I have to begin by explaining why I am sharing this 30 years later. Last year I had brain surgery to repair a bleeding arteriovenous malformation. I was home and had a severe headache and went to the hospital. I was prepped for surgery that day. At some point I woke up in the ICU. I felt like something very strange was happening. Initially, I didn’t even realize where I was, but then it all came back and I remembered the headache and having to go to the hospital. In that same instant, thinking I was alone in my room I screamed out some choice words. In that moment of clarity where I recalled having the headache at home, something had changed. A switch had been flipped and I instantly had recall of what happened after 4th of July weekend in 1993. My dad was driving us back from visiting family in Worcester after a long weekend. I was dozing off then my mom yelled out something that woke me. I made out that she was saying something to the effect of, “maybe he’s lost control. He might crash onto the road.” My dad pulled over and told us to stay in the car. I was still getting my bearings as I sat up and really had no idea what my parents were talking about. I could see some amber and blue lights in the woods on the side of the road and my mom said she thinks a plane crashed. A moment passes and my dad returns and says he thinks the police are there and opens the car door. Without even thinking, I mean without a single concern or thought I open my car door and casually start walking into the woods.

My mother does the same thing as my dad closes and locks the doors. We are casually and without saying a word are walking in the middle of the night into those woods for seemingly no reason at all. We arrive at where the lights are and I can’t really make out anything because it’s too bright. As we are walking the lights are getting dimmer and changing color to redish as we approach. It looks like an optical illusion because I feel like if I stopped walking, if I could stop walking, the light would stop changing. Also, as the lights dimmed, the object, what I believe to be a space craft, seemed to be getting much larger as I approached, or it felt like I was shrinking. I can’t explain well, but this matte dark grey colored oval shaped thing seemed to go from being something was maybe 6 ft across when I was 20ft away now seemed to be 50ft across when I was 2 feet away. There were beings standing right there, out in the open. They were the same height and build I was. I felt like I was being silently ushered to my seat at a show. The silence, but the knowing of what to do and where to go felt so fun and exciting. I felt like I was doing really well and following the rules. The craft seemed to be floating about 5 inches off the ground. My father ducked his head and stepped in followed by my mother and then I. The beings filed in behind me, but I never looked back. I leaned against the wall. Once inside, there was a small featureless room. I saw the beings face and I was very scared. It was the prototypical alien, large eyes, small mouth, two tiny openings for a nose.

There were three of them and they were all wearing a tight fitting black coverall. I let out a whimper in fear and I looked away. I felt overcome with shame and disappointment that I was scared. We stood in this room for about 90 seconds. I felt like I was in an elevator that was going up. I put my hands behind my back and leaned against the wall. The wall looked like it was metal and would be cold, but it was actually pleasant to touch and I felt at the time that it’s temperature was perfect. I felt like I was collected enough to not be scared and I looked up and then got what I can only describe as an, “Aww shucks, we nearly made it,” feeling. I felt like I had very nearly won a prize but lost and now it was time to go. I felt gratitude for the opportunity, whatever it was. My dad stepped out and mother and I followed. We walked back to the car and I went back to sleep and my dad continued driving us home. I woke up at home and went to bed. My parents have never spoken about this and I did not remember any of it until after I had surgery.