Date of Sighting: December, 1990
Time of Sighting: About 11 PM Local Time
Duration of Sighting: 30 Seconds to 1 Minute
Location of Sighting: Aguada, Puerto Rico (Northwestern Puerto Rico)
Latitude: 18.38 Degrees North
Longitude: 67.19 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One

Description (In Witness’s Own Words): This was in Puerto Rico back in 1990 around 11:00pm in the evening when my friend and I were leaving a party next to our house. As we left the party my friend Benny went to his house and I went to my house, but before I went home I stopped in the bushes to “go to the bathroom” when I noticed a red moon in the sky instead of a white moon. This triggered my thoughts back to a few years earlier were from that same section of the bushes my two sisters had encountered two balls of fire flying right to in front of them and then going back into where they came from. With this thought in my mind, I got scared and walked opposite of the direction I went to the bathroom, when I realized that next to my neighbor’s house, I see a saucer like half shape with smoke coming out of it and different color light moving in a sequence, with a type of L shape artifact on top of this thing. Even though it was late at night I could see all of this because the thing was directly underneath a light pole, so I could clearly see the smoke, and that L shape artifact on top.

I lived on top of the hill of what I was seeing so, I figured if I went to the top I could look down and prove myself that what I was seeing was what I thought a ship. This encounter lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute when I reached the top of the hill, the thing vanished. Freaked out I ran to my house woke my parents up and in total emotion, I drew what I saw. Until this day I could draw what I saw with my eyes closed. The next day when I got up, I immediately contacted my friend Benny to tell him of what I had encountered. To my surprise he explained that when he went through the short cut which was on his aunt’s property to go to his house. He encountered the unexplainable. He said that a 3 to 4 feet tall thing crossed right in front of him in the direction of what I was seeing, at a very high speed. Benny described this thing as similar to a monkey because of its height, and similarities of the body, long arms? We both left at the same time and experienced something not from this world. Is there any type of way to find out if this incident resulted in what we saw only, or did this escalate to something else? Since this day on my beliefs have been very strong towards extraterrestrial life, because I have seen things that I could say, but someone may not believe. Feel free to contact me if you need any information on this matter. Thank you.

Investigator’s Notes: The witness has described a close encounter and given the experience of his friend a possible entity could be associated with the sighting. The witness immediately responded to questions that I posed. He stated that he did not previously report the sighting because he considered the sighting very “personal and serious.” He says that after 16 years he still discusses the incident with his friend who experienced the enounter with the entity. The witness was 14 years old at the time of the sighting. The witness now holds a respectable position in a company and vividly recalls his experience. This case falls into the “unidentified ” and “close encounter” categories. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







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