For my daughters abductions its hard to give exact dates. She goes all the time according to her. When she first spoke of being taken from her bed at night she was 3. Which I would say it was around the summer time of 2007. (She was three then and turning four on Halloween). So I am not sure how to give you around about dates for all her abductions. I just started communicating with her more on her abductions cause she is at the age now where she likes to talk about them and share her stories. She seems more aware now of what is happening and going on. She claims to go more in the summer time but goes monthly to her alien school. She is to help teach their breed how we play and learn. I have some images she has drawn I can share with you as well. Her first adventure she claimed they took her from her bed, but not her whole body. She described it as her inside self was outside her body and she could look down at herself. She was never scared or feared what was happening. She went with grey like aliens that are short. She claims her first abduction they took her to the alien station (as i call it) and there they operated on her right eye. (which before this story was told to me she always complained of her right eye hurting, but eye vision was always checked out to be perfect). She claims they changed her eye to be able to scan it when she goes to with them to be able to identify her and to enter the alien station. She claims she was taken on a tour of the place and shown where all the babies are kept in tube like water balloons (as she described). Hanging from like the ceiling area in thousands. That the babies were of human and alien genes. She also was explained the reason she was there and it was to teach their babies of mixed breed how to play and learn as humans do. She said they told her that they were not here to harm her in anyway or us here on Earth but to also help us with ourselves to evolve and learn. This amazed me coming from a 3 yr old mouth, someone who has never sat down in front of a TV of any kind and even heard of alien abductions. She and I were sitting in her room at her little table playing when she brought up the story of her alien friends. So since then she tells me stories off and on of abductions. Just not too long ago, maybe a month or so I was awaken from my sleep with a room full of bright light and seen a small short greyish figure pass beside my dresser and walked out through my wall. As he was doing so he communicated to me telepath, everything is ok go back to sleep and without realizing I must have fallen right back to sleep. Was the next morning when I remembered seeing him and I asked Seanna (my daughter) was she abducted that night and she said yes. Then is when I asked could you draw me some images of the things you see or experience. So I get stories from her all the time so not sure how you want me to give dates on her abductions or if you just want to use the first experience. She can tell you some things that make me want to sit down and listen for hours.  While on their planet, she has a dome type mask over her head (I would assume she is meaning something like the astronauts wear in space) At the top of the dome it has a pipe like material that connects to the top of a rail type system that is connected on the ceiling that when she walks it follows her through the (shall we say) craft or housing she is in. This provides her with her type oxygen that she breaths here on earth. She explains that others are from different planets and they get different type of oxygen to breath (or what they need on their planet to breathe). Now she does get to take this off only ONCE while she is in their housing and that is when she goes to the playground to play with their breeds. She said she has to step into like a walk-in closet size area with two doors which close tightly and she removes her dome breathing mask and then has to move quickly out the other door into a dome type playground area. Her she teaches the kids how they play on playgrounds. In this area the alien breeds are breathing in our oxygen that we have on earth and adapting to it. As they are human and alien breeds as she claims. (* Hope that made sense, tried to explain it the best I could).I will get images together of the few things she has drawn up and send them your way and describe them as she has done to me. Glad to know others out here are believers.

Daughter name is Seanna Barkley and she was born 2003 on Halloween !!  Her birth was predicted by my sister, lol….my family of weird and unexplained.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.
KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS  …… Special thanks to Tracy Barkley [ Seanna’s mother ] for this increadible abduction encounter. It takes courage to speak the truth.