MAY 21, 1994…………..PLAUEN GERMANY

On the evening of May 21st, 1994, at around 11 pm in the city of Plauen, around 150 east of Frankfurt in Germany, 39-year-old postal worker, “Mrs. H” was in her first-floor high-rise apartment she shared with her daughter, watching a movie on television.  On this particular evening, her daughter was out for the evening at a local discotheque.

As the movie she was watching came to an end, Mrs. H got up from the sofa and stepped out onto her balcony. As she did so, her attention was immediately drawn to a strange light in front of her. She estimated it was approximately five miles away from where she was standing. She stared at the glow for several moments, realizing that it appeared to be wrapped around a single oak tree, with all other trees around it remaining in darkness.

The more she looked, she also noticed that a strong wind appeared to be blowing near the trees, but only the tree that was lit up appeared to be moving, with the other surrounding trees remaining almost motionless. It was as she was looking around for the apparent source of this wind that she spotted a huge, glowing object hovering overhead, approximately 100 feet above the ground and around 300 feet from her.

She described the object as looking like “two frisbees stuck together” that were “turning in opposite directions”. The top side of the object had a circle of white lights stretching around it that were turning in an anti-clockwise formation, while the underside had a circle of lights moving in the opposite direction, as well as dark square-like windows.

Mrs. H continued to watch the strange scene for around a minute before the wind suddenly ceased and the tree returned to its usual appearance. The encounter, however, was just beginning.

Suddenly, the object moved off to the left and vanished behind one of the many high-rise buildings around her own. Then, a second or two later, it reappeared once more, this time moving to the front of the building. Instead of stopping, however, it continued on its route and disappeared behind another high-rise building.

At this point, Mrs. H left the balcony area and ran into the street in the hope of locating the object once more. She briefly caught sight of it before it disappeared behind a building ahead of her. As she turned around to begin her way back to her apartment, she could see multiple people who had seemingly become aware of the same anomaly as she had, with people standing on their balconies looking astonished at the events that had just transpired. In total, Mrs. H claimed the incident took around six minutes.

There were, however, other witnesses to these mysterious events.

The Accounts Of Marina S And Mrs. A

At around 11:15 pm, Marina S was asleep along with her young daughter in her 11-floor apartment in the same location when the telephone rang, dragging her out of sleep. To her surprise, her friend, Mrs. A, who lived on the third floor of the apartment block, was on the other end. She immediately blurted out that “there is a UFO above our building”.

Mrs. A continued that she had been watching the object for several minutes and she wanted to know if she could see the object also. Thinking her friend was playing some kind of joke, Martina went to hang the phone up. That was, until she heard Mrs. A state that it was “coming back again” and that she should go to the window to look for herself.

At this point, Martina walked over to the window and was more than shocked to see a shiny, silver, metallic object hovering almost directly in front of her window. Like Mrs. H, she would later state that the object had a top and a bottom section with lights that turned in opposite directions to each other. She further stated that she believed “the object was about to land on top of the building”.

Martina put down the phone, went to gather her 4-year-old, and then quickly made her way downstairs to her friend’s third-floor apartment.

After going over what they had seen, Martina and Mrs. A decided to venture out onto Mrs. A’s third-floor balcony. From here, both women were looking up at the object. As they looked on, they could feel a “strong wind” coming from the craft. Even stranger, there was a distinct round “gap” in the clouds directly over the top of the object.

After a moment or two, the object moved up and down “like a yo-yo” and continued to do so for several minutes. Then, the object began to ascend, calmly but purposely. It eventually came to a stop before tilting onto its axis before shooting off into the distance at great speed.

Before it disappeared, Marina telephoned her sister-in-law who lived a short distance away, informing her of what was taking place and alerting her to keep a look out for anything strange in the sky. Several moments after the object had sped off from the high-rise apartment building, Marina’s sister-in-law also reported seeing strange lights in the sky. What’s more, she managed to capture significant video footage of the sighting, footage that we will return to shortly.

Marina reported the incident to the police, who sent out a patrol unit to speak to the two women. Although the object had long since disappeared by the time they arrived, they did offer to the women that they had received multiple other reports from people around the city that evening. NOTE: The above images are CGI.