Me and my spouse was traveling southeast on I-49 between Natchitoches and Alexandria,La.  It was about 58 degrees outside. While in our car, my spouse says what kinda airplane is that?  Well I have been in aviation and aerospace for 37 years. When I looked up to the left side of the winshield we saw an up-right triangle floating .  I kicked on my aviation knowledge and tried to make it an aircraft. There was no wings, no contrails/ice crystals, rotor blades, empenage or propellers . I told my spouse it’s not a aircraft. It was approx. 500 to 600 feet up. Then two more just appeared then three more appeared. There was a total of 6, upright flying triangles. I still remember the formation when they appeared. The sky was blue and a few white puffey clouds. They were light gray but when they turned slightly to the right one of the craft reflected the suns golden rays into my eyes, it was like a mirror finish on the surface. Then after about 5 minutes, I thought about my video camera in the trunk of thr car. I thought if I stop the car to get the video camera the craft would be gone. Then I thought if I stopped to get the video camera a car or truck could be coming down the hill then. I thought of my saftey so I kept driving and we kept observing. Then three craft disappeared, then two disappeared then the first one disappeared. I looked to see them fly off but they disappeared. I have been obsessed with this for the last 6 months. I don’t know why we waited 10 years to talk about this. This was 100 % real and it is true we are not alone. Me and my spouse are witnesses and she just wants me to stop talking about it. There was no sound or lights, just smooth slow manuvering. I am interested in these craft and I hold a F.A.A. Airframe & Powerplant certificate and a Quality Assurance Certificate for the Department of Defence.  This sighting was reported to World UFO Photos. The above image is a rendering.


Special thanks to A.G.F. AND P.S.F. They are witnesses to this event.