My wife and I went to be early on the night of July 20th of 2021. It was about 2200 hours when we decided to go to bed. My wife and I both had stomachaches from overeating at dinner time and decided to go to bed early. At midnight my father in law stopped by to see what we was up too and I told him that my wife and I had stomach aches and we was sleeping. It was his vacation and probably wanted us to go to a bar with him. He left after I told him we had stomach aches. I went to the bathroom and lay back down and fell asleep. At at around 3am I was woken up by the smell of cinnamon. It was strong and over powering. I sleeply turned over and looked at my phone it said 3am. I laid back down on my back and realized my CPAP was off my face. I have sleep apenia and require a CPAP when I sleep. Once my eyes adjusted I saw several Grey aliens around me. They where like depicted anywhere else except smoother and less intimating. There was three to the left side of my bed, two to the right side of my bed, and one standing directly below the foot of my bed. They asked me telepathically if I was willing to go with them for a short time. I fully agreed. I felt no threat and felt only a warm presence. After I agreed vocally a clear warm liquid started to surround me. It kinda reminded me of the consistency of jello.

As the liquid covered my mouth and noise I found it hard to breath. I quickly told the visitors. They told me telepathically to relax. I can breath it will just take a little time to adjust and once the liquid was fully in my lungs I would breathed normally. After a few seconds I started to breath normally. After this liquid fully sounded me I started to be drawn up from my bed floating upward toward the ceiling. I was about to make contact with the ceiling when everything went black. When I came too I was laying on the floor across from my bed. I got up off the floor and was urinating myself. I urinated all the way to the bathroom. I had a weird metal taste in my mouth and everything smelled like rotten eggs for a short time. When I got back to my bed and looked at my phone it was 6.23AM. Now there are several important things to note. The first is when I came too at 6,23 I AM was on the floor without my CPAP on. This is important because I can not sleep without my CPAP. It is physically impossible because without it I feel like I’m being smothered. So its not possible to have been sleeping from 3am to 623am without my CPAP. The Greys had faces very detail even their beautiful black eyes where detailed. Also not I cannot hear in my dreams, during this experience I heard the sound of air coming from my CPAP facemask. You see when my CPAP is turned on but not on my face it blows air out of the mask which is very loud. Idk this is what happened. I just wish I could remember what happened after I was taken up. I hope you guys don’t think I’m crazy. I have no history of auditory or visual hullucinations. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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