Joan Vincent would finally reveal the encounter to the Cornish Guardian newspaper. As we will look at shortly, 1965 was a year of increased UFO activity throughout the world, not least the United Kingdom. Cornwall also has a long history of strange and paranormal activity, including UFO sightings. And those sightings, it would seem, continue in abundance today.

Late One Night In 1965 

At the time of the sighting in 1965, the Vincents’ family home was in Stenalees, a rural area of Cornwall. It was late one evening and the couple were driving home on the largely empty country roads. According to Joan, they had been driving for around fifteen minutes when “suddenly it was as if a light had been switched on outside”. She would further tell how they could “see for miles” over the fields and open countryside such was the brightness of the light.  The area they were driving through had a well-known reputation in recent years for being a place where “flying saucers” could be seen. Many students would hold all-night vigils in the hopes of seeing one of these cosmic visitors. With that in mind, the Vincents were already sure of what was unfolding around them.  As they scanned their surroundings from inside their vehicle, Joan would notice a dome-shaped, glass-like object that seemed to be hovering behind a large edge in a nearby field. Joan would explain three decades later that the hedge was so thick that “neither of us know if it was hovering or resting on the grass”. The light appeared to be emanating from inside the dome itself on top of the object.  They would later estimate the craft to have been between fifty to seventy feet in length and around forty feet high. Joan would even state that inside the dome she could see “big cabinets with dials on them”. The material around the dome was more solid and metallic. It was of a grey-green color and contained several portholes.  The couple remained motionless, staring at the magnificent sight for what seemed like minutes. In reality, it was merely thirty seconds. Then Joan urged her husband to “get (us) out of here”.

Not A Bizarre Hallucination! 

Roy did as his wife requested and pressed down on the accelerator and they sped away from the scene. Once home, each would approach the sighting with very business-like mindsets. They would each go into separate rooms to draw the object they had just seen. Once done, they would compare the sketches. Not surprisingly, they were practically identical. While they couldn’t explain what they had seen, they could at least rule out, if only in their own minds, that it was some kind of bizarre hallucination.  They would, however, make the decision to keep the matter to themselves. They would tell only their son and Joan’s mother, who unfortunately both passed away before the couple went public with the account. Consequently, no investigation would take place. And perhaps most unfortunate, is that no further corroborating witnesses were found who very well might have seen the events from a different vantage point.  The Vincents would return to the field the following day but could find no evidence of what they had seen. This only further strengthened their conviction that they should keep the matter to themselves. Incidentally, the field where the sighting took place is now a spoil tip for the (then) newly built industrial estate. Furthermore, the road where the Vincents would view events from their stopped car also no longer exists as it was re-routed during the developments of the following decades.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







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