My daughter passed away last year from Covid. Since this experience, she made me promise that I would never tell anyone about the experience she had while we were residing in Lucerne California. One night, my dogs started going totally crazy with barking and growling. Then I noticed ALL the dogs in the neighborhood were behaving the same way. When I walked into the kitchen, our stove was operating at full capacity with everything on; it is glowing. I then turned off the stove and I yelled at my wife for not turning off the stove but she was in bed. I walked down the hallway and noticed that my older daughter’s bedroom light was on. I noticed that the light was glowing through all the small spaces around and under the door. The lights were so bright that the entire hallway was lit. I beat on her door to tell her to turn off all the lights and go to bed. Her room went totally dark immediately. I went to bed thinking that she went to bed.

The next morning, my oldest daughter refused to get out of bed and she refused to go to school. This was not the type of behavior my daughter ever displayed before this day. I was a bit confused. I drove my youngest to school and when I came home, my oldest daughter was sitting at the kitchen table and her face was so pale. I sat down to talk to her. My wife was with us and was shaking a bit. My wife told my daughter to tell me the story of what happened to her. My daughter started to talk and began to stutter and I could tell she was terrified and pleaded with me to believe her. My daughter told me that she was angry at me because she was screaming in her room because of the things that were happening to her while she was being held down by the people in her room. She told me that these people came through the bedroom window.

When I checked her window, it was locked and could not be opened from the outside. She said that she screamed so much but there was no sounds coming out of her mouth. She did not talk to me a few days after. After this experience, she made me promise not to tell anyone because people would think she was lying or that she was crazy. From then on, she would NEVER sleep with doors closed, she asked me to bolt all the doors and place screws into every window so the windows could not be opened from the outside. Her speech was affected for the rest of her life after that that encounter. We moved from that location after my daughter was married. Shortly after the encounter, my daughter said that “They are coming back” and she also always believed they were follow her. She got married when she was 19. After a little while, she told me that “things were happening again.” She did not elaborate about the exact experiences but she said that she has a lot less memories. I am guessing about the date of the encounter but I cannot remember the exact date. My daughter was in High School at the time. Until the day she died last year, she always told me that “they have followed her where ever she has lived.” She was also terrified all the time and she never goes to bed unless lights are on. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








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