Hi Ken: I was on my way to work and it was about 5:45 AM in the morning and it was pitch black except for the light from the lamp posts that lit up the pavement and the road. I was walking along Newton road heading towards kingsteignton and I was crossing the bridge that is over the railway lines when suddenly everything went quiet. The were no birds chirping any more nor was there any wind It was very odd so I stopped and looked around for a while before I spotted a bright white light that was slowly moving along above the disused railway lines. The light was extremely bright and it reminded me of burning magnesium. I stood there staring intently at the light as it slowly glided through the air heading straight towards me. In my mind I was trying to make sense of what I was seeing but I could not. I had never seen anything quite like it before… everything about it made no sense. The light got closer and closer before it stopped at arms length away from me. I lent forward slightly to get a bit closer and to my surprise the light came right up to me and it was now only about 5 inches away from my face. For some reason I wasn’t scared I did not feel threatened in any way in fact I was very excited and In my mind I thought to myself “wow that’s the most incredible thing I have ever seen… what is that” The light was so close but it did not give off any heat nor did it hurt my eyes as I stared intently into it. The light was translucent in nature but within the light there was something slowly turning counterclockwise.

I couldn’t quite make it out but it kinda looked like a semicircle, it was very bizarre. I slowly lifted up my arm to reach out and touch it but the light immediately moved back at speed before slowly moving upwards towards the trees where it then suddenly stopped. The light just hovered there by the trees so I quickly looked around to see if there was anyone about so I could ask them what they thought it was but the only person I could see was a young women right down the bottom of the road entering the car park of Tesco supermarket. I did not want to shout and cause alarm to the young women so I thought better of it. The light was just hanging there silently and I was now starting to feel a bit spooked by its presents so I turned to my right and made out like there was someone coming along the road. The light then moved behind the trees so I ran down the road and didn’t stop until I got to work. At work I told no one of what I had just witnessed because I knew that I would of been ridiculed and I wouldn’t of heard the last of it. This encounter occurred back in November of 2002 at Newton Abbot Devon England. I think about this close encounter to this day and I still can’t understand what I witnessed that morning. It was not technology it was pure white light that appeared to be alive in some way it really blew my mind. All I can say is we definitely are not alone in this universe. All the best John. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

SPECIAL NOTE: John Mooner is the witness to this account and he is also the Chief Investigator for World UFO Photos. See John’s web site on the right of the article.





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