I was visiting my friends who work in the international conference centre in Sonnenberg called Internationales Haus Sonnenberg, which is situated in the Harz Mountains in Germany and surrounded on all sides by national park deep forest for miles. The nearest town is Sankt Andreasberg (St. Andreasberg), the other side of the mountain, a fair distance away. We were all playing pool, when I wanted to come back to our rooms located in a place called the wohnhaus, which is where all the workers stayed. I went back there with my sister, and she heard a noise like a bat which got our attention and we looked around, and saw something moving behind the house. Before we knew it, this huge triangular object hovered over our heads and just stayed there. we were transfixed by it for i’m not sure how long, my younger sister was scared, as we had no idea what it was. Then it darted at incredible speeds behind the tree line of the mountain. We ran back to tell the others who thought we were seeing things and laughed at us, so they came out to see it disbelieving us, but there was nothing there, so they laughed at us even more, then we suddenly noticed it was above our heads. We hadn’t even heard it, or seen it , but it was there, a huge huge spinning triangle. It had lights all on its outside, circular lights.

It seemed so close we could reach up and touch it, but we all just stood there, part scared, we went to move into the house a little scared but as if it knew where we wanted to go, it moved and hovered over our apartments. It was transfixing, It moved like something I’ve never seen or heard of in my life. nor had anyone else. It could change directions like no other aircraft I know. It would dart in random directions across the skyline vanishing behind the trees, then just as quickly coming back and hovering exactly over our heads. I couldn’t see its colour, or details as it was very dark, there was no light pollution as we were in the mountains, all we could see was the lights that outlined the object. After I don’t know how long, the object back tracked incredibly quickly behind the trees and we didn’t see it again. We bashed around theories for what it could be, someone said it could be someone playing a trick on us in the forest, or a light display from the town the other side of the mountain but these are both impossible, the reasons, firstly someone has to sit somewhere high up on the mountain, deep in the forest but high enough to somehow see through the trees to the conference centre.

The conference centre itself was in a clearing in the forest, and the tree line the object vanished behind was a good distance away. in the darkness, not only would someone have to be sitting in a forest where wild boar and puma are prominent wildlife. Somehow in the darkness they would have to know where we were in the dark. Also lights do not make noise. This object a few times made like the ultrasound noise you can sometimes hear a bat make. As for a light show from Sankt Andreasberg, this too is impossible, there is no way the light would reach us, yet alone hover over our heads and know where we were, and there was no shows going on in the town of any kind. We know this was a flying object but what we don’t know, we were in such a remote area who knows what it was. All we know is that it was nothing we had ever seen before. I went out on my own a few times in the hope it would come back, but I never saw it again. I wish I had seen it again. I was fascinated. I would have posted my sightings sooner, but didn’t know of this site until I happened to find a reference to it. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.









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