I live alone in a single family house in a suburb near a large city. I awoke  at 2:35 a.m. (PST) on Wednesday, August 17, 2011; left my bedroom (which is a  guest room since the temperature in the summer is cooler than the master  bedroom); walked down the dark hallway (faintly illuminated by glow of bug  zapper down hall used for killing moths from bird seed); entered master bedroom;  shut the door behind me (except for a crack); and I could see motion in the dark  hallway that looked as if someone walked up to the door and was peering at me.  Afraid to face the possibility someone was in the house, and knowing the house  was bolted down like a fortress (with deadbolts, “hotel bolts,” and  shatter-resistant multi-pane windows), I used the restroom without turning on  the lights. I then cautiously entered the hall and nobody was there, but down  the hall, a bright fuzzy white light shined through cracks in locked room. I  thought to myself, could it be the bright white energy saving front porch light  that has over 100 watts of output? However, as I stared at the illumination  surrounding the door and emitting through its threshold, it quickly faded out,  leaving the faint illumination from the porch light as I then recalled was  always the case. (The mating of the door and threshold was so tight even the  bright white light coming through the threshold was non-existent except in a few  places, and the light that did get through was faint.) I immediately realized  someone was in that room, shining a bright light that must have been an LED or  HID light due to its intensity. After pausing for a moment to think, I decided  to quickly throw open the door and face whoever was there. When I did, the room  was empty. I recall getting waves of goose bumps all over my body because I knew  something unexplainable had occurred. Whoever was in the hallway was the one who  disappeared in that room, I was certain of it. As a little history, my family  and I have had UFO visitations my entire life, with unusual activity in the  homes where I grew up (i.e. time distortions with clocks off in every room,  objects hurling across a room for no apparent cause, and other inexplicable  phenomenon beyond the scope of this report). In the mid-1990’s in my parents’  home I awoke to see a young man in his 20’s wearing military fatigues and a  helmet standing at the foot of my bed staring at me. At the blink of an eye he  was gone. For some strange reason, my immediate thought when this event occurred  was that man was in my hallway, although I cannot explain why I sensed it was  him again. As a side note I felt in no danger. My imagination ran wild for a  moment in speculating who it was or why they were in my house and how they  disappeared; was it a time traveler? An E.T.? I’m afraid if they return and I  open the door before they disappear into that white light, what will happen if I  confront them? These are my observations to the best of my recollection.

KENS NOTE: Many Ufologist are trying to link UFO encounters with the  paranormal.  Anything as possible.

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