For the past couple of years, I have developed an idea to bring together investigators and researchers to tackle the UFO Phenomenon. To sum it all up – TBV Investigations has the potential to be the largest assembled group of participants to investigate this phenomenon… ever. But it needs your help to achieve that goal.

My involvement in the UFO field has lasted more than 21 years and it is still going strong. I have been responsible for requesting and archiving more than 1.7 MILLION pages of U.S. Government documents, and distributing them freely to anyone who wants them on the internet. The UFO phenomenon has always been the most popular and most sought after of the documents that I have ever put online, and The Black Vault has become a popular spot for UFO enthusiasts.

During this time frame, I have seen many UFO groups come and go, and I have seen many researchers/investigators get frustrated even to the point of leaving the field entirely over the politics and the material being presented.

My aim with this project is to change that.

TBV Investigations offers a massive technological infrastructure to use for this endeavor. This includes:
A Public Case File Database – This case file database, is the public’s tool for perusing the case files. Everything all investigators create and want to share can go into this database to show the public who we are, and what we do.

No work is ever hidden or shielded behind a pay wall. The case file database has maps to pinpoint a sighting location, ability to embed video(s), photographs, galleries, and much more.

A Case Ticketing System – Behind the scenes, I have built a case ticketing system that tracks each and every case that comes in. Each investigator has access to this system with a unique login:password. The system has the ability to assign a case to one person, or investigators can build a team of 3, 10, 100, even 1,000 people to collaborate on. Each member then gets to see and add information to the cases they have been assigned. Investigators can message each other, add personal notes that no one else sees, and they can communicate directly with the witness, all from one advanced system.

An advanced “Toll Free” Telephone System – To report a case, the general public can also use a TOLL FREE hotline to call in, and report their case. During this process, the system will ask for them to type in their state, and once they do, their call will be routed to the appropriate investigator, or TEAM of investigators (meaning, an entire group of phones spread out across America will ring – and the call goes to the first one available to answer). The system allows investigators to work TOGETHER, all while no one person is getting overloaded with a workload that isn’t manageable, or desirable.
This system offers investigators a way to have unlimited long distance calling to conduct their case work (and I invite participants to use it for personal calls as well), the ability to RECORD a phone call with the push of a button, and it includes all the free calling features like conference calling, caller ID, call waiting, etc.

I have assembled a very small group of likeminded individuals, from various backgrounds, to help me finalize the nuts and bolts of how this will work. They all have been instrumental in helping me get this project off the ground. You will meet them all very soon.

At this stage, now it’s time to launch. But, I need the SERIOUS investigators who will want to take part in this to make it all work. There are many different ways you can help, and helping does not always mean you have to be “in the field” – so don’t hesitate to reach out and tell me any aspect you’d like to be involved.

This includes in part (and in no particular order):
• Interviewing witnesses

• Field Investigation

• Report Writing

• Case Data Entry

• Fielding Phone Calls

• Organizing Case Loads
If you are interested, please send a message to me at: contact@theblackvault.com Tell me about yourself, your background, and why you’d want to take part. I’d love to pay everyone, but know in advance this is simply volunteer, with many working parts.

I know there are many “UFO Research Groups” out there with great people that have produced great results. I am not trying to compete, but rather, I want to add a new approach. I have brought together my experience for the past 21 years, not only with computers to build the technical side, but as a researcher, and I see what is needed, and why.

That’s what TBV Investigations is all about.

I feel this is unique enough to launch it, powerful enough to achieve results, and much needed by the general public to see hard work, in a transparent environment.

You can help make it the success I know it can be! I look forward to hearing from you!

Interested? Drop an email to: contact@theblackvault.com and let me know you want to hear more.






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