I am going to tell you now about a UK case that is truly and simply the best of its kind anywhere in the world EVER, yet few know about it.

I have been studying this now for 8 years.  Everything has also been thoroughly examined by the editor of the FSR, Britian’s oldest UFO journal, (to which our Royal Family even subscribe and have done since it launch in the late 50’s), and we have been out on many sky watches with the people concerned in this report and seen strange things in their presence.  I have tried to tell various other groups about it, including MUFON representatives I have found on the net, but all have cold-shouldered me. I simply never get a reply.  I have told other eminent names in UFOlogy, such as Linda Moulton Howe, Farah Yurdozu and Nick Pope, never to receive a reply.  I have told several TV stations about it but all either ignored me or got a bit funny about the matter. It’s enough to make one think that smoking gun evidence about aliens and UFO’s is somehow taboo and that many mainstream researchers are NOT in this subject for the truth, but rather for the fame and glory or something.  Read some of the story attached.  See this video below which isn’t computer generated.   The reason there are no stars is that the camera is a Fujifilm Finepix DSLR, and I have one of these myself and know that at night, on video, this budget camera simply will not pick up stars.  Its mechanism is not sensitive enough. unless a long exposure is used and then that’s mainly for stills. (none of us are that up on cameras..its all trials error and auto focus setting with us).  The witness was bathed in colured light as he filmed this object.  I know the witnesses involved. They are senior in age, really nice, humble, simple folk, and good family friends of myself and my partner.  They know little about computers above sending emails and surfing and they are definitely in contact with an alien race.  There is no doubt about it.  I would wager the entire contents of my home on it.  They categorically do not want any payment for their material and seek to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule and to protect their jobs of employment. The contacts have included numerous detailed UFO photo opportunities, a face-to-face meeting with Nordic-type aliens in a highly remote woodland clearing, and various abductions by small fawn-coloured beings.   These contactees have been keen ufologists, active in the field for more than 40 years, out sky watching several times a week in all weathers.  One of the witnesses was abducted on Dragon Hill, Wiltshire and taken COMPLETE WHILST HOLDING HIS CAMERA. Whilst on board he was allowed to obtain images of the alien beings, and other shots, and was returned together with his camera.  The other witness even has shots of an unidentified planet, and many space shots showing nebula’s, galaxies etc, that even one of the UK’s top astronomers was left stunned and in his 21 years of studying the sky, he said had never come across anything like it. The images even rival those taken by the Hubble Space telescope. I wrote to NASA of course about this.  They refused to answer me.  The downside to all of this is the witnesses  burns and scars left from over exposure to the craft and their environments, together with what are believed to be medical experiments performed on them.  The witness claims that he has also fathered children on board the alien craft which he is occasionally invited to go and see.

Special thanks to Ken Parsons Researcher and Ufologist.