UFOs And Confrontations in the North Atlantic

For decades, NATO forces flexed their muscles against the Warsaw Pact, each nation conducting a dangerous cat and mouse game of testing defences, both in the air and at sea. At its height, Soviet aircraft flew many intrusive flights into the North Atlantic knowing they would be tracked by the many NATO radar/listening facilities stretching from Iceland down to Britain via means of ground, sea and airborne means. NATO’s response was (and still is) swift and efficient in challenging the intruders. The ‘game’ was also enacted at sea as Soviet submarines regularly left their bases in the Barents Sea in an attempt to enter the North Atlantic undetected, but their movements were closely monitored by NATO and the appropriate action taken. Although the Cold War is now a thing of the past and Russian air incursions are few and far between, NATO remains watchful and ready to react at a moments notice. It was during 1970 and 1971 that the Western Alliance became increasingly concerned at a speight of incidents involving UFOs over the North Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern coastline of Britain. As a result, a highly secret and operation was instigated to try to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.-

 Operation Aeneid was a combined operation involving the RAF, the USAF and members of the Royal Observer Corps. It involved the establishment of secret observation centres around Great Britain, including at least four in Lincolnshire, that were constantly manned throughout the Autumn and Winter of 1970 and the Spring of 1971. A number of UFO sightings were made, including one in broad daylight off the Lincolnshire coast. The latter involved an appearance by a huge UFO, reportedly 180 feet long and accompanied by numerous ball-shaped objects that had a glass-like appearance. These spent several hours hovering over the RAF bombing range at Donna Nook and was witnessed by at least half-a-dozen airmen. During the course of the operation, UFOs were tracked on many occasions and fighter aircraft were scrambled to intercept. During one incident, two aircraft ordered to intercept a UFO over the North Sea suddenly found themselves surrounded by strange unknown craft. In a separate incident, a General Electric Lightning fighter was scrambled from RAF Binbrook to intercept a UFO.

 Ground Radar monitors had both the UFO and fighter on screen when suddenly the two ‘targets’ merged into one before separating again. Although voice transmission was lost and later regained, the aircraft crashed into the sea and the pilot was lost. Wreckage was later recovered at sea by the crew of HMS Kiddleston, but the pilot’s body was never found. What remained of the aircraft was later transported to RAF Binbrook – which was unusual. Normally, all wreckage from air accidents are taken to Farnborough for thorough investigation, but on this occasion the rules were changed. Air accident investigators from Farnborough had to travel to RAF Binbrook to undertake their examination. On their arrival at Binbrook, they found the wreckage hidden behind a tarpaulin in a hanger; their usual access to such wreckage was restricted; they were only permitted to perform a cursory examination. They were amazed to discover that many of the aircraft’s flight instruments were missing.

Their removal had been a serious breach of regulations and although told the instruments would be returned, they never were. The investigating team were constantly supervised by five civilians, two of whom were Americans. After only a few hours, the team were told their job was over, to pack up their bags and go. The following day, members of the team were summoned to the main office at Farnborough and told in no uncertain terms not to discuss any aspect of the crash with anyone, not even members of their own families. The reason? National Security. Since then, UFO activity has continued apace in the North Atlantic and North Sea. In recent times, that activity has been reported off the coasts of Lincolnshire, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark and the south coast of Iceland. ‘Confrontations’ have occurred between elements of the NATO fleet and huge triangular objects seen emerging into and from the sea. On 20 December 1992, three UFOs were tracked coming down and entering the sea off the east coast of Iceland.

The following day, Icelandic fishermen off the north east coast were confronted by very large, very fast, “moving underwater craft” which displayed flashing coloured lights. These USOs (Underwater Submarine Objects) appeared to be accompanied by a glowing airborne object travelling south towards the coast of Scotland. As the USOs moved through the water they came into contact with and damaged fishing nets. The fishermen concerned told me they were used to submarine activity in the area, but said these particular craft were definitely not normal submarines. They moved too fast through the water, had flashing lights, and were far larger than anything they had seen before. The fishermen were so frightened by the events they contacted Icelandic authorities who immediately dispatched Icelandic Coast Guard vessels to act as escorts. On 23 December 1992, an Icelandic Coast Guard vessel and two gunboats were ordered to take up station off Langeness, an area where UFOs had been seen entering the water.

