MAY 1976   ……………  VALDEZ ALASKA

On a beautiful sunny morning, two men who lived at the Valdez Marine Terminal construction camp had decided that after breakfast they would take a cruise up the highway. They were impressed that the day seemed very quiet and sleepy. There were few people up and about as they had breakfast. They left without any well-defined destination in mind so the driver just turned right at the “Totem” Restaurant and Motel. The Totem was located at the edge of this little Alaskan community and his right-hand turn points you at a tight left-hand turn in the highway only a few hundred feet away. As they began the swing into this left-hand-turn in the highway they both had their attention stolen by what abruptly entered into their field of view just off the highway to their right approximately 150 – 175 feet away.It was so bizarre that the driver made a conscious decision to concentrate on a couple of specific items so that he might recall those items later on. They saw an oval-shaped ‘craft’ approximately 30-35 meters in diameter, it was the exact color and translucence of new bubblegum after chewing it for only a couple of minutes and then blowing a bubble.

It was 6.5 m – 8.0 meters in height. Around the outside perimeter was a feature that looked a lot like a lab house (3/4 “). He estimated the diameter of this “hose” to be three quarters on an inch, and individual lights revolved inside the house every 4-5 seconds, in a counter-clockwise flow. The light looked as though it expanded the “hose” as it traveled from left to right around the craft. He recalls being particularly impressed by the ability for the hose which, at the same time seemed so much a part and parcel of the craft, seemed to effortlessly expand and then contract as the light coursed its way around. When he saw enough of the foregoing he began to catch glimpses before he drove out of view around said corner, leaving his friend to continue his observation before it went out of his view also. He saw a ramp dropped from the belly of the craft, approximately 4 – 5 feet wide and 6 – 7 feet long, he believes he observed two metallic extensions which comprised at least a part of the “landing gear”. Last, but certainly not least, he saw two small gray-green creatures, that looked like the stereo-typical description of “aliens”. At the distance of 50 or 60 yards he could not see any specific details. They were 4-5 feet tall, and seemed to be in a ‘quandary’ (the witness got a very distinct feeling that they were caught with their pants down and were in much of a hurry). Then they were out of his line of sight.

He saw his friend turning to look out his window as he continued around the corner and, perhaps ten seconds later, sitting on the edge of the seat he turned staring vacantly out the windshield. He asked his friend, “Did you see what I just saw?” He did not answer and simply continued to look straight out the front windshield. For the third time he began to ask him that same question when he abruptly turned to him and nearly shouted, “You’re*****right I did”, and immediately got that far away look in his eyes again. The main witness then asked if they should turn around and go back, his friend immediately and with emphasis replied “NO!” The witness drove as far as the “Salmon Turnaround” (2 tenths of a mile away from the corner they had made their observations) and turned around there and went back. It was nowhere to be seen and his friend was against going out toward the beach area where they had seen it. He searched the skies for it or a contrail or anything that would tip off its location. He looked at the beach for skid marks, and the immediate mud-flat and water for a wake or concentric circles of it going underneath the water, nothing. He estimates that from the moment they saw the craft until they returned to the site and found it gone was less than four minutes. Later his friend became increasingly unwilling to discuss the event after a few months and refuses to acknowledge the entire experience these days.  NOTE:  The above image is a rendering









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