I was staying the Night at my Grandparents house in their living room. In the living room the couch I was laying on faces a large Window that has a view of the whole front Yard where you can see the half-circle driveway with 2 exits to the road. These 2 exits are the only way into and out of the property. I was laying down watching TV and couldn’t sleep. In my peripheral vision I see 2 headlights pull into the right entrance of the driveway and pull straight behind the house where the entrance to the back of the house is. The Cars headlights were lit, but they did not Illuminate the area infront of the car or the car itself which was strange, and the car made no engine noise or noise driving over the gravel. I got very scared and ran to get my grandfather to come check for the car as it did not exit the driveway or turn around after pulling in.

Seconds later we go to check and there was no Car, which was impossible as I was checking every window i passed and listened as closely as I could for the sound of someone leaving or an engine revving. Nothing. So, my grandfather goes back to bed. (I asked him the next day and he remembers me waking him up) I return to the living room now very scared and confused. I was scared it was an intruder, so I was staying vigilant by looking out the window I originally saw the Car from, when all the hair on my neck stood on end, and I felt like I was being Watched, for some reason I knew to be very discreet in my movement as I turned my head slightly to look into the kitchen, which was around 8 feet from where I was and I could see into from my position, when I see an Entity around 3 and a Half feet tall standing infront of the sink under the spotlight that stays on in the kitchen.

The Entity had Paper white skin with a very subtle green tint, smooth skin that looked speckled with light shades of green and a Shiny look as if it were made from Plastic. It had pure Black eyes the size of a Lemon in the shape of almonds. It had no clothes, No genetalia, no nose or nostrils, just a Mouth and Eyes. It had no hair anywhere on its body. Its head was proportional to its body, not too large, but similar to an average Human. It had vein clusters that were discolored on its face and body that spread in different directions. I believe they were green, but the lighting made it hard to tell. Its mouth was open with very thin discolored lips and a full pointed row of teeth on top and bottom, like a mouthful of Human Canine Teeth. It had no muscle definition or shadows, but its body looked stocky. Its arms were slightly longer than its waist, and its legs were equal in width to its arms. I saw its chest rise and fall from what I assume is breathing.

It stayed completely still for multiple seconds, I felt like my adrenaline just shot through my body like I was in a room with a Predator, when I started thinking out of nowhere “Pretend to be Asleep” so I did without hesitation which is not how I would normally navigate a stressful situation, so I kept my eyes shut and pretended to sleep for no more than 5 minutes. I heard no sound and looked up; the thing was gone. I know for a fact I had not fallen asleep because I was listening for the slightest noise but heard nothing. I did not sleep until I saw the sunrise. I’ve never had problems with Hallucinations before or after the event, and I have never experienced anything like it since. Not in dreams or anything. It feels like a genuine memory. Ive never had dreams I could remember as vividly as I remember this either. I remember the show that was on when I saw the car. The car was a mystery. I don’t remember seeing the shape behind the headlights, but they moved in a very carlike manner, but the headlights emitted no light outside of themselves. The tires made no noise as they passed over the gravel, and I heard no engine. Keep in mind this was in rural Tennessee where you can hear every car pass by even if it’s far away. I heard no doors open and close before and after the entity appeared, and I know I never saw that car leave and there was no way it could have left without me seeing/hearing it. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by MUFON’s Alien Encounter Team.