The operation was conducted in great secrecy and I was told the crews felt very uneasy. Their role was to observe and report. A short time later, three American warships took up station in the area and were eventually joined by a fleet of NATO warships, including some from Britain. A simple check with newspapers in the week leading up to Christmas of that year will reveal the gathering was described as a military exercise. Few bothered to appreciate that it was extremely strange and unusual for a massive NATO naval exercise to take place so close to Christmas. On 24 December 1992, the crews of two British ‘Hunter Killer’ submarines were recalled from Christmas leave. HMS Tireless and HMS Trenchant put to sea to link up with the NATO surface fleet. At the same time, Icelandic Coast Guard vessels and gunboats were ordered to take up station at Alice Fjord off the east coast of Iceland. British newspapers then put out a story that surface ships had entered the area to track a very large underwater craft, believed to be a new generation of Russian submarine.

 I then received further information from contacts that a further four UFOs had been seen to descend and enter the same area of sea. Icelandic sources also confirmed that the entire operation was linked to tracking “unknown underwater alien craft”. Around this time, a massive sea search was put into operation to locate a surface vessel which had reportedly gone missing. The search continued in great secrecy for several days, but without success. Then, on 12 January 1993, smaller Icelandic vessels had to take shelter at Langeness Fjord because of appalling weather conditions which continued for approximately three weeks. The largest ships of the NATO fleet remained at sea. By the 6 February 1993, the weather had improved sufficiently for ships to put back to sea. Icelandic Coast Guard vessels and gunboats were ordered to take up their original positions on picket duty. All was quiet at sea for the next few days, until suddenly all ships in the area received a message from the American Flotilla, comprised of three Destroyers.

The message instructed all ships to stand off and not to approach any closer than three nautical miles. All ships complied. While outside the ‘exclusion zone’ ships radar’s suddenly detected sixteen airborne objects which were then visibly seen to approach the American vessels and then hover directly above them. Crews on outlying boat saw the brightly lit amber coloured objects remain stationary for a short time before they suddenly sped away in unison at great speed. The watching crews were bemused and knew the objects could not possibly have been helicopters, not least because of the poor weather conditions and the fact they were too far from land. On 15 April 1993, all ships involved in the secret operation were ordered to search for yet another American warship which had gone missing. Only two American Destroyers were now visible to the outlying ships. The names of both the remaining American ships had been removed and the crews were seen wearing full battle dress.

 Elements of the Russian Navy had now joined the operation and were working in unison with the NATO surface fleet at the mouth of the Barents Sea. On one occasion radio communication between the Russian ships were understood to say: “We are engaging unknown underwater craft.” On 16 April 1993, British newspapers carried the headline, ‘Joint American and Russian Military Exercises About To Take Place’. They announced: ‘For the first time since World War Two, joint exercises involving elite American and Russian troops are about to take place on Russian soil. The area of operation is said to be Siberia. The arrival point of the American troops, was Tiksi.’ Tiksi is the nearest Russian Port to the area where the naval operations were taking place. Due to severe security warnings given to all personnel regarding the leaking of information, no further information was forthcoming. Information about other incidents did continue to reach me however, such as one that took place on 21 April 1993, when the crew of an Icelandic Airlines aircraft, travelling from London to Iceland, became aware that two large balls of white light had joined them as they passed over the coast of Scotland.

 The bright “glowing balls” took up position on either side of the aircraft towards the tail. The objects maintained this position all the way to Iceland and only when the aircraft began it’s descent to Keflavik Airport did they depart. During the many months that followed Icelandic fishermen remained nervous and concerned as they repeatedly witnessed strange aerial phenomenon in the sky close to their fishing grounds. On one occasion, several tubular objects with “glowing blue-like fluorescent lights” hovered over fishing boats who then experienced a complete power loss for several minutes. Eventually the objects disappeared and power was restored. At 7.30pm on Monday, 12 February 1996, I received a ship-to-shore telephone call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Straight, off the West Coast of Iceland. The caller told me that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. At that precise moment the transmission was cut off. Approximately fifteen minutes later the caller rang again to say that all electronics on the ship had suddenly failed.

