There was a lightning storm that evening, and as my Wife came back inside from sitting on the front steps, i went outside and looked up into the sky and saw a bolt of lightning that crossed the entire sky from the middle outward. I ran inside and got my phone as i could tell from the timing of the lightning flashes indicated it was within 11 miles or less from where we were. I sat patiently with my eye on the sky, while holding my phone with my thumb hovering over the capture icon, hoping to catch it with my Human reaction time. Because my I-phone has 2 cameras, it has a very high resolution, and the screen is small enough that it is really difficult to discern small objects until they are zoomed in. After 30 minutes or so, and multiple flashes of lightning, I went back inside and started to swipe through the photos and saw only after-glows of the lightning, where the sky was turned pink, at night, with every flash of lightning. I deleted at least 15 or more photos as I didn’t see any lightning at first. But while swiping from one “live” photo to the next, I caught something, that I did not see at first. My eyes were on the sky the whole time i was taking pictures, I wasn’t looking through my camera to take the photos. That is why I saw nothing, without the camera. But as the photo slid from it to the next, a short “live” photo video clearly showed an object flying from one side of the photo to the other.

I went back and forth through the photos and kept watching it over and over again. At first I thought it was an insect, until I went online, found out how to capture frames in a live photo, and caught 3 frames of this object or whatever it was, flying by. The last photo frame clearly shows an Arrow shape something, with partially invisible wings, and it did not match up to anything I’ve seen before, and apparently went from a disc shape in the first 2 frames, to an arrow-shape. I was certainly surprised, and was more skeptical than not, and still I remain that way as I cannot identify or quantify its existence. I showed it to my wife, who wasn’t sure how to react to it other than “Its a UFO, that’s what that looks like to me, holy sh*T”. I spent almost a half an hour, reviewing the short photo-video, and the pictures before and after it, and saw nothing else. But I knew I caught something, and I’m still not sure what to think about it. Additionally the sky in my backyard happens to display the strangest weather patterns I’ve ever seen regardless, so I’m not surprised if it was a UFO or whichever. I’m not sure if this is anything you might find significant, but it was not a bird, or a plane, or an insect, I am certain of that. I surmised that this was the most logical place to relay this information, helpful or not. Although I have never reported it in the past, this was my second sighting in my life time, and was not anywhere near the same in appearance, or the same region of the United States. Thank you for your time, and maybe this could be of use in the future to you.