I was in Clay co. KY. with my sister and nephew, there was another guy; can’t remember his name, he was a friend of my nephew. My sister and I were home alone at first, it was just getting dark (we are very isolated there, it’s about 2/3 miles off the main road) on a farm about 410 acres surrounded by farms; very country and up on a mountain.

There was a knock above the door where there are no steps. I asked my sister if she thought someone could be messing with us; most people there wouldn’t because everyone has guns and we hadn’t seen any lights come up the hill. I looked through the peep hole in the door and saw something strange, then asked my sister to look.

She said, “well Nancy it looks like an alien.” I thought I would pass out; she joked and said it’s probably something on the glass peep hole. A few minutes later my nephew came up and got out as we were going out saying, “those lights are back there in the main field.”

We (Jody & me) took the telescope out to this edge so we could see the field, but first we saw a huge light in the sky. It was shaped like a shiny silver Christmas ball, but with two rows of lights or windows. We didn’t need the telescope to see the the square-shaped light over the field, there was another one to the right, it was further away, then these diamond kind of shaped chip like things came shooting out, but floating down. They were coming out of both; there was maybe 4 that seemed to float down.

Then I asked Jody if he could hear the grass and weeds swooshing; it was coming up the hill. I told him it sounded like the hills had come alive. Then all four of us were in front of the porch looking up as this purple-like fog start falling on us, it had a smell.

My sister said “this is how they control people.” I could see it like spark as it landed on me (I have no idea how all 4 of us were suddenly standing there). Then Jody told us to head up this road that went to the back field, he had a shotgun with him (got it from the truck).

He stops me any sister (his mom) tells us to stay way back, we were in pitch dark, you usually can’t see your hand unless the moon is out, even then it’s hard because of the trees. He leaves us there and goes on him and his friend. My sister said maybe they’re going to take us to a better place. I said “better than earth? I’m not going.”

I took her hand out of mine and told her if I see something freaky I’m running, I’m not going! She asks me if it seems like some kind of war going on and for some reason I felt the same way. I told her we were going back and getting in her car, we’re leaving, we started towards the car we could see it in the light from the porch light, and then were all (4) in the SUV heading down the hill going towards the field.

I ask Wanda my sister what time it was; she told me 2:32, she had her phone, but when this started it was just around 8:30/9 because it was just as it had barely been dark. I remember turning down the side road that took us to the big field that we saw those lights in, the one Jody had seen them in as he came in, and we were in a different field past that one, the car turned off all the windows went down at the same time.

I didn’t say anything, no one did, but I wondered why, then Jody and that guys doors opened. They got out, he didn’t take his gun, I had my eyes peeled looking out my window. I was in the backseat with Wanda. I knew I was going to run if I saw anything.

Then I’m sort of being or pushing myself back into my seat looking to the side and couldn’t see out the window. I was sitting way back. I looked over towards my sister; all I remember was a black shape like a triangle. I still didn’t say anything.

Then Jody and that guy came walking back, got into the SUV and shut the doors. It seemed like I could see them looking up, then coming to the car getting in, This place is pitch dark, I can’t figure out why I could see them. We’re heading back to the house and I told Jody, “there’s those lights still in the field,” (this field is right outside the car.)

I wondered why he didn’t stop or say anything. As we came up the bank onto the road it was starting to get light out. I asked Wanda the time, she said 6:30.

No one talked about it until later like a week, I ask Jody where we were when he ask me “why do they stack like that Nancy?” He looked at me so strange, we both pointed in different directions. I remember me standing next to Jody looking at 6 alien heads with like suites sort of waving. He asked me why they stack like that and I told him I don’t know.

I remember noises that space me out. Wanda said Jody has been doing it too. I remember two fingers touching my lips and hearing, “I’m not going to hurt you; I’ve just never touched a human before.”

Jody told me that I had come running up the road. He almost shot me but he saw my hair. This was said after he said I told buzz or whatever the guy’s name was not to go into that light. That’s why he didn’t have his flashlight when I ran to him, he said he told me to go back to where mom (my sis) is and I did.

I asked him, “does that sound like something I would do; Just turn and walk back in pitch dark, knowing there are coyotes all over there?” I still hear a noise; certain ones and it’s like I can remember, but that sound stops me from remembering…Crazy huh? But it’s true, we all remember differently. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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