He told me that he and the rest of the crew had seen the triangular object move away from the boat then suddenly descend into the sea. The moment it had disappeared all electronic power was restored. At 9.00pm on Sunday, 18 February 1996, a further call was received from the boats at sea. On this occasion the caller told me that the whole crew were terrified because three huge black triangular objects, accompanied by three independent red balls of light, had come out of the sea and were hovering silently in the air close to their boats. I asked if the balls of light were connected to the triangles and he said, “No they are totally seperate and independent”. The caller was asked if the triangles were showing on the ships Radar. He replied, “No the Radar is not picking them up, the whole crew are standing on the deck watching them.” Were the objects close to the boat? “Yes, they are hovering near the port bow, we’re all scared”. Asked if he could hear any sound coming from the objects, he replied, “No there’s no sound coming from them”. Were there any lights on the triangles? “Yes there are small lights on different parts of them.” He then said, “The whole crew are out on deck watching them”.

Suddenly the transmission was lost and the phone went dead. A short time later the connection was restored and the voice at the other end said, “The objects have now gone, they all descended and went down into the sea”.  At 3am. on Monday, 19th. February, 1996 a call was received in the middle of the night, from a fishing boat at sea, off the coast of Iceland. The caller said, ” We have just been watching a gigantic sphere, hovering in the air, not very far from our boats. It slowly moved away from us and then descended and disappeared into the sea. We have no idea what it was.” An hour later the telephone was ringing again and once again the message was from the fishing boat. “There are now six large florescent tube like objects hovering in the air close to our position, they are a blue color and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don’t like all this”. At 10.55pm. on Tuesday, 23rd. April, 1996, a further telephone call was received from a ship which was fishing 200 miles South West of the coast of Iceland.

The caller said, ” You are not going to believe what we have just seen. We were fishing fairly close to a group of American Warships and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and one of the warships just disappeared in front of our eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you it happened a short time ago. Soon after this an American boat came over to us an ordered us and other fishing boats to leave the area immediately. Our Captain didn’t need any telling, he told us to get our boat out of the area as quickly as possible and to return to our base in Iceland. We are now making our way back. The incident has upset us all, particularly the Captain, he has retired to his cabin with a bottle of whisky”. On Sunday, 19 January 1997, A large number of UFO-related events occurred off the south coast of Iceland. Reports were received of large numbers of UFOs gathering over the sea. I can assure readers that these reports were coming from ships at sea, witnesses on the ground and from airline pilots. On Monday, 20 January 1997, airliners attempting to land and depart from Keflavik Airport were delayed because UFOs were seen flying in civilian air corridors.

Only when the UFOs had departed were things returned to normal. Recent information from our Spanish contacts reveal that their fishermen have also reported seeing huge triangular craft and other objects coming out of the sea off the coast of Ibetha. These are currently being investigated. There is no doubt that these extraordinary events are not something recent or new to the areas most effected. They have been occurring since the early 1960s and appear to have continued unabated to the present day. Thirty years ago, pilots and other witnesses described amazing speeds and aerial manoeuvers and cited their apparent ability to operate equally as well in the oceans. Perhaps they are not visitors from another planet, perhaps they have always existed in the darkest, deepest depths of our oceans. If so, could it be that their increasing appearance is tied to the ecological damage we are inflicting on our planet’s surface, as well as in our Oceans? Speculation I know, but an interesting possibility. On the other hand, what if they are indeed visitors from another planet? Why are they here and what are their intentions? They act secretly and come and go like shadows in the night, watching our every move. Why are UFOs seen so often in the vicinity of military bases, nuclear missile sites or in areas of military operations?



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