MAY 15, 1977………….29 PALMS CALIFORNIA

I was a Marine stationed at 29 Palms, CA. My MOS (job) was a 1371 Combat Engineer (we built stuff)… Starting 1977 we, 7th Eng Sub Btn, along with the Navy Seabees, were tasked with building the Marine Corps largest airstrip about 5 miles west of “Mainside” base. Once we had started construction, the Marine Corps had us build a “Guard shack” to sleep 4-5 Marines while on Guard Duty. One afternoon, while on duty, I was with 3-4 other Marines. We had just eaten dinner (cans of C-RATS) and were in metal office chairs leaning back against the side of the guard shack looking out across the desert. It was now dusk and getting dark. We sat just staring out over the desert. Suddenly and out of nowhere a red spot appeared. It just sat there, in one spot for “several” seconds. Instantaneously they moved to the right a half mile+/- away. At first, we thought it was a helicopter but no helicopter on the planet moves that fast. It sat stationary for “several” seconds again. We were all leaning back in our chairs against the side of the shack looking out mostly wondering out loud what we thought it was.

Then as suddenly as it had moved to the right, it moved back to its original position and hovered for “several” seconds again. After a few seconds it shot straight up and out of sight in a nanosecond. A red dot one moment and gone the next. Helicopters do not move that fast! What happened next is totally bizarre. We were 5 miles to main side base. We were in the middle of nowhere in the desert and it was now dark. All the “HE” heavy equipment was parked behind the shack. Trucks, dozers, jeeps, etc. If anyone was to try and sneak up on us, we’d see them or hear them. Nobody is going to walk 5 miles in the desert at night to pull off a prank! So, we were sitting there digesting the light when one of the diesel trucks started up. We heard the unmistakable sound of a diesel starting. “WT…?” We all jumped out of our chairs and bolted to the sound.

When we got to the truck it was idling with no one around and there was a small fire next to the truck. If it was other Marines playing a trick, they’d have made themselves known! If it was civilians (kids) they’d have had to know we were there, and they’d have had to ride dirt motorcycles across the desert for several miles and then walk a couple miles. NOT HAPPENING! We saw and heard nothing coming or going. We expected any moment to have some friends jump out of the dark desert and surprise us. Nothing. We were Marines on Guard Duty. No, no drinking and or drugs! Guard Duty is a serious obligation and if you’re caught doing something stupid, you will be punished. I took a screenshot with Google Earth and marked the appx location of the “RED DOT”. If you look at Google Earth, you’ll see Camp Wilson is in the middle of nowhere. In 1977 there was nothing within 10 miles in any direction. I had replied to a post on a video I saw on YouTube several months ago about this incident, and I had a reply from a local saying he has seen similar lights around the base as well over the years. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.