I started seeing weird objects in the sky in the corner of my eye for about the months of may 5 till the night of the incident and I would always see these objects and most of the time when I looked at them they would disappear within 3 seconds a couple of times one second but I never thought to much of it at the time and during the nights is when it got creepy since I would some lights in the mountains that would get close enough for me to be able to tell what the shape of the UFO is for about 2 seconds before completely disappearing.  I think the size of the UFO was about 300 – 350 feet long and I’m not really sure how thick it was but this accounts for all the times I have seen the ufo before having this dream or whatever it was.

The Movement patterns of the UFO always flew from such a distance it was the size of the end of a pin to about 500 feet away and when it reached that point every time it would just stop hover (I always got the feeling of being watched when it stopped) and then 3-5 seconds later it would fly off.

And this would happen most of the time on a clear night sometimes during a darker cloudy day but always within those conditions, the hight of the UFO was about 300 – 500 feet in the air and was at least 1000 feet or more away and it was always the same shape, a triangular shape with a slight curve to the top of it and it was silver in color. Now I’m not sure of the dates of when I have seen them but I have see them 6 times during the month of may starting at the 5th and 7 times during June starting on the 1st.

Every night that happened I got scared and would stay up for hours with my pets in my room so I knew if they would be coming since I thought that well my dogs would get scared first before something happens and I would have at least some kind of warning.

Now on to the dream, The night started like every other night and i had seen the UFO the one and only time on the night of the 15th of July i went 2 sleep around 11:30 and then the dream started well what seemed like a dream at least but anyway, The dream started out where i remember being in my room laying down on my bed watching Tv when suddenly the cable shut of and i got the blue screen of no signal and 3 seconds of that and it shut off and my room was suddenly plunged into pitch black and i got up and tried to turn on my light but it would not work there was no power at all and when i tried to open the door to go check the fuse i had no strength in my legs to move and i could not lift my arms or hands in anyway to open the door yet i was in a calm state so i just went back to bed and what felt like 5 mins of lying there i suddenly felt like i was not alone in my room (by the way my room layout is my bed is under my window but takes up the space between the chimney in the middle of the room and the wall towards my bed on the other side of that chimney in the north east corner that was blocked by vision by chimney) and i had this feeling that i was not alone and well i didn’t really want to see it and im glad that it was pitch black cuz in my head i have always told my self that if they want to abduct me that they would at least do it in a way where i cant see them or they take the appearance if there grays as humans but they at least granted me that one wish so i get the sense that they where not benevolent beings.

Anyway the next thing i remember is blacking out and i remember the cold sensation of being on a metal or steel table with extreme bright lights my eyes where taking a very very to adjust and i remember looking to my left and seeing a metal door that slid open and a robe that was being dragged against the ground like something was wearing it and the next thing i new i got the feeling in my head that i should look straight up and so i did when i did i saw to my fright four alien grays looking straight down at me each of there heads positioned at the four lines of my main sight and thats all i remember from my dream.

Now for paranormal activity i have not noticed anything UFO/Alien related besides the UFOs before hand and sometimes but not as frequent as before that i do still see them.

Sometimes but not all the time do i feel like im being watched sometimes by someone in a Van,Truck, Or Car always seem to be watching me when that happens and its always a white or black vehicle nothing else and i have heard that might be something to do with the men in black im not sure it could be, I also feel that im being watched from the sky and when i go to look nothings there i dont really feel like im being watched at night time more then the day and it happens almost anywhere i am and could happen at anytime. Now as for the symbols i have showed you i did find the part of the episode by UFO Hunters Aired on History Channel the symbols are showed right in the middle of the video and the one thing i have and i cant get out of my head is i have a really haunting feeling in my head that i know what it means but its hard for me to get the info out.

Now for the special ability’s i have none that i know so far but i do feel like i am able to read symbols that are on anything else or on crafts how i can do that i do not know but i do feel like i can and one day if possible help from someone to bring that out and i am drawn to what i truly feel are real and not faked by man i seem to want to be drawn to the real thing. (Just as i said that i had the hair on my entire stand up and drop in temperature if that means anything). and i have a fear of the dark if im alone and i feel that im being watched but for some reason my fear goes away as soon i turn on a light. i feel like i am being abducted from time to time because i get the feeling sometimes that i have not spent as much time i have in certain area that i am in for example i have only been in my room for 2 hours according to me but to my clock and everyone else i have been gone for 6 hours or more. One time i remember being watched by someone in a black vehicle no licence plate or anything just a plain truck and the next thing i know i look into the sky and see a black triangle object in the distance but close enough that i feel im being watched and most of the time the truck or van drives ofF and the Ufo flys off at incredible speeds.  i have not one clue why that is happening but it happens some of the times.