A Christmas Eve Sighting Of A “Bluish White Disc!”

At a similar time of 7 pm on Christmas Eve in Heltonville, Indiana, another interesting report would enter the public arena. The witness in question, again under anonymity, would report that they were doing some work on a house they were due to move into in the new year. The property was “just south of Lake Monroe”, which is perhaps an interesting detail when we recall the number of UFO sightings that occur near such large bodies of water.

As they were in the bathroom of the property, however, a bizarre encounter would unfold. The room was unlit but did have a skylight allowing whatever light could penetrate in from outside to do so. However, without warning, the entire room suddenly lit up “like (it was) daylight”. Intrigued and more than a little unnerved, the witness grabbed their coat and rushed outside the property.

As soon as they did so the unnerved feeling turned to one of shock. Not only was most of the surrounding area also under similar “daylight conditions”, but the apparent source of this bright and urgent lighting was also a huge “bluish-white disc” that was moving slowly overhead. The witness would later estimate the object was no more than 200 feet from the ground.

The strange craft would ultimately make its way toward the woods that surrounded the property. As it did so, “shots of bright lights” would “shoot down” from the underside of the craft into the woodland below.

The witness would watch the object until it disappeared from their view. Upon returning inside they would immediately check a clock. Much to their relief, there were no signs of missing time, although an explanation remains seemingly out of reach.

A Bizarre Find During A New Year’s Eve Computer Repair Turns Into UFO Sighting!

Almost exactly a week later, at 7:30 pm on New Year’s Eve in Kempton in Tipton County, Indiana, another equally bizarre and unexplained incident would unfold. And what’s more, it would unfold after the witness – a computer repair technician – noticed strange activity on a home computer they were repairing on the day in question.

In their report they would state that not only was the system’s hard drive “not responding”, but the “CMOS BIOS settings (were) all wrong”. Only somebody going into the computer to alter such settings should result in their current state. And the owner of the home computer was themselves barely a novice. Certainly not with the knowledge or reason to carry out such system alterations.

The witness would recall that they would even joke to the owner of the computer if there had been “any UFO activity” in the area. Ultimately, due to the late hour, the witness would offer to take the system back with them so it could be fully tested and repaired, to which the owner allowed.

It was as they were loading the home computer on to the back seat of their vehicle that they noticed a “bright white light” in the skies ahead of them. They would claim that several of the trees would limit his view initially.

So curious was the computer technician at this point, that instead of making their way home, they would set off from the computer owner’s property in the direction of the strange light. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





THANKS TO MARCUS LOWTH AND https://www.ufoinsight.com

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