A Build-Up Of Several Years Of Strange Encounters

David Eckhart’s home in a rural, picturesque area of Pensacola, Florida was by his own admission his “dream home”. However, in 2008 when he made contact with the previously mentioned Lon Strickler. What he would tell him would spark an investigation of over a decade which continues today.

According to Eckhart, he and his family were increasingly noticing strange activity around their home. This quickly turned into witnessing strange creatures – “small people with huge black eyes” – and even alien abductions. What’s more, Eckhart believes these interactions were taking place long before they moved to the quiet, urban house in Milton. He would even claim to have vague memories of what he thought were “strange muppets” sleeping on his bunk bed when he was a young child.

For example, upon first moving to the Florida region while on a camping trip with friends, Eckhart witnessed a strange light traveling at great speed over the trees where they were looking to set up camp. He would claim to Strickler in a recent radio interview that, although he was joking and jovial at the time, he stated bluntly to his friends:

Hey guys, there’s a UFO!

The group would laugh off the sighting and begin setting up camp as planned. However, as they were looking for firewood, Eckhart noticed the strange light once again. It appeared to be coming from inside the woods. One of the group was more experienced in this rural setting and would dismiss the sighting.

However, the strange light “in a flash” was right over the top of Eckhart and his friend before it disappeared once more just as quickly. Eckhart would later state that the object was so close to them that he could hear the “whoosh” moving through the air.

The pair would continue rounding up wood for the fire. However, when the light returned, Eckhart would give chase to the strange craft.

He would continue in pursuit of the mysterious object but would ultimately lose it. That was until an incredibly bright flash briefly lit up the area. As it did the object was visible for a millisecond hovering in between the trees. Following this flash, however, Eckhart would find himself temporarily blind as his eyes adjusted themselves.

While Eckhart would continue his pursuit for almost half an hour, he would ultimately lose the strange, glowing object when it entered the water near their campsite.

Following the bizarre incident, the group decided against their decision to camp there for the evening. They quickly rounded up their possessions and made their way back to the vehicle. Eckhart would begin to describe to the others just what he had seen.

As he did so, however, he would suddenly notice “a man, or guy or whatever it was” watching him approximately 30 feet behind them. He would state in a 2019 interview:

As soon as it saw me and I saw him and we made eye contact we just stopped! And then you get all of these things running through your head. Because you have just seen something that does, not, fit, in!

The possibilities of what this strange entity might be tumbled over each other in Eckhart’s mind. Was it an owl or deer, or even somebody wearing a mask? When he called out to the strange creature “it took off running”. This prompted Eckhart to give chase once again. Only this time, he would catch up to the creature with relative ease.

A Bizarre “Pixelated” Entity

He would recall how the creature had a very distinct aroma that he could detect from several feet away. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, he would claim that the figure appeared like a child who has aged like an elderly person.

Eckhart was well placed and within range to take the creature down and secure it. However, he would claim he “couldn’t bring himself to tackle it” as he simply “didn’t know what the heck it was”.

This is potentially a remarkable detail, trivial as it might be, as it perhaps shows a mindset that would strike us all. Would most of us really wish to come into such close contact with something that is (literally) alien to us?

Whether through squeamishness or well-placed apprehensions of possible poisonous or aggressive reaction from the strange creature, it is likely a safe bet that most would think in exactly the same way as Eckhart upon catching up and essentially cornering such a bizarre creature. Especially when he could sense he was scaring it, something which itself might force it to act defensively.

As he began to slow down and back away, essentially giving up his chase, the creature continued to run. It would eventually reach an area of bushes and overgrowth. He would further describe the entity as “pixelated”.

For several weeks after, Eckhart would suffer intense dreams regarding the bizarre encounter.

A “Dream-Home” Awash In Extraterrestrial Paranormal Activity

Several years later towards the end of the 2000s, Eckhart and his family had settled into their new home in the Pensacola area. What is perhaps interesting is that many of the initial signs that something strange was truly taking place were very similar to paranormal activity. Strange noises and mysterious footsteps, for example. We have examined this before and it begs the question once more, just how blurred might the line between alien encounters and ghostly apparitions actually be?

Indeed, to begin with, as the move was still being finalized and loose ends in Ohio being tied up by David, he himself was dismissive of his wife’s claims of strange noises. He would put it down to settling water pipes and general creaks that any typical building has.

However, one evening after returning home from work he would find his wife almost cowering in fear and “as white as a ghost”. He would ask her what was wrong to which she replied:

David, I am seeing people walking through the house!

Although still very much believing the activity was, in fact, the product of his wife’s imagination, he nevertheless began to research paranormal activity in an effort to understand, and ultimately eliminate such notions so as to settle his wife’s increasing distraught state of mind.

However, the more he read on the subject, despite his (then) skepticism to such seemingly outlandish goings-on, the events described by his wife began to sound increasingly like poltergeist activity.

More Evidence Of A Blurring Of Different Fields Of Interest

Once more this is an interesting development to dwell on for a moment. Might most poltergeist activity have more of a connection to extraterrestrial encounters than we might suspect? One thing that is interesting with such encounters is the idea that these strange and mysterious entities come from “other realms” or “dimensions”. Indeed, poltergeists and extraterrestrials may prove to be one and the same thing.

By this stage, the Eckhart’s pet cat was also reacting to a seemingly invisible presence. Eckhart’s wife would often spend great portions of her day with a polaroid camera in her hand. Every now and then she would press down on the shutter in an attempt to capture one of these strange entities on film. She would often capture strange orbs on the instant photographs, yet another phenomenon that bleeds heavily into both the paranormal and the UFO fields of interest.

In fact, it was as a result of some of these mysterious and, at times, disturbing polaroid photographs that David Eckhart began to take the sightings much more seriously. One particular photograph that appeared to show people from the 1930s is perhaps interesting to note. We might remind ourselves of some of the truly bizarre images captured by Stella Lansing in the late 1960s in the upper northeast area of the United States.

Many of Lansing’s images appeared to be of strange figures, possibly from different eras in time. Furthermore, she managed to capture them while attempting to film strange and persistent UFO encounters. The images and the encounters of Lansing would even result in ominous Men In Black activity. Whatever the connection might be to the strange images she captured and the UFO sightings she witnessed, it would appear a similar back-thread permeates the Eckhart encounters. NOTE: The top image is CGI.