APRIL 30. 2018  …………. GOSHEN INDIANA……2.05 AM

I saw two beings about 5 to 5.6 feet tall. They were bony structured in the shape of people with large heads, skinny everywhere but they had muscles on their arms. I got a real good look at them from the dark but the one kept pacing back and forth like he was nervous and the other one kept looking out deep while standing completely still for a couple minutes at a time. I kept getting this sense like he knew somebody was looking at him but he never turned exactly at me to see me even though I felt he knew someone was looking at him. His buddy kept pacing back and forth and saying something to him because I could see his mouth talking and his head moving then he would turn around and walk a few feet away and come back again. They were both outside of a neighbor’s house in the front yard and I was in an enclosed porch watching them being real quiet. Funny thing about it was that it was pretty cold outside and I was cold even with my jacket on yet they were naked! That tripped me out and the other thing was that they were both a mix between brown and orange but more of a flat chalky tannish darker orange. I remember their bony shoulders and the sharp looking bones on their sternum plates. They were close enough to me that I could see the nervous one’s mouth talking to the one that kept looking deep. I kept trying to figure out what they were doing and to the best was that they were guarding the front of this lit up square door that the nervous one kept walking back and forth too. It started to come to an end when this big yellow round ball started getting smaller and the nervous one headed towards it and I lost sight of him. Then the other one that looked out deep the whole time turned slowly but like was still being cautious about something and started walking around a bit then went straight back to this white doorway and disappeared then the yellow ball seemed to get smaller and was gone. – MUFON  NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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