12-31-12 8.52 PM NEW YEARS EVE

 On the way home from some family, I noticed an unusual light in the sky, it came abruptly to the side of the mountain.  I told the person I went with, and we looked at this light as it hovered around 300 meters above ground, and was about 600 meters away from where we stood.  The light was as vibrant and floated slowly sideways. It had a half round shape and it was very clear and hovered silently over the city.  We stood looking at this for about 2 minutes and remembered that we could take pictures, that we did.  I took a picture with my cell phone camera while the UFO shone with a reddish glow.   A little later the object’s lights dimmed slightly and the object stopped and hovered then rapidly flew upwards to the south and disappeared.  When we got home we transferred the pictures we had taken over to the computer and could therefore see these images much more clearly by zooming in on them and were thus confirmed the unusual sight was a UFO.  When we zoomed in on the picture that I had taken one could clearly see that there were several small lights in red, yellow and green color, which hovered close beside each other or they were assembled in an object.

  The pictures mentioned have been taken with our / my mobile phone cameras (LG 570 to 5 mega pixels) and we then moved the images to your computer and then again took photos directly from mobile phone screen with a Panasonic lumix camera, 8.1 megapixels. This was the appearance images much better and much clearer.  The last image, that is, the other with lighter / white glow was taken just before the object disappeared at high speed.  Special thanks to the photographer and witnesses Arne Reimer and Randi Ostermann.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS  …….. Sighting reported to World UFO Photos.

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