I observed a sphere in the water for over one minute whilst on a voyage between Valencia and Palma De Mallorca. This was a near one track passage on 39degrees 25 mins between the two points. The vessel was a sailing yacht but there was no breeze so we were motoring. We had lost the engine and generator for around an hour prior to the sighting and had been floating whilst fixing this issue (fuel related). The Mediterranean Sea is non-tidal and with no breeze we moved very little over the period. Other vessels were several miles away and we were not in any danger. I had already noted the depth at around 1400m – nearly the deepest part of the sea at this point between the mainland and island – known as the Iberian Trench – extending to around 1500m depth. Once we were underway again, I was on watch, with one other person below. Due to the uncommonly calm water – often called millpond – very calm with little wave motion, we had been spotting sea life – a whale, several turtles, dolphins, and various garbage – there’s not much more to do on a passage such as this. For context I am an experienced sailor and had been engaged to deliver a Swan 82 sailboat. I have several sailing qualifications, sailed in many oceans throughout my life and am very familiar with the sea – what’s in it, how things move through it, etc. I have lived in the Med for nearly twenty years, sailing and swimming often.

The yacht has a light grey hull and long >4m keel. Outside of the calm waters the only other uncommon aspect had been the circa one hour stationary – over such deep water and in such a position this isn’t a normal place to just float. I was on the port helm looking forward past the mast and my eyes picked up an object in the water just ahead of the mast – we were traveling due East and the object appeared to be stationary – we were motoring at around 8 knots so anything floating would travel past at a reasonable speed but one which made it easy to notice and track objects to identify them – and with my knowledge of marine life this is usually an easy task. The object I tracked with spherical, bright white but appeared pearlescent in the water. It was around the size of a baseball, at a depth of .5m – 1m and stationary as we went past it. The mast was about thirty feet in front of me so I had time to notice and focus on the object. My initial thought was that it was a jellyfish but I dismissed this quickly, then a manmade object – mooring ball or plastic ball of some type. I was staring at this as it travelled down the length of the port side of the boat for several seconds whilst I tried to identify it. As it got closer to my position on the stern, I sensed I was being observed, an odd feeling with made me consider whether it was the eye of a shark, whale, dolphin, other creature.

The sun was near overhead and bright, visibility was perhaps >30m – the depth makes it difficult to judge how far down but with the clear pond like water and sun overhead anything would have been outlined. As the object approached being parallel with me it started to move and keep pace with the boat. This alerted me to this being ‘alive’ – it would be unusual for a creature to float past a motoring boat at this close distance without retreating, for it to begin to swim in the same direction and at the same speed was most odd. I then started for perhaps 45 seconds at the object – it didn’t change depth, there was no observable wash or anything which might indicate motion through the water. I concluded it was not a part of any creature, it was just a sphere, now tracking the boat and I felt it was looking at me as much as I was looking at it. I considered whether it was a lobster/crab pot with a line caught around our keel but the sea is too deep, the sphere too small and there was no lines attached to it, our speed was constant. As I observed this sphere it began to move through the water in random but straight parallel tracks of 0.5m – 1m. It would be consistent with something approach the speed of a scared fish, but the way it altered direction felt precise and it was still tracking the boat in the same direction. At this point I became baffled and turned to call the other crew member below to come up and see this object. As I turned back, I caught sight of it now falling back from my position in the helm and around another 5.10 feet back it vanished.

There was no wash, no other visible signs to account for what must have been a very rapid acceleration and it was no longer visible. I cannot account for this and have considered it and discussed it with sailing friends since. The other crew member joked that it must have been a UFO (floating object) and remarked that he’d been tracked for two days by a white spherical flying object on a voyage from Greece the previous Summer, something he could not account for but all of the crew observed this. I recently watched the Tic-tac video and the reported movement of this object above the water correlates with what I observed, on a smaller scale and distance. Hence, I decided to report this to enquire as to whether there have been any other such sightings. I would like to reiterate that I am an experienced sailor and user of the sea, living on Mallorca for nearly 20 years and used to swimming with sea creatures and identify them. I am accustomed to the way objects float and move through the water and no alcohol had been consumed alcohol ahead of nor on the voyage. This object struck me as sentient and fabricated, not naturally occurring or inanimate. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by MUFON’s National Director Ken Pfeifer.









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