JUNE 17, 2014     ………….     DAVIS CALIFORNIA

At about 5:29 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, June17, 20014, I walked out my gate to look across open fields of tomatoes looking across another 12 miles of oak and crops or dry scrub toward the slightly hazy mountains on the west of the big, central valley.  So, I was looking due west and just slightly north of the canyon entry to Lake Berryessa. It was clear and sunny outside. Looking due west at about 1500-3000 feet and 1 1/2 to 3 miles from me I saw a large, brightly reflected metal face, seemingly wedge-shaped in stationary, possibly hovering mode (not making sound), which, after about 1 second, disappeared.  Then it appeared again, this time in more or less the same place. It was clearly a large; roughly 35-60 foot metal canopy and it shifted position so suddenly that it could not be a normal curved aerodynamic maneuver.  After another 2 or three seconds, it appeared again, this time with crisp, clean definition. It was a smoothly domed, shiny metallic saucer that had a dark metallic (blackish or dark bluish) apron around its lower rim.  I noticed a kind of fast, very elastic distortion of the air and light at the edges of the disk, a field effect as it hovered with a slightly wobbly center of gravity. After 2-3 seconds in plain view, it suddenly folded into a kind of space and, after a couple of seconds, appeared about 2-4 kilometers to the southeast and farther away.  Then, after a few seconds, it appeared about a kilometer closer (still to my west-southwest) It hovered, again making no sounds, then began to shift position, then appeared to possibly be joined by another.  I essentially felt a communication asking me if I would want it shot down, which I certainly didn’t. But then I pulled back to a merely observational, studious mind-frame.  Unlike some people, I don’t welcome incursions by what appear to be so-called “gray”-related aliens. Instead, I am on highly active, expanded watch for if and when such cases arise. As a citizen, I don’t want aliens to enter and operate at will in our atmosphere.  I followed the disk as it began to move in a northwesterly direction, moving at about half a mile to a mile per second, following the line of the mountains as they grow gradually taller – out along the range, looking north-northwest along the Big Valley’s western rim.  The disk hover flew, causing a kind of flickering of its outlines as it moved. In order to see where it went, I followed north along a dirt road for 80 yards in order to not lose sight of it.  Then it was joined by first one, then two and then, finally, four other domed objects, each featuring a kind of oscillatory, linear creasing of (gravity) space just beneath them. They hovered, clearly aware of each other’s positions, then one began to swoop down toward the ground suddenly, faster than any aerodynamic form could without fatal injury, then they all faded out and were gone.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering







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