Our whole family’s close encounter with a UFO at approximately 7 pm back in February of 1969, in East Canaan Connecticut.  My recollection of the event is as follows. We and my Mother, Father, sister and myself were heading North up our driveway in our car. We got about halfway up our drive when a bright multi colored object about 60 feet in diameter appeared in front of us at about 500 yards in front of our car we were facing in a North Direction.  It hovered at about 500 feet above ground for about 45 seconds above a tree line that was across Route 44 at the top of our driveway.  The craft made a humming type of sound then the craft elevated in a bright green flash and disappeared in a North Westerly direction.  The night was very crisp, clear and very very cold and after the craft disappeared we agreed NOT to say anything about this event. The craft itself was greyish silver in appearance and resembled a childs antique spinning top.  It was about 60 feet wide and about 20-40 feet tall and it had circular pulsating lights in the middle of the craft.  There were also small portal type windows above the circulating lights and the lights seemed to rotate in a clockwise motion, then reverse direction to a counter clockwise motion.  That same year in September about 4 miles away in Ashley Falls Massachusetts in Berkshire County one of the worlds most scrutinized and studied UFO abduction cases to date took place as well. Up until 1 week ago after seeing a new UFO show on The Science Chanel about that abduction case in Ashley Falls Mass, I had no idea this event and several others like it involving the same individuals as the first Ashley Falls Mass sighting in that area even occurred.  I thought I and my family were the only ones who saw any type of UFO and that there was no other UFO activity in that surrounding area at very close range.  We saw this craft at less than 500 yards away at about 500 feet above ground hovering for almost 1 minute.  Our family agreed never to speak about this event minutes after it happened and for all intents and purposes none of us ever did until now.  I have been seeking answers as to why 1 week after our sighting I had a recurring 3 year nightmare/dream.  I post this interview so that you all may listen to this and possibly if you yourself had an event you might come forward and speak of it with someone or share it.  I will be seeking council with a world renowned UFO abduction hypnotist and I myself will be hypnotized and hope to find out why my dreams happened over and over and what happened after the nightmare and dream state paralysis ended and my memory faded each time.  I also taped this interview as this is the first time in over 40 years I have actually talked with my mother about our sighting and wanted to confer with her and possibly gain some new insight or possibly remember parts of the event that were forgotten in my memory.  This event was real and it completely changed/ altered my mind and it is my hope, that with all I have been through with relation to this event as recently as 2011, to gain some sense of WHY !!!  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.



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