It was about 4 am; I was driving northbound on I-75 and with the exception of a car in front of me the road was empty.  Then a very bright green object just appeared in the sky ahead of me. It wasn’t flying in a path, it just appeared, then sort of dropped on an angle but you can tell it was a path to the ground and then disappeared under the tree-line. I was able to see enough detail that it appeared to be a ship. I know this is crazy but it reminded me of those fighter type ships you see in Star Wars. This was no airplane, no balloon and the green light coming from it was just a very bright fluorescent green that lit up the sky. The entire time couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds but it was clear, I was wide awake and I’ll never forget it.  As soon as it seemed to descend to the ground the car in front of me pulled over at what I now know as the Gordon Rest Stop. I followed the car because I had to see if this person saw it. I parked next to the other vehicle and as he got out, I said “did you see that”? He confirmed and said, “what was that?” I said: “that was a UFO, I’m not crazy right?” He said it caught him off guard and he didn’t get a good look at it, but knew it wasn’t normal. While he didn’t get as great of a look at it as I did, he confirmed to me I wasn’t crazy. I saw a very good shape of it; I can draw and send you a picture of what I believe I saw if you like. AS I drove off, the next exit was Calhoun, GA.  I did not get the other person’s name.

Second witness:

It was around 6:40 when I glanced out my window facing the South. To my left I saw a bright white/green light in the East and that was moving in my direction and I had a feeling about it; it just didn’t seem like a typical plane.

I noticed it stop getting closer for a few seconds, appearing to just hang in the sky just over the trees.

It then abruptly yet so smoothly turned to the South and then again back to the West towards me. It looked very strange, so I decided to take snap a picture of it and my jaw dropped when I saw the photos!

Camera – Nikon COOLPIX L22




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