UFO lands in Fricot City California

5-6-76 Fricot City California

7 of us witnessed a UFO do the most amazing unbelievable things! About 8pm, just getting dusk, as we were all standing outside on the patio, we watched a UFO event which was reported to the Sheriff, (who ridiculed her, gave her number for National Ufo center and once again she called and was ridiculed ). First we spotted an huge orange/yellow burning ball, looked exactly like picture we see of our burning sun, this UFO was stationary and hung in the dark sky over a ravine when we first saw it. Next it changed slowly become a dark red glowing ember colored orb with dark lines, then it began to close up on its self and went from a burning sun/orb to a small bright bright luminescent light which zipped all over the night sky, instantly changing from a bright bright light to burning sun/orb then back to bright white light. This went on for a couple of hours, we were so fascinated we didn’t notice the time. Then it landed on the hill side across the ravine from our position in Fricot City (which lays on a hill top). We were so excited we watched for hours. After the UFO landed across the way from us, it continued to change from Orange/Yellow burning sun to bright bright light and we started to worry it would start a fire in the dry grass it had landed on, although each time it became a bright light or orange sun you could see the outline or shadows of the Oak trees  that were in between us and of the UFO. We continued to watch the UFO until about 11pm then I became very very sleepy, then my brother turns to me and tells me he can hardly keep his eyes open either so we went to bed…awaken at day break to the sound of jet engines to find the Air Force and Army Choppers, there were military jeeps and men and others in same place we watched the UFO land the night before. I couldn’t seem to care or get excited about all the actions caused by the UFO landing Quite the opposite of who I really am!! Completely unnatural reaction for me!  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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