Hi Ken : I was sky watching when I spotted a glowing white object heading towards a passenger plane. I had my Nikon P900 camera at the ready so I quickly began to take photographs of this amazing aerial encounter. I managed to capture the glowing white object just as it passing by the passenger plane and flew off into the distance. The photographs were taken on the 24 ‎July ‎2015, ‏‎11:53 AM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

Is this a quantum simulation ?
After studying the UFO phenomenon for over two decades I can tell you that I have more questions than answers. In fact In these two decades of research I have experienced thing that cannot be explained. These experiences have eftect me profoundly changing my life and ultimately changed my level of understanding. I have encountered mothman witnessed UFOs experienced abduction and missing time. I have even encountered strange, ‘little’ people that seem to appear out of nowhere, as well as wittnessing portals opening high up in the sky. These portals had strange entities looking out of them like they were standing on another plane of existence parallel to our own. I have seen things I thought were simply not possible. All of my findings now lead me to believe that quantum physics holds the key to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon and to reality as we know it.

My perception
I now believe that we are all living in a simulation and that our universe is a level within levels which are all governed by separate boundaries and parameters that are different from our universe but still retain the quantum element because this is in fact a quantum simulation. I now believe that all the UFO being sighted around the world are coming thought portals from different level of this simulation. There are many different type of UFOs and different alien entities not of our universe but from there own separate levels of existence. Some of these alien entities are good and some are evil. There are opposing forces with different agendas. Some of these alien entities want to help us preserve our universe our level of existence. While other alien forces seek to control us and change the way we act and think. They ultimately want to control our technology and our level of advancements. Some wish to merge their level with ours for total dominance and control of our universe and the human race. I now believe that this is what the cern project is really about and that the cern scientist are using the hadron collider to open portals into parallel dimensional levels of existence from within this simulation to try understand our place in this reality. I am not the first person to come to this conclusion from research into ufology and the paranormal I definitely won’t be the last. Now that I know we are in a quantum simulation therefore I am. To all those who seek the truth… remember, seek and you WILL find.





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