When I climbed the fence to look over and see where my football had landed there was a ship right there in front or me. This ship was no more than 15-20 feet away from me and was almost touching the ground. I couldn’t see underneath the ship because it was so low. At first I was stunned and scared. I froze up. The UFO was so still it looked like a picture to me. There was no motion at all.  I still had no idea what was happening I was in shock. My eyes were frozen on this disc. There was no activity and the area it was in was relatively small. There were buildings that really were not that far apart but this thing was almost touching them. Underneath this disc was a very very mild haze. Close to a desert when you see the heat waves but very hard to see. Heat was coming from this ship however I really dont want to call it that. The day that this happened which I am not entirely sure other than it was summer and it was warm out but not hot for it was in the evening. This heat felt natural by that I mean like it was in my blood. It was comfortable. The best I can describe the heat that I felt is if I was sweating or hot the heat emitting from the ship would not make me sweat or feel anymore uncomfortable then what I already was. As my eyes were fixated on this disc it was a very dull grey black and i mean extremely dull. The black part of it which was mixed with the grey in no pattern at all reminded me of the shuttle in how when it reenters the earths atmosphere the heat turns it slightly black but very minor. I personally believe that is what the disc had experienced from traveling to our planet and probably others as well. The disc was one solid piece of metal. No weld marks at all just one solid disc. That’s it. No windows doors or anything that I could see. After staring at it for about 10-20 second I climbed down the fence looked at the ground and trying to catch up with my brain into what was happening. I was trembling because I seriously believed that I was loosing my sanity. I did this for about 5 seconds or so  when I climbed back up the disc was gone. One thing needs to be crystal clear I’m not a nut. At the time I wasn’t even really aware of ufo’s other than the movies but I never not even once thought they were based off of anything.  I supressed this memory until about 3 years ago. It scared me to even talk about it to anyone and I didn’t tell anyone until recently. I know what I saw and there is no explanation for it other than what I have stated. I was extremely close to this thing and it is proof to me that they exist. If you believe great if you don’t I don’t care. This is my roswell and to me the most important thing to happen in my life to date. Thanks for reading and remember that regardless of what others say about the subject it is real, it is here and we need to embrace it rather than criticize it. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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