miles to the northwest. A B-52 jet bomber (JAG 31) flying at 2000 feet was on a calibration check and requests a clearance from radar personnel.

At 0334 “MIB (Minot) approach control does JAG 31 have clearance to WT fix at Flight Level 2000?”

JAG 31, Roger climb out on a heading of 290 climb and maintain 5000. Stand by for higher altitude. We’re trying to get it from center now.

At 0335, the controller asked, “And JAG 31 on your way out to the WT fix request you look out toward your one o’clock position for the next fifteen miles and see if you see any orange glows out there? “Roger, roger glows 31, “Someone is seeing UFOs again!” “Roger I see a…….. (Rest of transmission garbled)

At 0352, The controller then radioed, “Three one, the UFO is being picked up by weather’s radar also. Should be at our one o’clock position three miles now”

The pilot said, “We have nothing on our airborne radar and I’m in some pretty thick haze now and unable to see out that way.”

At 0358, the pilot then requested an instrument guided approach, and received instructions. The pilot called, and then the transmitter went dead, but they could hear instructions from the ground. The controller asked them to squawk ident,” which meant to use the aircraft’s transponder which would paint the controller’s radar with a large, glowing blip with the aircraft’s identification.

At 0400, the controller then radioed, “JAG 31 if you hear me squawk ident…JAG 31 ident observed. Cleared for the approach attempt. Contact on frequency 271 decimal three and you’re cleared for the low approach. They continued to have radio problems for another couple of minutes.

At 0402, they were able to communicate easily. The pilot said, “Our UFO was off to our left side when we started penetration.

“Roger, understand you did see something on your left side.” “We had a radar return at about a mile and a quarter, at nine o’clock position for about the time we left 200 to 14…”They discussed the troubles with the transmission and then, the controller asked, “Affirmative. I was wondering how far out did you see that UFO?”

“He was about one and a half miles off our left wing at 35 miles when we started in and stayed with us ’til about 10.”

“I wonder if that could have been your radio troubles?”

“I don’t know…. But that’s exactly when they started. “At 0413, Jag 31 are you observing any more UFOs? Negative on radar. We can’t see anything visually.

JAG 31, request you have someone report to base ops after you land.

What we have, then, was a group of sightings made by men on the ground, at the missile sites scattered around the base. There was radar sightings from ground and weather’s radar. There were visual sightings from the crew of the B-52, and an airborne radar sighting where the target traveled at 3,000 miles per hour.

Scope photographs were taken. There were sightings made by S.Sgt. Bond the FSC at Nov. Flight, S.Sgt. Smith at Oscar-1, Julelt, and Mike Flight Team and a number of men in widely scattered locations.

The object landed at location AA-43 and the entire observation lasted for 45 minutes. Fourteen other people in separate locations also reported the UFO. Security alarm were activated for both the outer and inner ring at the missile sites. When the guards arrived at the outer door it was open and the combination lock on the inner door had been moved.

Editors Note: The case in my estimation was never investigated properly. Project Blue Book personnel never sent a representative and the case was essentially written off despite the interest of several Strategic Air Command generals including 15th Air Force’s Major General Nichols.

The sighting was officially explained by on November 13, by Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla who wrote, “The following conclusions have been reached after a thorough study of the data submitted to Foreign Technology Division. The ground visual sightings appear to be of the star Sirius and the B-52, which was flying in the area.

The B-52 radar contact and the temporary loss of the UHF transmission could be attributed to a plasma similar to ball lightning. The air visual from the B-52 could be the star Vega, which was on the horizon at the time, or it could be a light on the ground, or possibly a plasma. No further investigation by the Foreign Technology Division is contemplated.

This is a classic Blue Book case where dozens of Air Force personnel who see B-52s and stars nightly have their testimony doubted. They know when they’ve seen a UFO. In this case the scientists doing the Condon report agreed that this was a real UFO.

The apparent damage to the missile site and disruption of B-52 radio transmissions was in my opinion a threat to primary nuclear offensive systems and should not have been trivialized. The records speak for themselves. This article was taken from Scientific Ufology written by Captain Kevin D. Randle USAFR.

It appears Quintanilla either did not care or had instructions to write off most of the sightings with any available excuse. I wonder why the reports were white washed, while the Air Force’s scientific advisor Alan Hynek was coming to the opposite conclusion that, UFOs were real? NOTE: The above image is CGI.










AUGUST 31, 2018 ………….EL PASO TEXAS

Ufologists are at a loss: in the sky over El Paso, Texas, a driver recorded what appears to be a glowing triangular-shaped UFO. The object was moving completely silently.

