My sister and I were walking back into town after plans fell through. We walked about five miles from the city we live near, and it was around 12:30 am when we started the journey back. Around 1:15 we were walking through a park, no lamps were turned on, and it was very dark. We had stopped briefly near the edge of the park so I could smoke a cigarette behind the building that faces the street. We had been standing no more than a couple minutes when I looked up and saw what appeared to be a the outline of a tall figure behind her, its head slowly moving down as I noticed it. I felt a sense of dread quickly set upon me and I yelled at my sister to run. We ran across the street, behind the school on the other side, through a turf field. Once we were a considerable distance away we slowed down and I explained to her what I saw, at which point see said it was probably nothing, which I feel is probable. We continued walking, taking all the back roads to avoid any cops. About 1/2 mile from our house my sister told me to into the sky to observe lights she had noticed. I dismissed her, and told her it was nothing but planes. But she argued about it and so I looked. At a quick glance they could have easily have been mistaken for planes, but upon further looking I began to notice their odd behavior. They were moving in sync with each other, one white light, and two reddish-orange lights. They were travelling in a straight line, the white light leading, and they were situated very close to each other. About 15 seconds later the light in the rear disappeared, the one in front of it blinked on/off really fast, then disappeared as well, leaving the one white light. The one light traveled solo for about 20 seconds, when suddenly the two reddish-orange light reappeared behind it, only now in the shape of a triangle, the white light the tip leading them. The lights continued on like that for half a minute before the two reddish-orange light moved back into the line formation behind the white light. At first they were spread out, and then they slowly started to move closer to each other. Again the light in the rear disappeared, and the other reddish-orange started to dim until it was gone, once again leaving the white light alone. In less time than before the reddish-orange light reappeared again in the triangle formation, before reforming the line, instead of disappearing the reddish-orange light were now alternating between the line formation and the triangle formation. They continued this for about 15 minutes, when they neared the area in the sky where my sister first pointed them out to me, they stuck in the line formation, white light constantly in front of the others. The light in the rear started to dim, until it was gone, the remaining reddish-orange light flew into the white one, which then exited the sky at a very very rapid speed. The times I put down are almost definitely off, because the entire time my sister and I were watching it, was like a dream. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes after it that we started walking home again, and started talking about it. We realized in talking about it that the UFOs circled the sky, almost as if they were mapping the landscape or something. I might have even dismissed the entire event as dream, due to it being so surreal had my sister not have recorded it on a cheap cell phone cam, the quality is so bad that its not even worth showing.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Maine.