A researcher contacted me by phone and I refused to discuss the event I witnessed over the phone, I will talk to him by email only and answer any questions. I want to remain private as much as possible. I have my reasons. The researcher can get my email address from this report “This event was reported before” and I indicated the UFO as a “Cloaking UFO”, I analyzed my thoughts and believe it was not cloaking itself, but trying to find or open a portal or doorway of somekind to leave our planet. It was having a problem in trying to open up the rip (that half of the other part of the ship was in) and finally after 12 to 15 seconds, the whole ship had disapeared and was gone in the fabric of our sky. I believed the ship possessed the ability to create its own gravity and to use it to propel itself. Since the ship could remain stationary and was not losing altitude or anything. “Original Description” Accept that I removed the wording about any cloaking. While putting air into my car’s driver’s side back tire’, I stood straight up to rest my legs and ankles after using an air pressure gage to check my tire. And as I looked unintentionally at the sky at a seventy-degree angle, I noticed half of this large object just hanging in the sky, just like a “Post-to Note” hanging on a bulletin board, between two big clouds and not moving. The UFO was stationary between two clouds and I could only see half of it while the other half seemed to have disappeared or be invisible in the sky, like if you would cut half of a silver dollar in half and paste it to a bulletin board. The half of the UFO I did see was medium lead gray in color and smooth all over with a bulge in the middle. There were no windows, lights, or protruding fins or engines of any kind. It made no sound; it just seemed to be just hanging there. I then noticed that the half that I could see had like a fluid or wave of some kind (which was invisible) trying to cover the other half of the ship that was visible to me. The edges of the fluid or wave sparkled as if it was trying to cover the remaining half of the flying saucer. To me, the edges of the fluid or wave looked more like a rip in our sky than a fluid trying to cover the craft. It looked like OUR SKY WAS CUT OPEN, like if someone would cut open a hole into some type of material fabric on a bulletin board (our sky). I know it sounds nuts but this is exactly what I witnessed! The power and technology to do this must be extremely great like something out of science fiction.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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