During an overnight patrol, myself and close to 20 other Marines came close to calling a security alert on an object, which was flying over restricted area.  A mobile patrol unit of (2) Marines first spotted the object ejecting what looked like sparks into the sky. The mobile unit immediately reported the sighting as a “Rocket Ship” to the Alarm Control Center (ACC) via coded radio. The ACC responded to the mobile unit: “Be advised, at ease on the net”, asking the mobile unit to stop fooling around on the radio. The mobile unit immediately repeated the aforementioned sighting of a “rocket ship” and included the location of the sighting. I was also part of a mobile patrol unit and had also witnessed the earlier sighting.  I however, didn’t witness the object as a “rocket ship”, because rockets leave a trail of smoke, flames, sound, and move at high speeds. This particular object made little to NO sound. I could hear the faint crackling of the sparks, as the object slowly moved south. The sparks had the same duration and look of a common July 4th sparkler, just on a much larger scale. Once I made a positive ID on (the sighting) and not necessarily the craft, I followed up with a call to the ACC corroborating the initial call from the other mobile patrol unit. I was instructed to contact the ACC via landline to keep all chatter off of the radio.  I stopped at an observation tower to call the ACC. I described everything we are witnessing and also asked instructions, as the craft was in a no-fly zone and over a nuclear warhead limited area. The sergeant of the guard ordered us to standby as he called the installation commander and/or the Navy. By this time, the object wasn’t ejecting sparks, nor was it moving. It had changed direction and moved east just a bit and was stationary. The sparks had stopped flickering and something else was being ejected from the craft, but it was falling straight down. The best way I can describe the substance falling from the object: Plasma white molten lava. It appeared to fall all the way to the ground, but with the amount and density of the trees, I couldn’t tell for certain. ALSO…. the sighting seemed to change my perception on the scales of things. It seemed as if the white hot plasma was falling faster to the ground, than any earthly object would from that altitude. Example: The object was (my best guess) a few hundred feet in the air, but the white plasma was falling as fast as a water drop from the spout into the sink. It was very weird and made me feel very small.  A group of us Marines had gathered on the East end of the limited area to await instructions and maintain observation of the occurrence.

The air was electric. Static-like, is the best way I can describe it. No odor, and no sound of the white hot plasma falling through the trees. I thought it was odd, because of the size/amount that was falling. It could’ve been because of how bright the substance appeared to be…making it seem bigger. I have no clue… It was very strange. The object made a noise, but it was more a feeling you can feel in your body… like an ultra LOW frequency hum or buzz.  The object was never in clear view. We were able to track it by the sparks/white plasma it ejected and also the large shadow it cast in the cloud cover. Although common with most UFO sightings, it didn’t display ANY exterior lights whatsoever. We lost sight of the object once the white plasma stopped falling. We heard the low frequency hum for a few minutes afterwards but that stopped as well. Also the air seemed to change as well. I could smell the ocean and it smelled very fresh.  The Navy didn’t respond until the next day. We never fired on the object because we couldn’t identify it and it didn’t seem to pose any immediate threat. The Navy stated the following day, they were having an airshow, but I never believed it because of the time of the sighting and we are usually notified of any aircraft flying close to our location.  It is standard SOP for Marines to list all occurrences into a logbook. Some did and some didn’t. I was one of the Marines that DID. All logbooks are turned in to the Platoon commanders, after the logbook is filled. That was the only evidence detailing the event.  That same week, there was an aurora borealis which lasted into sunrise. It was a weird week.  I decided to come forward about this sighting, as it may add some confirmation to someone else’s sighting. I’m sorry I couldn’t remember the exact date, but I never witnessed but ONE aurora borealis in 1994. The sighting happened that same week.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering






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