My brother, and I were being driven to the Senior Bowl Banquet (the night before the Senior Bowl football game) by my father. I was  15 years old. We were on Zeigler Boulevard, traveling east, approaching the intersection with Gaillard Street. It was dusk, though still more light than dark. I was sitting in the front seat looking out the right passenger window, watching an airplane – and the contrails it made – move slowly from the far right to the left in the sky. As the plane moved to my to the left (north bound) it moved into the field of view in the front windshield, and that’s when I saw the saucer off to the left, at roughly 35 degrees up. The saucer was grayish in color, and looked exactly like what you’d expect from sixties movies: saucer shaped, with a low cylindrical top. Viewed from our perspective, it was significantly wider than high, or a height to diameter ratio of roughly 8:1. The main body of the craft was similar to two plates on top of each other, with the one on top being turned upside down, so the rims of the two plates touch. The top half appeared to have a flat surface – except for the low, round dome on top. The bottom may have been curved. It’s difficult to say for the bottom was somewhat obscured by many, colored, moving lights. I do not recall the exact colors, but it was quite a few. The movement of the colors did not seem random, though I could not make out a distinct patter. But the colors all moved in a circular pattern around the bottom of the craft. The movement was not all in a single direction, not always clockwise or counter clockwise, but both simultaneously. It was still somewhat light out, and the object appeared to be about the size of a penny at arms length. It was quite easy to see in some detail. It was not moving, but hovering in one place. Though it was far enough away to not be able to be sure how large it was. It could have been forty feet or so in diameter if it was floating over the Forrest Hills neighborhood to our left – as it appeared. Or if it was further away, obviously it would have been larger. I yelled for my father to pull the car over. I was very excited, as what I was looking at was a plain as the nose on your face: a hovering UFO. That’s when my brother saw it too. We were pretty excited, so my Dad (normally a no nonsense guy), pulled the car over to the side of the road and we all got out. As I was pointing to it to show my Dad where it was, it disappeared. I’ll leave it to the reader to interpret what that implies. All I can say is that I was looking at it, pointing at it to show my father. And then it was gone. Later we all kept pretty quiet about it, as it seemed so preposterous… to see a flying saucer, and one that looks exactly as you would expect at that. I had always been a UFO septic, so it was difficult to resolve what I believed and what I saw. I don’t think any of us had told anyone. So my father was surprised a few weeks later when he overheard one of his fellow deacons discussing having seen a flying saucer – just like the one we saw – hovering over the city water works at dusk. He said while he was watching it hover, it suddenly flew away at a speed the defied belief. When queried by my father, they determined it was that same evening as our observation – the night before the Senior Bowl. The city’s water works were – at that time – at the top of the Forrest Hills neighborhood hill, which is precisely where I saw the craft hovering, validating not only the time and location of our sighting, but my rough estimation of the size of the craft.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



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