Date of Sighting: February 1984
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PST

Location of Sighting: Fern Ridge, Oregon (West-Central Oregon About 2 Miles Southwest of Eugene)
Latitude: 44.08 Degrees North
Longitude: 123.3 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Several (Exact Number Unknown)
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): When I was 16 (almost 17), in about February, My boyfriend at the time was driving me home at about 11 pm. We were traveling East on HWY 126 between the town of Veneta and the city of Eugene, driving along Fern Ridge Reservoir. I first saw a red light off in the distance on the other side of the reservoir (northeast in front of us). It kept stopping and a red light would go down to the ground and then back up. Then it would move a bit more, light would go up and down, then repeat this pattern for about 1/2 mile of so. The airport is over there (Mahlon Sweet Field), so I thought it was a helicopter and told my boyfriend that I thought they might be searching for something over there. He thought it looked very strange and said he didn’t think it was a helicopter. We then past through some tall trees on both sides of the road as we were approaching the reservoir on the right side of the road, and our vision was blocked for a couple of minutes. When we came out of the clump of trees the UFO was on the left-side of the road (passenger side – South side of car), hovering over the marshy land across from the reservoir. My boyfriend started pulling over, and asked me to see if his mom’s camera was in the glove compartment. I, at this point, still thought it was a helicopter. Not having my glasses on and obeying my boyfriend’s orders, I hadn’t gotten a good look at it yet.

Then we stopped and I rolled down the window (didn’t find a camera). I realized as I looked at it, that it made no sound at all! People were pulling off the road on both sides and were getting out of their cars. I realized the UFO was a triangle, black, and had three VERY bright lights on the bottom of it. (One light was on each corner.) There was a dome shaped bump in the middle (on the bottom) with a darker hole in the middle. Around each light was very shiny silver-looking metal with slices in it, spinning very fast. The tall grass (about 4′ or so), was wipping around wildly under the craft. I also could see what looked like large pop-rivets and stuff all over the craft, like pieces of things that looked like mechanical parts. At this time I totally freaked out and started screaming for my boyfriend to leave. I was hysterical. We left and didn’t see it leave. Needless to say, I immediately woke my mom up when I got home and told her about it. She called home from work the next day and told me that she heard about it on the radio very early in the morning on the way to work. We never heard anything else about it. There were no windows on the side and we were so close, we didn’t have a view of the top of the craft. I’ve found a computer generated picture online of EXACTLY what I saw that night. URL: What I saw is at the top of the web page on your left-hand side.

Report Made to the National UFO Reporting Center on July 9, 2002 Regarding the February-March, 1984 Sighting: : A large trianglar craft was hovering silently about 30 feet in the air, along side the road. The craft was about 50 feet from the road. The craft was about 40 feet across. It had flat sides that were about 4 feet thick and looked to be made of metal, a dark none-metalic looking in color, with a lot of tubes and stuff all over it. There were three bright white lights, one on each corner, with a bright silver metalic colored ring around each light that was spinning. The rings had slits in them. There was a small red light in the middle that floated down to the ground and back up. There was a strong blowing wind or breeze, but no sound at all. Other people were pulling off the side of the road to watch it. We left as soon as we discovered that it wasn’t anything we’d ever seen before. I was only 17 years old, and my boyfriend at the time was 20. Tt scared as to death. The next day it was on the local radio.

Investigator’s Notes: The witness vividly recalls a close and terrifying encounter with a triangular shaped craft. Apparently several other people saw the craft and the sighting was in local news reports. Given that this sighting occurred several years ago it is difficult to do any investigation. This is one of the earliest triangular shaped craft sightings that I have heard of. Most sightings of this nature began occurring in the late 1980s around the time of the “Belgium Wave of Sightings.”