On the night of April 24th(that was a Friday) 2009, My friend contacted me at my house to tell me to come over and hang out at his place, ALSO mentioning that he had saw strange lights headed west on LA HWY 8 earlier in the evening, just after sunset. I live in Evans, a community in West central Louisiana, and he lives 8 miles away in South East Texas, in a town called Burkeville. I left my house, on what was probably the most starry night I had ever seen in my life. I began driving North on LA HWY 111. Approaching another small community called Burr Ferry, the aforementioned lights in the North-East sky caught my attention, I initially thought them to be Baseball field lights on a field just near my location. However, the lights in that field are white, these lights were Orange and were orb like and sat side by side. I immediately thought of the lights my friend saw earlier in the evening so I pulled over and watched the lights for a minute or two. They weren’t moving, so I jumped back into the car, and sped to where they appeared to be, which was I thought, above the baseball field. Upon arrival I realized the lights were much further away. I turned around, and continued quickly to my friends house. I pulled up in his driveway honking the horn, and when he came out of his house I told him to grab a camera and jump in to the truck, that the UFO was in Burr Ferry! He done so, and we took off. As we approached the state line, we came to an opening which was on our left. This was the only time in which we saw the structure of the “craft”. It had one yellow light on the SIDE, which I assumed was what we were looking at, unlike what I had seen just minutes earlier. As soon as we came to a stop on the side of the road, the “craft” disappeared. What made it so strange was that the WHOLE THING disappeared, not just the light. And it was as if nothing was ever there. We started driving again. About 5 or 6 miles down the road, now in LA travelling east on HWY 8, the “craft” reappeared. However, this time we saw the two orange orb lights. We immediately pulled over. We captured video of the craft for approx. 3 minutes, when suddenly the left orb slowly disappeared, the right orb followed in suit. Again, no structure could be seen, it was as if nothing had been there. We travelled another 5 miles down HWY 8. Exactly 6 minutes later, the lights reappeared. This time we were much closer to them. I would estimate 200 yards from the “craft” we stood recording them, slightly pulsating, still side by side, and making no noise at all. The lights, again were visible for 6 minutes, when the left orb shrunk and disappeared, and the right done the same. Again, there was NO structure visible on this clearest of clear nights, the lights were gone and again, it was as if they were never there. I haven’t seen them since. I have included a picture of what we saw. The quality isn’t that great, because we were recording on a sony digital camera not a mini dv. Even the pictures we took weren’t that great. I have the videos still. If you would like to see them please let me know.

This sighting was reported to World Ufo Photos.

Special thanks to the witness, William Stanley of Newton Texas.