OCTOBER 11, 2013    ….    DENTON TEXAS
On October 11th, at about 10:23 pm, I was at a home on the southern outskirts of Denton, Texas, between Highway 377 and I-35W. Because this house is somewhat in the countryside, it is relatively dark at night there.  A quarter moon was low to the west horizon and the sky was cloudless with a slight haze. I was outside on the north side of the house and picking out constellations when a jet passed overhead just to the east of my location flying from south to north and was probably a couple of miles away.  I noticed the jet only because it was there and it diverted my attention to the northeast quadrant of the sky. But as as the jet passed by and began to fly over Denton, I saw a very fast-moving object approaching from the southeast.  It appeared to be headed in a south/southeast to north/northwest direction and its speed was from 2 to 3 times the speed of the jet. In a split second I could see that it was on an intercept course.  The object had no running lights or any other. It had a red/orange glow to it and actually was not very bright at all. What’s more, it was rather fuzzy and although it appeared from my vantage point to be round, it seemed indistinct in form. It was as if I was not able to see the whole thing.  As it approached the jet from behind, a vague ping in my mind pointed out that the object was accelerating. Some part of my mind also reeled at the thought that the object was behaving like a missile. The jet abruptly veered to the northeast, but before the jet could even get halfway through its awkward turn, the object passed beneath the jet within a couple of hundreds of yards.  At the moment that this occurred, it appeared as if the jet was standing still when comparing its speed to that of the object’s. In retrospect, what I saw of the red glowing object appeared to be a third or less of the size of the aircraft.  As the jet lumbered off to the northeast I realized that the moment after the object had passed beneath the jet, it had begun to decelerate. It was now traveling at about the same speed of the jet and slowing. Its trajectory leisurely turned due north as it slowed even more.  I strained to scrutinize the aft of the object/craft. I discerned that either the object had split into three smaller objects linked or extremely close together or that the aft of the craft had three reddish/orange “engines” arranged in an vertical isosceles triangle shape as in the letter I.  It moved slowly to the north until it disappeared uneventfully.  It occurs to me that this would be an excellent “incident” for investigation. There are 3 major airports in this vicinity: Alliance Airport about 10 miles southwest; DFW International 25 miles south; and Love Field about 40 miles southeast.  Because the object approached the jet from behind, it must have been visible to radar. No one in the cockpit could have seen it but for radar.  The fliers may have taken the initiative to turn themselves, reacting to their own flight radar but then they would have had to explain their action. If a tower (probably DFW) had ordered the turn, it surely must have been from what I understand, a near collision (within couple of hundred yards – maximum) should generate an FAA investigation or a report. I enjoy astronomy and have seen many UFOs both at night and during the day. This observation was the third I have witnessed involving UFOs interracting with jet aircraft, this being the least extraordinary. However, I am relatively certain that the other two involved military craft which, one may assume, would leave one no hope for retrieving a paper trail. This event, whether the jet was a freighter or passenger jet, appeared to be frightening enough for a civilian to want to be able to talk about and may have even caused injuries onboard the jet.  The air space in which this occurred is one of the most heavily traveled in the country. This has to have been officially documented somewhere.  Submitted by Mark K.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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