In January 2019 I had been seeing strange green lights flying very low over the horizon.  I lived in St Albans Vt at the time which is a very small city about 15 miles from the Canadian border.  I kept seeing these odd green lights close to the tree line.  I even had the thought there was something military going on so close to the border.

I am a smoker and I would see the lights on my back deck at night which looked westward over the area towards Lake Champlain.  I was simply watching television with my wife and ran out to the deck for a quick cigarette.  It was very cold so I did not grab my phone thinking this would be quick.

As soon as I got outside I saw two bright green lights hovering over the lake about 6 miles west of me. Because I had sparked an interest in seeing them before and I was unsure of what they were I kept my eye on them this time.

The two lights slowly worked their way straight towards me, probably about 35 miles an hour.  As they approached I noticed the lights were very bright, way brighter than an ordinary aircraft.  They also were very low just skirting the tree tops.  This is when I ran to the door and hallored to my wife “bring me my phone!”

I now knew this was something unusual.  When I turned back to the lights, they were even closer.  Almost blinding me and almost touching the trees.  I slowly watched it proceed west and when it got closer and to the side of me finally the lights went by my vision, and I could see what was behind them!  And there it was!  A full-blown flying saucer!  Crazily almost exactly like you would see in a movie.  Except it seemed to have a small city on its back! 

My mind raced and an incredible fear came over me like something was coming for me… but then I heard a voice in my head say. “It’s ok. We are just getting some fresh water from your lake, we do it all the time and we will be back. This is no big deal.”  At this point there is a small gap in my recollection, almost like a glitch in my memory.  I may have returned to the door to holler for a phone but I am not sure.

What I am sure of is what I saw and what happened next.  when my thoughts returned to me.  I looked back at the ship.  It was now almost directly over my head and about  40-50 feet away.  I looked directly up at the bottom of it.  It seemed carbon black, no reflections at all.  You would barely know it was there except I could see a green ring.  The same green that had illuminated from the windows.  I said to myself, am I seeing inside this thing?

Then the green ring instantly opened, and I could see inside an open circled area where the green ring had opened.  It glowed with some kind of a red/pink aura inside.  I was close enough to see two members going from one side of the opening to the other as if to stabilize the opening.

Then as soon as this aura appeared it shot straight up as if it was climbing something or jumping through time.

It continued out into the outer solar system.  As far as the eye can see I could see the red illumination until it was a pin prick and then gone. 

This whole sighting was about 10 minutes.  It is unbelievable to me that no one else saw this but it was late on a freezing winter night in an unpopulated part of the town.  It also was obvious that it did not want to be seen.  The way it clung to the trees and the black underbody.  The bright lights making it impossible to see unless you were at the exact correct angle. It all adds up to sneakiness! 

After my sighting I believe that I had a telepathic experience of some kind.  It really was like it did not happen.  I remembered it but it was like it was no big deal at all.  I did not even get too upset with my wife for not bringing the phone and simply went to bed. (Which I have heard from others who had close up encounters.)

It took me about a year to realize how important this was and how profoundly it had changed my life.  After all everything is now in question from religion to spirituality to the understanding of mankind and how we came to be.  I finally began to tell my story but even when I finally reported it to MUFON. I still had not realized the sheer monumental sighting I had.  But I do now! and I am happy to share my story every day if someone will listen. So, thanks for listening and helping me get it out there. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

Also Ken, I have been checking out your photo site! Amazing stuff! I have some Vt photo’s I would love to send you if you’re interested.

Special thanks to Robin Perreault. He is the Certified Field Investigator for MUFON Vermont.