The Larson Air Force Base Incident, December 1952

A little over a year before the Grouse Mountain incident, on the evening of 22nd December 1952 at another Washington air force facility, Larson Air Force Base, an off-duty instrument technician would make a report of a strange object near the base.

The technician in question was driving back toward the base at around 7:30 pm when the object became visible through the windshield of his vehicle. He pulled the car over in order to watch the strange aerial anomaly more closely.

The object would move in “spurts” at an angle of 45 degrees before suddenly speeding up considerably. While it was at this full speed, the object appeared to glow a brilliant white. All except, that is when it “rolled” in the air. It would perform this maneuver three times, and on each occasion, a red “underside” was clearly visible. Equally, at one point during these rolls, the light appeared to go out completely. This suggests that the craft had three “sides” or surfaces to its exterior. One of which housed no lights at all.

The object would eventually settle in the sky at a relatively high altitude. It would occasionally dart to the left or right and then back again. Around fifteen minutes after the object first appeared the witness would get back in his car and drive away, simply leaving the “hat-shaped” object behind, hanging in the night sky. You can check out a sketch of the craft below.

The Mount Spokane Encounter

Although the exact date is uncertain, another sighting in the state of Washington in 1952 occurred at Mount Spokane. The witness, who was in the area riding on horseback would report a “domed disc-shaped object” descending and then landing in an open field near to his location. Three “metallic legs” would protrude from the underside to support the weight of the disc, which had several windows around its side.

Then, a sudden “strong rush of wind” hit the witness, while at the same time, a ramp was stretching to the ground from an opening in the craft. On the ramp, three humanoid “men” appeared, each wearing “shiny, silvery coveralls”.

The witness heard the “men” speak an unknown language as they seemingly discussed his presence. He would recall how they seemed to have a particular interest in the horse. The account stops there, and while it doesn’t say what happened after that, we have to assume the witness vacated the area as soon as he could.

Alien Abduction At Point Defiance Park

Yet another witness of a similar nature occurred in the summer of 1952 at Washington’s Point Defiance Park. And while there is not much known of the encounter, it is certainly intriguing. It also further demonstrates an apparent extraterrestrial presence in the upper northwest corner of the United States during the early fifties.

One evening in July 1952, at a little after 9 pm, the witness, a 9-year-old boy, would report seeing a “yellowish light” moving around in the sky above their home. As he watched the light, he was suddenly aware of “many small beings” all around him. They were speaking in a language he had not heard before.

The next thing he knew, he was in a bright, white room. He was in a sitting position on something resembling a stool. Then, he was back at home. The strange light, as well as the equally strange beings, were gone. A look at the clock, however, revealed it was now after 11 pm, despite, in his mind, only a few minutes had passed.

Two sightings would unfold on the same day in the Washington area on 1st June 1952. At around 1 pm in Walla Walla, a former military pilot, Major Vollendorf witnessed and reported a shining oval object climbing extremely fast in the sky. Two hours later, on Soap Lake, Ray Lottman, would report seeing three shiny objects, each flying perfectly straight.

Reports of “inverted tin colored” saucers surfaced in August 1952 over the Skylight Mountain region. According to what little information there is on the sightings these strange crafts were “darting in and out of (a) cloud bank” and flying in a circular pattern. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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