The account of the Santiago Flight 513 is truly one of the most mysterious and mind-bending encounters on record. One where a plane took off from Germany in 1954, disappeared and was presumed crashed, before reappearing again over the skies of Brazil some thirty-five years later and performing a perfect, standard landing. What’s more, the aircraft appeared brand new as opposed to nearly four decades old.  Although the story first appeared in ‘World Weekly News’, which would usually result in its instant dismissal by even the most enthusiastic researcher of strange events, the legend has endured, lasted, and been much debated. And the fact that the plane disappeared without a trace is most certainly a fact. Did it reappear in 1989, then? And if not, what was the mysterious plane that did? And who did the skeletons they found on board belong to? Should the connections of the plane to the Lockheed group be any reason for suspicion?

A Standard Flight Across The Atlantic Ocean

Santiago Flight 513 left the runway in Aachen, (then West) Germany on the afternoon of 4th September 1954. The Lockheed Super Constellation’s planned destination was Chile in South America. On board were 88 passengers and four crew. There was nothing special, at least knowingly, about the flight. There were no special passengers and no mysterious cargo. It was, a standard flight across the Atlantic Ocean that operated regularly.  However, several hours later, while over the Atlantic, the plane simply disappeared. They would just vanish from the radar screen and all contact ceased. No wreckage would surface, and no distress signals came in. They had, quite literally, it would seem, vanished into thin air.  With no other information to go on and no wreckage to study, the main theory was that the plane experienced difficulties and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All 92 people on board were officially declared dead. However, the case was still officially unexplained and unsolved. Many other theories were put forth as to what might have happened over the years. Was it a case of mass alien abduction? Were they victims of some unknown Bermuda Triangle-type phenomenon? Had they entered a wormhole or a portal?  As bizarre as some of these alternative theories undoubtedly are, when a strange plane suddenly reappeared in October 1989 in Brazilian airspace it would make many people look again at these apparently crazy suggestions a little more seriously.

A Sudden Reappearance And Landing!

On the afternoon of 12th October 1989, a plane would suddenly appear, as if out of nowhere, over the skies of Port Alegre in Brazil. Repeated attempts to communicate with the mysterious aircraft were made by the control tower at the airport below. All, however, would go unanswered. The plane was circling the airport, which it did several times before it eventually came in to land on one of the runways. Given the highly mysterious and potentially dangerous nature of the situation, the tower would immediately dispatch a response team to the location.  Almost as soon as the response team approached, several of them began to get an eerie feeling about how events were unfolding. Not least due to the Santiago Airlines logo on the side of the aircraft – who had been out of business for over three decades since 1956. Even more bizarre, upon researching the plane’s serial number, the system would declare this was Santiago Flight 513. The plane that had mysteriously disappeared without a trace in September 1954.  The aircraft itself appeared brand new as if it were a standard plane operating in the (then) modern age. It certainly had no aging that one might expect for a plane that had allegedly been missing for over thirty years.  Then, with the engines of the plane running as if they were brand new and ready for take-off, the team would enter this most mysterious and long-vanished vehicle.

“A Crime To Keep Information Like This Secret!”

After gaining entry through one of the passenger doors, the unit began to board this mysterious aircraft. As they did, each looked around with feelings ranging from disbelief to absolute horror. In the seats, as if part of a macabre display, sat the skeletal remains of the passengers of the flight. Upon entering the cockpit, they would find the same with the four crew members. Perhaps as a further twist to the surreal scene was the sight of the captain, Miguel Cury’s skeletal hands still holding on to the controls.  Of course, once the crew began to regain their composure, the question of just how the plane not only managed to circle the airport but perform a standard, near-perfect landing with no-one other than the 92 skeletons on board arose.  While word obviously leaked out of the incident, which let’s not forget occurred in full view of a busy airport, the high-ranking airport employees would remain tight-lipped regarding the “apparent” encounter. Some would even accuse them of actively attempting to cover-up the events. The Brazilian authorities would state that the strange plane had appeared over the airport and landed there. They would, however, say nothing else, at least publicly of the incident.  With this sudden and strange appearance, theories once again went into overdrive. And, as you might imagine, many people were more than critical of the Brazilian authority’s handling of the incident. Speculating that it could be proof of strange phenomenon such as wormholes, for example, physics professor, Roderigo de Manhawould state that such a discovery could “change the way we view our world and alter science as we know it”. He would also state “it is a crime to keep information like this secret”

Fact? Urban Legend? Or A Twisted Combination Of The Two?

Many believe the account of Santiago Flight 513 is nothing more than a hoax that now enjoys urban legend status. That could very well be the case. After all, even if we got our heads around the notion of wormholes and portals, or even time-travel, how did the plane land so successfully without a crew to guide it down?  We could speculate endlessly for possible reasons. Perhaps, if we accept the wormhole-theory for a moment, they were alive, for a time. When “entering 1989”, however, maybe space-time caught up to them upon landing and reduced them to skeletal remains.  Maybe we should look again at the Lockheed connection. Might the flight have been part of some kind of experiment with secret technology? Possibly even reverse-engineered alien technology? Once again, it is pure speculation, but there were (and still are) a substantial number of US airbases in (West) Germany. And if a test of some kind of highly-advanced and top-secret technology was to take place, it would also make sense to have that happen away from the skies of the United States. Including the location that the aircraft would take off from. And above all else, what technology was such an experiment utilizing?  Might it have been an experiment with time-travel technology? Might a secret device have been on board that would create a wormhole or portal? If we accept Flight 513 was part of some secret experiment, it is also safe to say that the results were disastrous.  Whether a factual account, modern urban legend, or something somewhere in the middle of the two, the case of Santiago Flight 513 continues to fascinate researchers the world around.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

KENS NOTE:   After my many experiences with alien craft and 7 of my own sightings, along with a thousand case files investigated, I feel anything is possible.






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