MARCH 1, 2011      ……..    SEAL BEACH CALIFORNIA

Joseph Stillwell had awakened to use the bathroom and had returned to his room. He has a habit of going to the window (facing west) and looking at the night sky before getting back in bed. At that time of year the moon and Orion constellation are up to the left, looking out. The night was crystal clear, calm, and the moonlight remarkably bright. Wanting to locate Orion, his gaze was initially to the left. Immediately he sensed movement in the sky to his right. He turned and saw a structure moving slowly overhead, brightly lit, and unlike anything he had ever seen or heard described. It could not have been more than three hundred feet away. It was shaped like a brick and was, by volume, the largest thing he had ever seen in flight. It had four sides, each rectangular, and ends that were about one third the area of the sides, also rectangular. The sides were approximately ninety to one feet long with the ends forty feet wide and thirty feet tall. It was moving toward and parallel to the rear of his house. At a point directly behind his house it would have been around twenty five feet (horizontally) from the building. It moved very slow, maybe ten miles an hour, and was alarmingly low, less than two hundred feet.

The color was dull black, solid, seamless, with no windows or doors. The two sides and end that he could see were perfectly flat and non-reflective. The perimeter of the lower face (bottom) of the object was encircled with large red and green lights the size and shape of footballs. The colors alternated with every other one being red and green. The lights switched on and off in sequence running clockwise around the perimeter with at least four equally spaced points off simultaneously, giving the impression of rotation (as a theater marquee). These lights easily numbered more than one hundred. There was no sound. The movement of this thing was straight ahead, with no deviation in altitude nor laterally. Its flight was completely independent. There was nothing above or below the object, and nothing pulling or pushing it through the sky. He watched, never looking away, until it disappeared behind his house. He turned from the window with the intent of walking across the hall to the bedroom on the other side to watch the object pass. He managed just one step and stopped, at the foot of his bed, in the center of his room. He had not wanted to stop, he just stopped. He was unable to move, though he must have been breathing normally and possessed clear thought. He was completely paralyzed, standing. He was thinking that he just needed to walk a few steps to the other room but no part of him would move. He had lost all feeling and sensation. He does not know how long he was incapacitated but at some point he moved forward, without intention to do so. However, instead of going where he originally intended, he turned and sat on the edge of the bed, again unintentionally. He did not want to be there and thought that he should just get up and go see the object in the sky fly away, but again he could not move. His mind seemed completely disconnected with his body, but he felt no concern.

He was sitting at the edge of the bed, suddenly exhausted, when instantly the room lit up brightly. A light shone through the window to his left (about two feet away), facing the backyard. No part of him could move and quickly lost all strength, slumping forward, but could only think about and be awestruck about the “whiteness” of the light. Although exceptionally bright, its absolute clarity was the focus of his thought. Other than awe, he felt no emotion, and to this point he had experienced no fear. He could not move and his strength was depleted. He was seated about half way up the right side of the bed, sitting well back, with the back of his lower legs handing between his knees. He had slumped so far forward that his face was almost touching his hands. He felt as though he was about to crumple to the floor and remember thinking, “They are at the window, don’t look.” At that instant he fell over onto his left side onto the bed. His legs were still over the side of the bed with both of his feet still on the floor. His eyes closed and he was confused as to why his feet were “stuck” to the floor. He wondered why he couldn’t open his eyes, whey he couldn’t lift his arms, and why his feet were so heavy. He had no thought of the craft in the sky or the light in his room. His concern was his feet and how he could retrieve them. Both of his hands had been on his lap when he fell over and were now lying at the edge of the bed, over which my legs were hanging. He managed to move the fingers of his right hand and grab his right knee and pulled. He could not move it. He was barely able to move the fingers of his left hand and gripped his right wrist. He pulled as hard as he could and his foot slowly lifted off the floor. He could not open his eyes and he heard no sound. It took quite a while but eventually his left drug up onto the bed. The same process for the left leg was successful and at that point he believes he lost consciousness. He has no further memory of that night. He opened his eyes and it was morning.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.







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