It was a clear day with bright sunshine, and in the middle of the afternoon. I was ten years of age. My parents were in a shoe store in Bennington, Vermont. I was outside of the store with a young woman that was a friend of the family. We were alone together, and there was no one else in the area. We were talking to one another, and then both of us turned to notice a dark metallic disc with a dome protrusion on the top that was hovering about five hundred feet away. It was about thirty feet across. It hovered there about forty feet off of the ground. There was no sound emanating from the object. We both were enthusiastic about what we were seeing, and there was no doubt that this was an Unidentified Flying Object. After watching the disc for about one minute, I told the young woman that was with me to go into the store, and to tell everyone to come out and see this. The disc proceeded directly towards me, hovered for a moment, and then exited the sky to my left in a non-ballistic motion. No one else was a witness to this event besides this young woman and myself. By the time that the other people in the store came outside, it was gone. My father was engaged in classified government research on psychic phenomenon at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and was the author of several books on the subject. I have seen the side of classified government research on extraterrestrial visitation that the majority of people are not aware of. If one becomes too proficient in the research on the psychic transfer of thought processes, mental telepathy, there is a welcoming committee of classified information safeguards. Unfortunately, this is also inclusive of threats of lethal force to remain silent. The research by the government to assemble the database of people that have seen Unidentified Flying Objects is why I waited so long before initiating a report. The security mandates are overwhelming, and I have ended up a destroyed man.

The specificity in conscious memory in detail of the event is difficult to come by. This seems to have happened as a means of terminating my credibility to communicate my experiences that would be outside of the regulation to control disclosures by the government personnel that are in a purported authorized capacity. In the year of nineteen eighty four, I was made destitute by members of my family. I ended up in the state of Hawaii under duress without recourse. After having been to Hawaii Island for about two weeks, one night I was in a field next to Hilo International Airport. Three dirigibles appeared overhead, and were surrounded by a mist. This was likely liquid nitrogen. This had to have been given formal clearance with the airport administration, as the event was in the airspace. One of the dirigibles lightly collided with one of the others, and then they drifted away out of view. There has been a multi-million dollar expense to try to confuse the issue with me about the Vermont incident. I was supposed to attribute this to my personal worth, and it became clear to me of the attempt to develop a systematic process instead. After recently reading a fraudulent newspaper article ‘Mass sightings of UFO’s over the skies of Mexico’, the elaborate conspiracy to control the credibility of a witness began to become a reasonable cause to suspect. There are some people of wealth that feel wrongfully excluded from inclusion in the activities of these alien beings. This has escalated into making an example out of anyone that has seen a genuine Unidentified Flying Object at a personal discretion. Ensuring the safeguards has become a means to an end to use witnesses as a form of a classified leverage to obtain a vertical influence from within an intelligence agency. This now extends to any manner of a personal disclosure that is external to the accepted channels, and I do not think that the majority of people are aware of this type of jeopardy. Maintaining secrecy can be a good thing in the protection of the integrity of information or specific identity, but I am of the persuasion that it is costing innocent people their very lives instead: Trust is being violated. Alien visitation always has a purpose to it. The greatest leverage against the exceptional harassment for having seen a U.F.O. is the public awareness that would terminate the ulterior influence that is responsible for it. A loss of respect from a public disdain would disarm the interest to censure witnesses to continue. I suspect that there are quite a few people that have been hopelessly confused as to why they have become subjected to threats, and this terminates a desire to be further involved. This is the tactic that is being used towards the objective to restrict access. The more that people can be made to be confused as to how to approach this in turn makes an organized resistance more difficult to actualize. It is a vicious circle of a self reinforcing justification to prevent an organized objective counterpoint. A system of authority should welcome the checks and balances to ensure the integrity involved, and not make examples out of innocent people for trying. It is up to each person to determine the implications of this.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer State Director for MUFON Vermont.