The video shows the object flying at high speed by a mysterious “glowing triangle”, and surprised not only is this unique form, but also its bright backlight. In addition, the UFO moved soundlessly, that is, he could be mistaken for extraterrestrial aircraft.

Although there are many reports of triangle-shaped craft, they are rarely captured on any type of media. American researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations and the aliens are surprised by the capture of this type of flying craft.

Every year the aliens appear on the planet more often and are manifested more and more in an amazing way – what could it be?… Some observers carefully analyzed the material and verified its authenticity. Webmaster B J Booth of the UFO Casebook did note that it was unusual that the car seemed to pace the UFO so well.

Videographer statement on UFO

Driving to work and noticed a strange light in a triangular shape toward the horizon. Took my cell phone and took pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy s8.

I was on my way to work the morning of August 31, 2018 at 6:25 in the morning. I stared at the sunrise as usual because I have to stop a red light, right before I get on the freeway to work.

After a few minutes I glanced to the right and saw a glowing triangle and thought it was weird. So I took several pictures and a short video with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

It’s still new to me and noticed afterwards that the phone does an amazing thing automatically… it stabilized the video on its own. Yes, I did zoom in on the object and luckily it worked perfectly. Even if it’s explainable, it is an interesting video. pictures.

SEE THE VIDEO HERE>> https://youtu.be/1UfeTWzwY9c











 “I had just come out of the front door around 7.15pm to go to pick up my wife who works at Glenfield General Hospital. I looked up and saw some strange strobe lighting in the sky. It wasn’t the height of the normal commercial aircraft going over – nowhere near that height, more the height of helicopters as they’re flying over.” He said that in the clear night sky he could easily make out a triangular shape with lights on each corner and there were red and green strobe lights splashing down the side. It was far too big to be a drone – it looked at least four times the size of helicopters that fly over. It looked a foot wide at arms length – probably no more than 5,000 feet up. It was travelling west towards the motorway.” Nigel watched the craft moving across the sky for two minutes before it vanished behind a block of flats , so he moved into a car parking area near his home where he followed it again for three minutes before it also was obscured by houses. It was while in the car park that he spotted a helicopter flying towards the scene. He thought the sighting was over so drove off in his car for the five minute journey to collect his wife from Glenfield General Hospital but spotted it again from his car as he drove into the hospital car park where he then counted three helicopters. He watched the triangle for two minutes flying over the hospital before it again vanished behind buildings. He picked up his wife Emma and immediately told her: “I think I’ve just seen a UFO. And as we were coming out I pointed out one of the helicopters that was still flying around.” He said that as a bench mark when they got home he and his wife saw a commercial aircraft fly over from the same direction at a much greater height. ”It was flying ten times as fast as the object I saw” he said “The airliner had gone out of view in ten seconds” Nigel told me that as a child he’d had a sighting of a UFO from his school playing field which was “a very large cigar shaped object. “ Then a couple of years ago while driving and waiting at traffic lights he saw “what appeared to be an airliner flying over but it had no wings” How did he feel when he saw the triangle? ”Probably more excited than anything – and inquisitive. I didn’t feel nervous or anything like that” he said. He added: “I had my phone camera with me but in my mind I was too busy taking in detail watching it rather than getting the camera on and knowing how dark it was. I was just gobsmacked as to what was flying over me” He said he thinks some UFOs may be military top secret aircraft. But he added “I don’t think we can be the only life in the universe. I’m a strong believer that we are being visited. I think as a species we are in our infancy in the grand scheme of things. “ About his triangle sighting he said “I don’t know what to think – whether it was military or other. But what I saw was completely unusual and something I’ve never seen before”. NOTE: The above image is CGI.











While riding in the car with my mom at around sundown when over the tops of the trees I see what I thought to be a helicopter coming out of the lake behind the tree line and had a light on each blade but they were moving unusually slow and as we got closer it rose up over the tree line and hovered across the highway. At that point I realized it was a disk/saucer not a helicopter and the light were in the middle on the outer edge and as it began to move the faster the light moved around it. They were mounted to almost as if the entire middle was spinning while the top and bottom were stationary. It hovered across the hwy and over a church. It changed directions and took off to space/ high altitude in a outward and upward angle and it took one to two seconds to go from a large disc to a speck and it seemed to leave a trail but it looked like a light trail that only lasted a couple seconds. This experience has changed my life I was able to see something extraordinary that at that age is unexplainable and it is burned in my memory like it happened yesterday. NOTE: The above image is CGI.