Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO On Last Solo Space Mission While Orbiting The Earth!

We have looked previously at the efforts of former NASA astronaut, Gordon Cooper in having the US government release all of their UFO files to the public. Cooper had witnessed several UFOs while working as a terrestrial pilot at various US military bases around the world. However, on 15th May 1963, during what was the last single-person space mission in the Earth’s orbit, Cooper himself would witness a UFO while he was in flight during his final pass of the planet. As he was making the pass, he would notify the tracking station near Perth, Australia that there was “greenish object” heading towards his Mercury capsule.  What’s more, the tracking station would confirm the object on their radar equipment. This meant that far from being a trick of the light, the object was most definitely solid. Reporters would hear of the sighting through the National Broadcast Company, as was standard procedure. However, despite this, reporters were told that Cooper would not answer questions on the issue.  Perhaps even more damning, for NASA, and certainly lending credibility to other similar reports are his words from a late-1990s interview with J.L. Fernando. Cooper would state:

For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why?

Cooper would further elaborate on an event in Florida that he himself witnessed when US authorities “did just about everything” they could to keep the incident out of the public domain. He would claim that flames in “four indentions left by a flying object” that had landed in the middle of the field were covered-up. Furthermore, so were the witnesses, all of whom saw several strange “beings” leave the craft to gather up soil samples and study the make-up of the ground.  Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary was taking place, these entities returned to their craft which “disappeared at enormous speed”.  The reaction and response to Cooper’s claims was, by and large, that he was an American hero who, due to old age and possibly as a result of his testing planes at the absolute edge of their capabilities, was now a little “confused” about what he did and didn’t see (something Cooper would refute right until his death in 2004).






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