The year was 1974 and on one warm summer night about 9 p.m. my family and I were playing a card game.  Our house was located on Old Mchenry Rd. between Forest Lake and Hawthorn woods Illinois.  We were into our game for about an hour when a car drove fast up our driveway.  We realized it was a friend of ours. What was strange was she never came over this late.  She ran towards our door we were all looking out of.  We wondered what was going on for her to be here at this hour.  She said there’s ufos everywhere.  We all looked at each other and asked “what’s a ufo” ?? Seeing I was only ten then and can honestly say I never heard that term before. We walked out side and started looking into the night sky not knowing what we were about to see.   I pointed up and said look at that orange light.  Then we noticed that there were at least five or six of them positioned in the sky.  Not in any formation but just randomly spread out and not moving.  The color resembled that of a campfire that’s glowing deep orange.  Matter of fact I can say that I’ve never seen that much of color ever since.  We were all looking at the lights for a while when one started coming our direction.  It stopped almost directly overhead.  Seconds later another one moved closer.  One at a time these lights moved nearer to us.  By this time we were all getting scared so we called our friends husband and told him what was happening.  He drove over within minutes and also was looking at the lights.  By this time they were all around the house above and near our 2/3 acres.  2 or 3 hundred feet up. Maybe less because one of the lights hovered then decended over the swamp which was about 2 or 3 hundred yard away.  It was out of sight for 30 seconds or so then rose to it’s original hovering position.  The Lake County Sheriffs dept. was called and two deputies arrived shortly after.  They didn’t have to ask us what was going on because they saw them right away.  Here we were just staring at these lights with the deputies, admiring their orangeness.  One at a time they would move then stop, move then stop,move then stop.  Like they were looking for something.  One of the lights moved very close to another then hovered next to it momentarily then moved back to it’s original position.  Drivers by were pulling over seeing what we were seeing.  After two hours or so they took off into space (one at a time) leaving an orange streak in their wake.  The objects were about 3 times the size of venus when it is in full view.  The color orange was undescribable.  I guess you couldn’t get it more orange than that.  What they were can only be a guess.  This incident happened 38 years ago and is burned into my memory.  Seeing this started my quest to gain knowlege of what we saw and what others may have seen in the world.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.  Special thanks to the witness Ben Garfield.

Sighting information was submitted to WORLD UFO PHOTOS.ORG