My young son and I were outside watching the Perseid meteor shower and the smoke in the sky from the large wild fire in our county. To the northeast is a regular flight pattern of aircraft far off in the distant to the NE the craft fly from the east to the west and just look like small lights in the sky. On this occasion a craft flew from the NE straight in my direction, directly over my house to the SE. I had put a large shop light outside facing the NE to keep the critters away because my dogs bark all night. I think the craft was seeing what my light was. It moved very slowly and I could hear no noise until it was directly over my house. As it approached it had a huge white light and red lights around the top and sides. I thought it was a helicopter at first buy it was too large and didn’t make that kind of sound.

As it got closer the lights looked different. I could see it had a small red blinking light on the right side and a large blue light on the left side. The red light was the only blinking light on the craft and the blue light was constant and didn’t blink. The blue light was not as large as the white light in the middle. The nose of the craft was flat where the huge white light was on the front. The craft was shaped like a huge carrier jet and cigar shaped but a lot smaller than a cargo jet. It was just above tree top level and made a slight jet sound but very quietly as it flew over my house very slowly. I don’t know how it was flying so slowly and staying in the sky. I didn’t see any windows. It was shorter than the length of my house but the width and girth was larger than my house. It had two small wings to the front of the craft that didn’t look large enough for the craft. The small blinking red light and the blue light were on its wings. There were no jet engines on the wings or on the sides of the craft. It had no propellers.

I could not tell if or where any engines were on the craft. The body of the craft came to a smaller point to the rear and as if passed by I could see 2 huge tail wings that were on the craft in a vertical direction, huge rectangular shaped. The rear wings were very large and thick with each having a huge white rectangular light on the middle of the wing shining directly behind the craft. These rear lights were larger than the white light in the front. The wings looked like the wings on the star wars movie tie fighter but they were rectangular. I guess they are called v wings but these structures on the craft would not have benefited air flow around the craft. These rear vertical things on the back were taller than the body of the craft but did not hang down below the belly of the craft and were thick like giant blocks. The craft as a whole didn’t look like any jet I’ve ever seen, it looked like a space ship that could have turned straight up and went into space. I stood there with my mouth open saying “what is that” over and over again. My son is too young to say what he saw fly over the house. I have looked all over the internet but cannot find anything that looks remotely like what I saw. I didn’t think it was aliens although I guess I don’t know what one of their ships really looks like, but; I felt like it was ours. I turned off the bright light outside and haven’t turned it on since. I was half expecting the military to show up at my house because of the light but that didn’t happen, thank goodness. Apparently there are space craft on this planet that us regular people don’t know anything about. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.





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