I was driving home on West State in Bristol, TN. sometime between 10:30-11:00 on Tuesday night and I happened to see a bright object in the sky. I live in a town called Bristol, which is literally split down the middle by the state line. One half is in Virginia and the other half is in Tennessee. At the time that I witnessed whatever this was, I was on the TN side, but I could tell that the object was in the sky on the VA side. There is an airport in Blountville, TN which isn’t very far from Bristol, so seeing things in the air isn’t unusual. At first, I assumed it was just an airplane. As I drove further down the road, the light in the sky got brighter and it seemed like the object was going slowly across the sky. As I got closer to the light, it seemed to change direction rather easily, so I immediately thought it was a helicopter. Seeing a helicopter isn’t that unsual, our local hospital has one for emergencies and the police department has one too(I think). Finally, I came to stop at a traffic light. The light was red for maybe a couple of minutes. I never took my eyes off of the light in the sky while I sat there. As I sat there, I witnessed the light in the sky come further down from the sky. Then it stopped and just hovered there for a moment and changed direction, then it stopped again and abruptly changed direction again. At this point, I started thinking that this was definitely not an airplane and the odds of it being a helicopter was beginning to seem slim as well. Finally, the traffic light turned green and I drove down State Street here in Bristol. State Street is literally split into the TN and the VA side. Thankfully, there wasnt any traffic behind me, so I drove rather slow down the road. At this point, I could see whatever was in the sky very clearly. I was literally right underneath it and as dangerous as this sounds, I had my head out the window looking up at it as I was doing my best to not run into any cars or people. It was an oval/disk shaped object that was surrounded by lights. I am not good with distances, but whatever this was, was rather low. Low enough that I could actually see the underside of it being a slightly different color than the night sky. The lights surrounding the object were of a reddish/orange color. It made no sound at all, it was completely quiet. Yet another reason why I dont think it was a helicopter. I’ve seen and heard helicopters before, they can be quite loud, epsecially that low in the sky. Finally some traffic got behind me and I had to speed up, and I was no longer underneath of it. I looked into my rearview and it was gone….gone that quickly. I even stuck my head out of the window at the next red light and looked back and I saw nothing. It was like it was never there. I’ll say this before I go any further, I do believe in UFOs. I’m not saying that they are extraterrestrials, all I’m saying is that there are things in the skies sometimes that cannot be explained by conventional reasons. I honestly think I saw something that fits that category. It wasn’t an airplane. I truly don’t think it was a helicopter. It wasn’t a blimp. It wasn’t a weather balloon. It wasn’t Venus and it sure as heck wasn’t swamp gas. Unless it was a drone or some other type of remote control hovering/flying/disappearing vehicle, then I am out of things that it could be. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.